Jan 252014

avatar Colonel Carter takes SG5 to investigate a possible ORI supergate but they return quite quickly after gating to the wrong planet, the SGC computers and hardware comes under scrutiny and they find nothing but the signal being generated by the gate reveals an embedded pulse which Sam believes to be some sort of gate keeper in effect blocking access to the intended destination and automatically rerouting to another gate. The signal is decoded and SG1 and SG5 arrive on the world and discover a lab complete with a DNA manipulation device and a humanoid frozen in an Ancient cryo unit. It turns out the lab was being used to experiment with the development of advance humans and more specifically Anubis was looking to once again reach Accession by artificially improving the brain power of his clones. Khalek proves to be a bad seed, not a surprise being a clone of Anubis without many of the restrictions placed on his powers, he quickly escapes from the SGC but as with all Goa’uld his arrogance proves his undoing as he underestimates both Sam and Daniel.

I think it may have locked.

I think it may have locked.

Prototype is a pretty good episode more so it has to be said thanks to the excellent performance of Neil Jackson who captured to initial innocence of Khalek and then the cold calculating manipulation and arrogance of the reborn Anubis. The dialogue between Khalek and Daniel and then Woolsey was well written and performed flawlessly, it really did spell out much of the current situation that exists on Earth as the SGC and IOA have to deal with in many cased contradicting goals even in the face of the ORI incursion in the Milky Way.
We get some good stunt work and action when Khalak takes on the entire base upto an including using Teal’c as a battering ram and it’s really cheating when you can create a shield to block bullets, doesn’t really seem very fair at all. It’s perhaps more gratifying then it should be that ultimately a single shot delivered from a 9mm from an unexpected source proves his downfall but once again we see all aspects and talents of the SGC personnel being put to good use.

Such a sweet boy.

Such a sweet boy.

This weeks featured promo is for The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast which is a lot of fun to listen as they discuss some of your favourite movies. Many thanks for the responses to last weeks episode over on Facebook, G+ and Twitter and thanks to Brad for the voicemail, next week Alan and Brad will be discussing the Atlantis episode Aurora so we all hope you join us for that. As always we would appreciate an itunes review/rating or just for you to say hello, Stargate is best when shared and discussed together and we’d also love to have more people join us for an episode discussion so if you are interested let us known but for now enjoy the show and we’ll return next week with the a new episode.




Jul 062013

avatar In the aftermath of the battle for Dakara the now free Jaffa forces celebrate and honour Tealc and Bratac who together have forged the rebellion, the remaining system lords are on the run and Anubis seems to have fled with his Kull warriors. Daniel who was a captive of the replicators has not been seen since they were wiped from the face of the galaxy and only Jack holds out any hope for his survival, as he says how many times have they thought the Space Monkey to be dead for him to magically appear.
Daniel is alive in a sense, he exists in a sort of way station created by the Ascended Ancients where he meets Oma Desala his long term companion in all things ascension, as before Daniel has to make a decision to exist as an ascended being or return minus all the knowledge which would aid in the battle between good and evil in the universe. Daniel strikes up a conversation with “Jim” the only other being who is willing to talk with him and via a “newspaper” he is kept up to speed with the events in the Milky Way. As it turns out Anubis has made his counter move retaking Dakara as the Jaffa attack the homeworld of the Kull warriors and find it abandoned, with the power of the Ancient weapon and access to the Stargate deployment system he has the ability to wipe out all life in the galaxy and create a domain with only beings who will worship and serve him.
Sam is going through a crisis, Peter has finally met Jacob which didn’t go too badly but she now has to make a decision and Jacob in his wisdom makes it clear Sam doesn’t have to take any offer just because it’s there, he knows she still loves Jack who is now involved with a CIA officer and that really makes her assess her own feelings.
If it wasn’t a bad enough couple of days Jacob falls ill and reveals that Selmak is near death and had been holding on to allow them to finish their work on Dakara and now it’s too late to release the host safely and thus we say goodbye to Jacob, Sam once again finds more comfort with Jack than Peter and her decision is made.
Daniel gets a nasty surprise when he discovers who Joe really is and he is helpless to do anything until Oma steps up and maybe for the first time fully accepts the consequences of her actions, she abandons any hope for herself and engages Anubis in an eternal struggle which neither of them will prevail.

No Escape, No Surrender!

No Escape, No Surrender!

As the SGC gate begins to dial indicating Anubis has activated the weapon Jack orders the self destruct but at the last seconds the timer slows and stops and the gate sequence ceases and then nothing, lots of nothing. Reports comes in of the Kull warriors in disarray and are quickly defeated, Anubis has vanished and Dakara is empty, something important has happened but what and then a voice in Jack’s office and a naked Daniel, happy days:)

Threads is a fantastic piece of science fiction television, multiple themes all revolving around each other and each important in it’s own right. We have both Jack and Sam realising or being told they are both making mistakes and their futures should be with each other, Jacob and Peter leave the series for different reasons but each inflict pain onto Sam. Teal’c and Bra’tac realise freedom can still bite back as they lose many of the free Jaffa in the battle with Anubis but his defeat firmly secures the belief that freedom for all is only a step away and Dakara will be the spiritual centre of a new nation.

Where's my medal?

Where’s my medal?

Finally we have Daniel and Oma and the only portrayal of the Ascended plain we get to see even though it’s only a small part of that realm, it was a clever idea using a diner which allowed people to come and go and for fans of Dead Like Me a call back to that wonderful show and of course the waffles. Oma bids her farewell to the show and we get to see Daniel return to the SGC sans clothing and all is well with the world so much so that the gang go to Jack’s cabin for some fishing and remember Teal’c not a fan and Sam has always ducked the offer.
Things have certainly changed in the dynamic of the show as the camera slows pans away from SG1 enjoying the sunshine and friendship for each other.

Booth please.

Booth please.

A big thank you to Jeff for joining us for Threads and this was a longer show since we watched and commented on the extended version of the episode. Next week we go to Atlantis for The Gift and learn a few things about Teyla and the Wraith. This weeks promo is from Flash Pulp a source of some wonderful short form stories, well produced audio and fun to boot. We had some feedback on the Facebook page and twitter was lively as usual so thanks to everyone within the Stargate family for keeping the three live action series alive and for making the Gatecast feel that little better about not just talking to ourselves:)





Jun 292013

avatar2 Sam and Jacob study the Ancient superweapon on Dakara and discover that it is capable of rearranging elements on a galactic scale and by using the Stargate network the modified energy pulse could be used to target only the Replicators in the Milky Way galaxy. Baal who has been sent by Anubis to retake the planet is roped into programming the weapon to meet the specifics of the Replicators and to enable the gate Network into dialing every gate at the same time, it’s an all or nothing play.
Daniel meanwhile is aboard Replicarters ship and is still being interrogated while the replicators assault the Gou’ald fleet in orbit around Dakara and they hit the SGC at the same time, as their total victory approaches Daniel is able to gain control of the machines and give Sam, Jacob and Ba’al just enough time to trigger the superweapon and in a matter of seconds the galaxy is purged of replicators.

They don't do anything small.

They don’t do anything small.

Bra’tac boards Ba’als flagship and attempts to capture the System Lord but he flees and that action as well as the taking and keeping of Dakara proves to enough Jaffa that freedom is within reach and the age of the Goa’ald is almost at an end.

Reckoning Part 2 continues with the action and suspense provided by the first part of the double header, Jack does his thing in the SGC as the Replicators run wild and we have the usual action and humour SG1 was known for. The epic space battle (more implied than seen) is wonderful with more than a nod to Star Wars which via the episode commentary seems to have been a Robert C Cooper sort of thing. We also get the politics and self interest which turns Ba’al away from Anubis which could seal his doom but as we find out in episodes and seasons to come Ba’al is a little harder to kill than the average Gou’ald.

I laughed at your rebellion!

I laughed at your rebellion!

Reckoning is simply one of the best episodes of Stargate SG1, more so because it’s a double episode and both parts are strong enough to stand alone let alone in tandem. The production value is off the charts with live action on large sets, matt and composite backdrops, great CGI and top notch acting and writing. It’ll be interesting to see how it fares in the season 8 poll but the votes may be split leaving some other strong episode to win the day.
Many thanks to Brad for joining us this week and for his voicemail regarding Letters From Pegasus and we got some Facebook feedback and a little twitter action during the recording of the show. I also checked the US itunes store and we got a couple of five star reviews so a big thank you to qapla_be’Hom and Lost In The Gate. We would love to hear from anyone about anything Stargate not just our own view of the franchise and you can contact us via this website or via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Email. This weeks promo is from Trek News & Views an excellent Star Trek podcast and next week we are covering the unofficial third part of this trilogy with Threads,  Jeff  joins us for that show.




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Jun 152013

avatar2 The last remaining independent System Lords are offered a deal, in exchange for their surrender they will be allowed to continue to govern their regions of space in the name of Anubis however when Sam is dragged into their meeting accusations start to be thrown. The resulting massacre at the hands of the now very very aggressive replicators throws the balance of power of the galaxy into a spiral as they go on the rampage taking over ship after ship and opening up an opportunity for the free Jaffa.

Reckoning is the first episode in a named two parter but could be considered the opening of a trilogy of episodes, make no mistake this is part of a big budget story with numerous high quality guest stars and some wonderful CGI and set design. The story is geared towards bringing together the major players of not only the recent seasons but right from the start when the Jaffa rebellion was first born, it does this with incredible style and flare. A free Jaffa ship with Carter, Daniel, Teal’c, Aron and Bra’tac onboard gets ambushed which leads to the abduction of Daniel as the knowledge of the ascended Ancients is of interest to replicarter. This single act pretty much sets in motion the convergence of Anubis via his proxy Ba’al, the replicators, the jaffa and the humans of Earth. In this first episode we see Daniel dealing with replicarter pretending to be Oma Desala and learning of the weapon on the planet Dakara and in a stunning coincidence it’s Darkara that’s the ceremonial birth place of the Jaffa nation and taking that world back would prove the “gods” were indeed false.

All hail Selkhet

All hail Selkhet

The twist in the tale is Ba’al himself wants the SGC to destroy the weapon as Anubis could use it to wipe out all life in the galaxy and then create everything to his own design, Ba’al is if nothing else a realist and totally self serving to boot which makes him an ideal ally at least for now.

Our lord and saviour (in his own mind)

Our lord and saviour (in his own mind)

Reckoning Part 1 is a standout episode in an excellent season of scifi story telling, the second part is in it’s own right every bit as good but together they are something special. The guest stars many of whom rarely worked together on the show add real weight to the story and the production side is exceptionally good, some stunning effects work and matt paintings. That said the weakest part of the whole is the very poor looking Asgard ship, not quite sure what went wrong there but that’s a minor bug bear of mine:)
We had some feedback on the facebook page and twitter was pretty active this week but I don’t think last weeks show/episode is any ones favourite. This week could very well be different and to that effect we have a new promo from our friend Nuchtchas and her podcast Nutty Bites, have a listen and let her and us know what you think.
Next week we return to Atlantis for the excellent Letters From Pegasus and Jeff will be joining us for that discussion, cya then.






Nov 242012

 In orbit the wreckage of the alien invasion fleet threatens the International Space Station but some nifty work by the resident cosmonaut saves the day but then the SGC loses contact with the station. Later a Russian Colonel is assigned to the SGC under the agreements with the various nations that have been let into the secret and he requests SG1 but General O’Neill rather abruptly smacks him down. The Russian later collapses and a chain events begin leading to a Lockdown/Foothold situation as the humans attempt to hold out while searching for the entity which can possess the bodies of humans.

Lockdown is a decent attempt to continue the Anubis storyline even allowing for the destruction of his fleet but as we know he is only partially corporeal so becoming some sort of energy based life form makes a lot of sense. The bottle show nature of this episode also works well, being located in the standing SGC sets will save money but also works to give us the feeling of confinement something the personnel of the base are having to deal with.

Alexi Vaselov

We have some good banter between the main characters and the introduction of a new doctor which was essential, the loss of Janet left quite a big gap in the running of the facility and well all scifi shows need a good doctor it’s kinda written in stone.  There is also a familiar face as Aaron Pearl returns to the show playing a Major after playing the young Lt Hammond in the episode 1969.

There were some technical issues  this week, we lost the first recording of SG1 Lockdown so had to do a rerun which is never quite the same, alas we lost part of the second recording of Lockdown as well before finally getting it in the can. I had to role back a release of the recording program and all has been well since then but then when do you update to the latest release, the trust has gone. Some creative cutting and pasting has given us an episode that is in sync despite some gaps in our coverage which have filled so enjoy and as always let us know what you think.

This weeks promo was from the Flash Pulp podcast, a creative outlet for thrice weekly pulpy type audio fiction/drama, very entertaining and a good community. Next week we are going back to Atlantis and covering the episode “Hide and Seek” so comments will be well received for inclusion in it’s feedback segment so keep posting on the various portals it really makes everything worthwhile.




Nov 032012

 Stargate SG1 season 8 kicks off in the aftermath of the attack on Earth by Anubis. Jack is still a popsicle buried deep in the Ancient outpost under Antarctica and the SGC operations are suspended as Elizabeth Weir overseas operations while conducting multi-national negotiations for the purpose of clarifying the use and ownership of the technology. SG1 are lobbying for use of the gate but a compromise is reached which allows Sam and Teal’c to take the cargo ship and search out the Asgard at the last battle site with the replicators leaving Daniel and Weir to deal with three visiting System Lords.

This is a welcome return to television for Stargate SG1, there was a brief period of time when season 7 was to be the last and the story concluding with a dvd/tv feature film but it’s continued popularity and profitability won out and it returns to Scifi hand in hand with it’s spin off series Stargate Atlantis.

Halloween all the time.

New Order picks up in the chaos surrounding the SGC, America and the nations who have been let in on the secret of the Stargate when a twist in the tale is presented as three System Lords come to negotiate and deal with an Earth capable of defeating Anubis and thus kicking their collective asses as well. As Daniel and Weir play ping pong with a bunch of arrogant and condescending aliens Sam and Teal’c reach out to Thor and discover the Replicators are now free and the war has once again erupted, everything is in flux.


Part 1 of New Order is chock full of goodness but lacks that little spark despite some great dialogue with the System Lords and action with the Asgard and Replicators, the events will and do ratchet up in the second part of the premiere as pressure is applied to both the SGA and the new Asgard homeworld which is now under serious threat. It may have been a better option to make this a feature release as with the DVD as our take on the first part is a little dry but it’s done now but as always let us know what you think, the plan is to release the SGA premiere as an extended release rather than chop it up but if you prefer two sub 1 hour releases that is an option.

This weeks promo is for The Roundtable Podcast which is co-hosted by last weeks guest Dave Robison and next week we will be discussing part 2 of New Order, feedback and general comments always welcome. We are still on the look out for more itunes reviews so make us proud but by all means be honest, all reviews get put into the draw for the Ronon figure signed by Jason Momoa. A big thankyou for the feedback on twitter and facebook this last week, very gratifying and we are looking into doing more episodes in 2013 with a third host so if you are interested let us know via email, twitter, facebook, google+ or the contact forms.


Oct 202012

 Jack now armed with the knowledge of the Ancients continues the herculean task of piecing together the information in his overloaded brain looking to find the location of the lost city and through some clever out of the box thinking a planet is discovered. Thanks to the Jaffa they get a cargo ship and investigate this long thought dead planet and make a startling discovery one which changes everything but also provides the solution to defending the Earth from Anubis and his fleet of ships now orbiting the planet.

The second part of the season seven finale is a absolute cracker, lots of drama and humour with some very expensive but very impressive CGI effects and top notch set design and production. We have the search for the lost city which doesn’t quite go according to plan but does reward SG1 and the SGC with the means to save the planet while really setting the stall for the upcoming Stargate Atlantis spin-off series.

The Red Planet but it ain’t Mars

Credit once again to some excellent performances from both the regular cast and guest stars, the tension and drama in and around the Oval Office is riveting  and we get some good stuff from Kinsey once again when he faces off with Weir as well as showing his true colours when Anubis calls. We’ve often seen characters made or broke when faced with planet critical situations, it’s a little trite but it works for this show perhaps because they have been so well developed.

Ok who didn’t wipe their feet?

I dare anyone to watch this episode and not cheer during the final battle or even take incredible pride and satisfaction in the look Bra’tac has on his face as he sees the fruits of his labours and maybe the foreshadowing of greater things to come.

Ok then that was the final episode of the seventh season of SG1, next week we will have the wrap up show with a guest host and then to be honest we are still not sure, it may be a special episode or SG1 season 8 but we have to make up our minds soon. Many thanks for the feedback and continued support via twitter, facebook and google+ but now we need itunes reviews/ratings and there may be a carrot dangling for those who think we are worth a few minutes of typing.

Thanks to Tuning Into Scifi for providing the promo, a great podcast with other titles under it’s wing, well worth checking out.





Oct 132012

 The discovery of a second location that houses an Ancient Repository of Knowledge has SG1 with support units travelling off world but they discover the device just as a Jaffa force from Anubis shows up and with few options Jack absorbs the knowledge and then fight their way back through the gate. Meanwhile the President has suspended SGC operations and replaced Hammond with Elizabeth Weir a civilian who has been responsible for high level international negotiations, she’s his choice for a public face if and when the secret is revealed to the world.

Bra’tac plays the SGC a visit and brings bad news, Anubis is marshalling his fleet and will arrive in three days to once and for all remove the Earth and the humans from the equation. The only possible solution is for Jack to provide the location of the Ancients Lost City from the data he now has in his brain before it kills him and much to Vice President Kinsey’s dismay Weir sides with SG1 and allows them to continue the search.

Lost only had a foot!

Lost City is a two part season finale and with the highest budget since the pilot we have significant expectations which the first part puts a very healthy down payment on. We get some very good off planet action with the attack on the Ancient world as well as some good character interplay from everyone involved. Weir played by Jessica Steen (only for these two episodes) proves she is a good choice putting aside possible political posturing to make the right call which Kinsey seems incapable of doing, great to see Ronny Cox once again chewing the scenery.

Pretty Woman on a budget

This double episode was packaged on the DVD as a feature episode, for our purposes we chopped it in half and wrapped up as Bra’tac and Teal’c take their leave with the goal to gather support for Earth from the free Jaffa. As we know the writers have systematically pushed away all of the Earth’s allies to make the planet stand alone, maybe one of the steps required to fulfil our potential as a galactic power and the fifth race.

This weeks promo is from Tyrion’s Landing a Game of Thrones podcast, they are currently going through some movies during the off season but well worth dipping into their back catalogue or just listening to their discussions on Harry Potter, 300, True Romance etc. Next weeks episode is Lost City Part 2 (no surprise there) and then it’s the season 7 wrap up show the week after so any feedback on the season finale or the season taken as a whole is most welcome. We are now on itunes would love to get some reviews and ratings, damn shame we lost the dozen or so we had before but they were a victim of an inconsiderate hosting company.





Sep 012012

 Jacob and Samantha are at the Beta site finishing off the research on a Kull Warrior weapon based on the Ancient device recovered from the ruins of the former System Lord Telchaks palace. The SGC lose contact with the base and SG1 find the whole region devastated perhaps by the bases self destruct device, the few survivors inform then that they were attacked by a full compliment of Jaffa and Super Soldiers who knew exactly where to go leading to the suspicion that the location and secret project had been leaked to Anubis by a rebel Jaffa or Tok’ra.

The search for survivors and more importantly to SG1 both Sam and Jacob finally pays off when Jacob is recovered and has the new weapon but it’s only loaded with a partially effective power source, Sam who is now on the run from a tracking Super Soldier has the new power pack but she is seriously injured and still carrying the after effects of her wound recieved while onboard the Prometheus. Meanwhile back in the SGC the investigation into the leaking of the location of the base continues with both Tok’ra and Jaffa having been in a position to have inadvertently released the information when under control by Anubis. It soon becomes apparant that the breaking point has been reached, the Tok’ra can no longer operate in the open with dwindling numbers while the Jaffa now free resent being under the thumb of the Earth.

I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok…

Death Knell is a Sam centric episode even though she only appears in about half of the scenes, this was down to Amanda’s hectic shooting schedule which had her working on three episodes at the same time. That aside this is a big episode, the recently felled forest and gravel pits make a fantastic high production value location for a decimated complex, this fact was one reason behind the creation of the episode as well as providing the pivotal story to fracture the alliance leaving the Earth open to any assaut from Anubis which is long over due. Amanda acts her socks off especially given all the location work with Peter DeLuise demanding more dirt on her body and face as well as a truly bloody and gory wound. We even had a Willy E Coyote moment as she builds a trap for the Super Soldier which is really impractical yet works and then follow that up with a touching moment between Jack and Sam which speaks volumes for their underlying relationship.

That’s how you get wounded in the ass, go ask McKay.

This weeks promo is from our friend Nuchtchas and her Nutty Bites podcast and next week we’ll be discussing S7E17 “Heroes Part I” with a guest host.
The Season 7 Favourite episode poll is now open so when you have a second or two please pay it a visit and place your vote, there are a few standout episodes this year including a few that we’ll be talking about in the next few weeks. The poll will remain open until we are ready to record the Season 7 wrap up show and the results can then be announced.

We’ve also included a short review of a piece of SG1 fan fiction from Helen ( @madders_ahatter ) who wrote a 20,000 word novella “The Long Haul” whose events are set during the second season of the show.
As always many thanks for the feed back this week, lots on Facebook but it’s mostly covering the issues with itunes, the website and the RSS feed and if you are reading this then I think you have it all sorted:)

Itunes Store listing is delayed until Alan returns from his US vacation, he is currently having a great time at Dragon Con.




Stargate Fan Fiction…

Nathan’s Vanity Plate…

Aug 252012

 Daniel begins having very vivid dreams of his early days with Sarah Gardner when he was primarily a  researcher and in these dreams he is studying the tablet which tells of the Lost City of the Ancients. The dreams also allow him to re-experience their budding relationship and maybe not to make the same mistakes but it seems this Sarah is much more understanding, Daniels attempts to translate the table being more important than missing a dinner date. Meanwhile Sam is dating Pete Shanahan a detective she met via her brother and things are progressing well, Sam too to heart the events she lived through on board the Prometheus.

Chimera is very good episode which ties in long standing characters and arc while introducing a significant other in the form of a serious love interest for Sam, one that not only survives their first encounters but also she believes is capable of accepting and supporting her career. The return of Sarah Gardner aka Osiris is well done which again makes use of the stolen Asgard technology to make it possible, we seriously begin to wonder how much more powerful Anubis can be and if he has already integrated all of the Asgard tech stolen from the mind of Thor and the information gleamed from Jonas.

She watches while you sleep..

Chimera gave us some important road marks on the path to the stage of Stargate SG1 and the overall franchise, the final appearance of Sarah Gardner and the demise of another former System Lord. Sam finally growing beyond her own enforced belief that she is defined by her work and also noting Jacks total acceptance of the fact. Teal’s likes his donuts and Daniel sees the discovery of the Lost City worth risking his life for.

Rocking the girly look.

This weeks promo is from The Scifi Diner and next week we are discussing the episode “Death Knell” another strong Sam episode along with again significant movement in the overall arcs. Join us and let us know what you think of the show and of the Stargate series/episodes we cover.


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Aug 042012

 The SGC launch a raid on the homeworld of the Super Soldiers and try to dodge the minions of Anubis, they discover the secret of the Kull Warriors creation and perhaps their ultimate weakness. Meanwhile Jack is sanctioned to enter Honduras on a covert mission to rescue Daniel and Bill who are being held for ransom by rebels, complications arise when the artefact is turned on and starts to influence the people around it leading to a possible zombie apocalypse.

Evolution Part 2 continues with the two story threads which were laid out in the first episode of this mid-season two parter. Sam, Teal’c and Bra’tac lead an covert assault on Tartarus thanks to the infilration of the base by Jacob in the armour of the dead Kull soldier. They discover that Anubis either controls a Gou’ald queen or is allied with one and she is producing thousands of symbiotes without the genetic memory. Each one will provide a Kull with strength and healing but without the drive for power and with total obedience to Anubis so the Queen becomes the priority target despite the revelation that Anubis already has a few thousand mature warriors ready to go.

Star Wars, eat your heart out.

In South America Jack has teamed up with Burke a former special forces commrade who now works for the CIA as an agent covering Honduras and Nicaragua, there is bad blood between them but both put aside the past to complete the mission which turns out to be something of a full on fire fight and zombie blood fest. It seems the alien device which was the basis of the fountain of youth not only causes mild megalomania in humans but also like a sarcophagus brings life back to the dead.

Pretty but very dangerous

Jack and Burke have very good chemistry although Burke is played very light weight and cheerful almost a little crazy which balances out the distrust and anger he has towards Jack, the situations the two find themselves in provides plenty of scope for both humour and all out action. As with a few earlier episodes the short supply of P90 brass casings limits the onscreen firing of the weapon by Jack but there are still plenty of AK-47 and Shotgun rounds on the market. Daniel and Bill as before work well together although a lot less screen time in the second episode and a strange choice to leave Bill totally out of the final scene making us question if they forgot him and he is still walking around the jungle. Jacob rocks it in the Super Soldier (Kull Warrior) armour despite Dan Payne doing the acutal full armour peformance (height and build etc). Bra’tac is as always wise and competent and keeps putting the youngsters in their place and they certainly needed his skills as they fight their way out of the facility and make their escape in a cargo ship.

Sitting Ducks

Evolution Part 2 is certainly not the end to the Super Soldier story in fact it’s just the beginning as Anubis extends his grasp on the galaxy and looks to exploit the power he now has thanks to the pillaging of the Asgard technology via Thor and Jonas, the action and aminious threats soon mount up.

This weeks promo is from British Invaders a show which talks about classic and contempary British genre television, well worth a listen. As always thanks for the feedback via and next week we will be watching and discussing the episode “Grace” a Sam Carter centric tale set aboard the Prometheus.

During the next week we should be moving to the new home of The Gatecast so keep your eyes peeled.



Jul 282012

 A decimated Jaffa contingent is discovered and the carnage indicates an enemy new to the SGC, Tealc and Bratac are then surprised by a “super soldier” clad in energy damning armour and equipped with heavy weaponry, lucky for them it’s already been pushed during the initial battle and can not maintain it’s own life force under another round of combat. Investigation into the creature indicates a next generation approach to the technology which underpins the Sarcopheagus which in turn indicates Anubis is taking steps to free himself of the reliance on Jaffa to be his army and their increasing rebellious nature.

Clean up on aisle 3…

Evolution Part 1 is the first of a mid-season two parter in which Anubis and the super soldier play a major part occuping Sam, Jack and Teal’c while Daniel and Dr Lee have adventure south of the border dealing with the consequences of tracking down the remnants of a former Goa’uld who ruled over the long gone Mayan culture and who may have been the genesis of the foutain of youth myth. Two very good stories the first with some excellent action sequences and the second far more dramtic and tense, a good combination if done correctly and while giving nothing away it’s kept up in the next episode. It’s great to see Dr Lee getting out and about again as he provides both humour and competnence in one package, not unusual in Stargate scientists but it is reserved more for regular cast members.

Shades of Grey?

The conlusion to the episode mixes the cliffhanger styles giving us two for the price of one and again that pays off, if the assault on the homeworld of the super soldiers doesn’t get you going then Jack reverting to his earlier career and going to the rescue of Daniel should do the trick. We had some feedback this week from Colin and Michael, much appreciated as always and lots of chat on the Facebook page and some action over on G+ and Twitter. The promo this week is from the Flash Pulp Podcast and next week no surprise we will be covering Evolution II.



May 262012

  Jack and Sam return to the SGC after the success against the Death err I mean Anubis and his super starship but Daniel and Jonas are still onboard one a captive and one running loose around the corridors. Meanwhile Tealc is the captive of Yu who seems to be having mental issues but perhaps his First Prime holds the key to the defeat of Anubis, he seems more reasonable and flexible than others of his kind.
Anubis after using his mind probe on Jonas seeks out his homeworld and the battle for Langara and it’s three nations states one of which we came to know well begins, the Naquadria once again holding the key to vast amounts of power for weapons and defence.

Would you trust them?

Homecoming is a farewell to Jonas Quinn played by Corin Nemec and while he will turn up again the character was written to replace Daniel and now the original is back there is no practical place within the SGC let alone SG1 for him. The double episode opening of season seven does serve to give him a big send off as he fights for his world something which has been a major part of his character all along. Anubis again plays the role of the evil one with panache although his first prime Herak is a bit of a scene stealer but boy him and Jack have great chemistry.

Duck and Cover

Overall HomeComing is a very good episode although Martin Wood the director said the final farewell scene lacked dome depth, after a year alongside SG1 there should have been more to the goodbye but the limitations of tv runtime and story telling won out.

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May 192012

  A revelation by Jonas leads SG1 to a long abandoned Ancient world which is now inhabited by a non-technological society who have one surprising resident, a visitor to their world who arrived sky clad and void of memory. Upon returning to the SGC the situation in regards to Anubis and his super starship weapons system is addressed with the F302 and it’s hyperdrive system circumventing the shielding and a death run towards a thermal exhaust port which leads to the cooling systems of the power core. Meanwhile the two boys go skipping and laughing throughout the ship dodging guards and working in tandem with the F302 but disaster strikes and Anubis once again pulls the rabbit out of the hat.

Recognise the Shoulder?

Welcome to Fallen the premiere episode of season 7 in which we see the full time return of Michael Shanks playing Daniel Jackson and the continuation of the battle between Anubis and the combined efforts of the SGC and the Systems Lords. Fallen is a quite a mix in terms of out and out action which is pretty impressive and a lot of talking heads first to convince Daniel he belongs at the SGC and then Jonas and Daniel together working things out, both make enjoyable scenes but it’s the uber CGI fest which is the shape of things to come for this season.

Big Bang Baby

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May 052012

 Daniel Jackson the ascended one once again makes a surprise visit to Jack and brings a warning about Anubis and his interest in Abydos. Anubis plans to attack the planet which was once under the control of Ra and search for a mystical piece of technology called the Eye of Ra which he believes is hidden on that world. Jack admits to General Hammond and the rest of SG1 he has now met and talked to the ascended Daniel on two occasions which kinda makes Tealc feel better and not so crazy and surprisingly the General doesn’t bat an eye and once more the mission is a go.
On arriving on Abydos the team splits with two goals in mind and while Tealc leads the defence of the Great Pyramid with some of Abydonians the rest of SG1 along with Skaara search the many rooms deep within the structure in the hopes of finding the Eye and ultimately denying it to Anubis.

Energy saving bulbs my *%”*

Full Circle was intended to be final tv episode of the series with the story continuing in movie form but that was not meant to be (at for the time being) and the seventh season was ordered allowing the consequences of Anubis and Daniel’s actions to play out over 22 episodes. The events which lead to their confrontation and the fallout are built slowly in the episode and even when you know that is the endgame it’s still takes a surprising turn.

Fish in a barrel

As always the desert world Abydos is wonderfully created using the famed sand pit location and matt paintings including the daddy which is the great pyramid, the show really has got this world down to perfection and we even have two uber special effects sequences that will knock your socks off. The first is a pure CGI feast for the eyes as Anubis and the System Lords do battle and the second is a traditional practical effect with some icing as a $100,000 model pyramid is blown up. The visuals aside the key elements of the story revolve around the revelation of Anubis and the who the Ascended beings are which along with a tablet found in the pyramid lay the ground work which eventually leads to a treasure trove of technology and possibilites.

The world biggest candle.

This weeks promo is from The Scaper Chronicles and next week we will be presenting our Season 6 wrap up show. Season 7 of Stargate SG1 is nearly upon us so get the feedback ready, it’s going to be a wild and fun ride especially if you lean towards the spaceship side of scifi.