Aug 252016


Well we are nearing the end of the Canadian crime drama Motive and in this last but one episode entitled “Chronology of Pain” there is a bounty of former Stargate actors in addition to the regular and recurring cast members I’ve mentioned before.¬†The episode deals with the murder of a very powerful and influential judge and as always we know who did but the motive is what eludes and is slowly revealed as the story plays out.

Interesting to see Louis without the beard ūüôā

Motive _ Louis Ferreira

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Jul 202016


S4E9 Remains To Be Seen

A bumper line up of former Stargate actors on the latest episode of Motive with Keegan Connor Tracy as Heather, Ty Olsson returning as Tim Kelly, David Nykl playing Darnell Murphy. And Haig Sutherland as Dave Briggs, Sr. It was an intricate and very interesting episode which started off a little meh but finished very strong. Delighted to see so many familiar faces, I tend not to keep track of who is appearing on a lot of shows just to maintain the surprise:)

Jul 152016


Yet again I delve back into Motive after watching their seventh episode of this fourth season. Guest starring in the episode “Foreign Relations” was¬†Elyse Levesque playing¬†Whitney Fraser and¬†Calum Worthy playing¬†Derek Holstadt in a case of a missing sister and a global conspiracy with ties to a British politician. The episode was also directed by Andy Mikita who has a long track record within Stargate and of course Motive has many regulars and recurring actors who appeared on Stargate over its long run.


Jul 112016


Motive has returned to Canadian television for the second part of the fourth season with a excellent episode entitled “The Dead Hand” in which a mother fights to defend her son convicted of killing her daughter.¬†The episode stars Christina Cox (SG1 & SGA),¬†Aleks Paunovic (SG1 & SGA) and¬†Veena Sood (SG1) as well as series regulars/recurring characters who can trace their careers through Stargate and beyond.

Jul 102016


So I’ve finally got around to watching the second season of iZombie, currently up to the ninth episode so I’m not exactly binge watching it but it is ticking along nicely. As you would expect the Canadian filmed series draws heavily from the huge talent pool of Vancouver and Toronto and overlaps considerably with the Stargate series. So here we have some examples of the actors that I’ve spotted so far, sure I’ve missed some but I am far from perfect and well lets face Stargate began it’s journey a long time ago:)

Screencaps feature..



Apr 102016

Venus Terzo guest starred as Dr. Schwartz on the latest episode of Arrow S4E18 “Eleven-Fifty-Nine”, it may indeed be the same character she played on an earlier episode of the series.



Oct 312015

Wicked City premiered this week and our own Jaime Ray Newman featured as Allison Roth in the pilot episode.

Wicked City ABC & Twitter

Sep 032015

We don’t get to see a lot of Christopher Judge on television although he has made a few appearances in movies but he got a fun part in the latest Sharknado tv movie which aired on Syfy a month or so ago. He was playing Secret Service agent Vodel who was attempting to secure the President when well things didn’t quite go to plan:)

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Sep 032015

I’ve started watching the new series “Proof” which airs in the US on TNT. In the episode Showdown we had Ryan Robbins guest starring as Ryder Newburn and in the episode St. Luke’s we got David Nykl playing¬†Father Donovan.


Aug 032015

I’ve only recently started watching iZombie and¬†to be honest it didn’t really appeal but I had an hour to spare the other week so I watched the premiere and well loved it. It also has the bonus of being full of guest stars who have in the past appeared on various Stargate series so since I am around half way through the series here are a few of the familiar faces:)

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Jun 012015

Say what you will about crime dramas in Motive we have an original well almost unique spin on the formula and for us they fully exploit the local Canadian talent who over the years also supplied the Stargate franchise with many a guest star and extra a few of which made names for themselves in front of the cameras. In the latest episode of Motive entitled “Frampton Comes Alive” we get Michelle Harrison¬†(SGU & SG1) playing¬†Lisa Wyatt, Daniel Bacon¬†(SG1 & SGA) playing ¬†Mike Wilson¬†and finally¬†Bob Frazer¬†( SG1 ) who was Reverend Allen. The episode deals with an utter piece of “$*” who really got what he deserved but things are not quite as straightforward as it seems and that’s why the titular motive comes into play and it ended with a bang ūüôā

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May 312015

Terry Chen was fully front and center in last weeks episode of Motive which was called¬†“The Amateurs” and is the 11th in the current season, Terry played¬†Ken Leung in a story which had three murders so one for each of the detectives and shown how understaffed the medical examiner’s office is as well.


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Apr 272015

Yep it’s that time of the week again and I’ve just watched the latest episode of Motive “Reversal of Fortune” and we got three former Stargate actors in prominent guest roles. Lets begin with Agam Darshi¬†(SGA & SGU) who played¬†Ginelle Mercier the tarot reader who was central to the events in the story, Josh Blacker (SGU & SGA) was playing a client of hers a Mr¬†Martin Porterman and finally David Lewis¬†(SG1) who was in the arc element of the series as Sergeant Gavin Saunders.

Once again Motive delivers a story that you can see going one way but eventually coming out as something very different, nicely done.

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Apr 262015

Of course we watch Once Upon A Time and while I don’t think the current story arc holds a candle to what has been presented in the past come on who doesn’t like dalmatians? Anyhow in the episode “Sympathy for the De Vil” we get some of the back story for Cruella and her mother Madeline is played by Anna Galvin who graced Stargate SG1 in the episode¬†Collateral Damage and then she was in the Atlantis episode¬†Remnants and finally four¬†episodes of Universe playing¬†Mrs Armstrong.

Anna Galvin IMDB

Once Upon A Time IMDB & Official

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Apr 262015

It is always a pleasure to watch television when Tim Guinee is going to make an appearance so delighted when he turned up in the episode of Forever “The Night in Question” playing¬†Teddy Graves a Federal court judge. If you have been following the series the part played by Tim doesn’t directly affect the main arc but certainly vastly improves the episode as it weaves into the search for a certain individual.

Tim Guinee IMDB Twitter

Forever Official & IMDB S1E21

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