Apr 062013

avatar2 The Stargate activates and an old and void IDC code is received, it used to belong to Sam Carter who is obviously mystified but things become a little clearer when the MALP reveals a human form replicator at the other end of the wormhole and she was created in Sam’s image. She requests death at the hands of the SGC using the Asgard/Ancient created weapon but with such a valuable resource within reach Jack with a lot of prompting from Sam agrees to let her interrogate the replicator in the hopes of ultimately defeating this menace to the galaxy.

Damn, always wanted to be a Ginger.

Damn, always wanted to be a Ginger.

Gemini is from a production point of view a highlight of the season, some excellent camera and post-production work to get Amanda looking right when there are two of her on screen using a variety of techniques to make it work. Her own performance is outstanding as well providing two sides to the Sam Carter personality as is the subtle makeup which certainly sets the two women apart. Teal’c has a strong role in this story as well being the counter to Sam’s headlong rush and total belief in repli-carters word, of course knowing oneself makes it easier to deceive by providing all the right answers even to questions not directly asked.
It all goes pear shaped of course more so for the put upon Fifth whose only really two “relationships” both turn around a bite him, few men or man like beings get shafted twice by Sam Carter.

Wireless Samantha.

Wireless Samantha.

We were joined by Brad for this episode, he was up in the wee hours to record with us in our late afternoon, huge appreciation and once again we are always looking for a guest on the show, it works better with three voices at least I think it does.
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Nov 102012

 Thor returns to Earth and picks up the frozen Jack and the cool Tealc and heads to the new Asgard homeworld in the hopes that the Ancient knowledge held in Jacks head will help devise a defence once and for all. Meanwhile Fifth is playing mind games with Sam both to punish her betrayal but also venting his own immature rage against the one that spurned him. A showdown is imminent and armed with technology created by Jack who once revived has no real idea what it is or how it works the defence of the Asgard begins even if it means sacrificing Sam.

New Order Part 2 was aired as a separate episode in the UK but was part of the feature presentation of the season opener in the states. We have three stories ongoing all of which get a decent amount of screen time both to develop and for the characters to play their part, the Asgard find a solution to their long term problem with the replicators, Sam is saved although released is perhaps a more accurate term and the system lords and by extension Ba’al are put aside for another day. The request for asylum by Camulus comes out of the blue and of course Goa’uld rarely do anything that doesn’t serve a purpose, we’ll find out that purpose in due time.

It’s like looking in a mirror

New Order Part 2 is a very satisfying conclusion to the season premiere, we get solutions to the problems which make some sense while setting up potential problems in the future. The changes in the SGC and SG1 are significant but again they make a lot of sense especially given RDA’s limited time on set during the last season and saving the planet is a young persons game:)

The SG spin off – Pete & Sam by a Farm

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Nov 032012

 Stargate SG1 season 8 kicks off in the aftermath of the attack on Earth by Anubis. Jack is still a popsicle buried deep in the Ancient outpost under Antarctica and the SGC operations are suspended as Elizabeth Weir overseas operations while conducting multi-national negotiations for the purpose of clarifying the use and ownership of the technology. SG1 are lobbying for use of the gate but a compromise is reached which allows Sam and Teal’c to take the cargo ship and search out the Asgard at the last battle site with the replicators leaving Daniel and Weir to deal with three visiting System Lords.

This is a welcome return to television for Stargate SG1, there was a brief period of time when season 7 was to be the last and the story concluding with a dvd/tv feature film but it’s continued popularity and profitability won out and it returns to Scifi hand in hand with it’s spin off series Stargate Atlantis.

Halloween all the time.

New Order picks up in the chaos surrounding the SGC, America and the nations who have been let in on the secret of the Stargate when a twist in the tale is presented as three System Lords come to negotiate and deal with an Earth capable of defeating Anubis and thus kicking their collective asses as well. As Daniel and Weir play ping pong with a bunch of arrogant and condescending aliens Sam and Teal’c reach out to Thor and discover the Replicators are now free and the war has once again erupted, everything is in flux.


Part 1 of New Order is chock full of goodness but lacks that little spark despite some great dialogue with the System Lords and action with the Asgard and Replicators, the events will and do ratchet up in the second part of the premiere as pressure is applied to both the SGA and the new Asgard homeworld which is now under serious threat. It may have been a better option to make this a feature release as with the DVD as our take on the first part is a little dry but it’s done now but as always let us know what you think, the plan is to release the SGA premiere as an extended release rather than chop it up but if you prefer two sub 1 hour releases that is an option.

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Feb 252012

 SG1 onboard the now recaptured Prometheus agree to help Thor and his people to investigate the failure of the device they created to contain and control the Replicators. Upon arrival on the now lifeless former Asgard world they land and discover an intact structure which is now the residence of 5 individuals who turn out to be something entirely new to the galaxy. Faced with being totally at the mercy of this new life an olive branch appears thanks to what is considered to be flaws in the “programming” of Reese the creator of the replicators.

Just a little favour…

Unnatural Selection is the conclusion to the two parter and as the Prometheus story is wrapped we move onto the mission the Asgard present to SG1 in the hopes of finally winning their war against the Replicators in their galaxy. Of course nothing is ever straight forward and despite getting the ship into orbit and landing on the planet it was patently obvious they were allowed to find the structure and be used by the new variant of replicator that was housed there. The small plot holes aside the casting for “first” (Ian Buchanan) was inspired as a long term Soap actor he had the skills and the well smarm and slickness to play an over the top villian with style. A young Tahmoh Penikett also makes an appearance as “third” a year before making the BSG mini-series.

Pretty ain’t it?

The episode while delivering a successful mission for SG1 on behalf of the Asgard does so without a bit of a sour taste left in the mouth in terms of Jack betraying what was a genuine ally (in that place at that time). That said experience showed a single replicator of any style was always going to be a problem especially if under similar programming as the deceased Reese. It would have been interesting if Daniel had been in the episode rather than Jonas whose character still doesn’t have the depth to argue moralirt and ethics with Jack when it comes to making the hard decisions. As the belief goes if the beginning is corrupted then eventually the journey and destination will eventually fail and this seed which has been sown will come back to bite them.

Starship Eye Candy

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