Oct 302016

Michael Beach
Michael guest starred on five episodes of Stargate Atlantis as Colonel Abe Ellis, he has also starred in Third Watch as “Doc” appearing in 104 episodes and guest starred on ER, Sons of Anarchy, Crisis and Under Suspicion. IMDB Twitter
Chad Krowchuk
Chad played Gordie Lowe on the Stargate SG1 episode Citizen Joe and a student on the Stargate Universe first season episode Human, he has also been on Wayward Pines and Gracepoint. IMDB
Leon Rippy
Leon played General West in the Stargate theatrical feature and starred in Saving Grace, Deadwood, Under The Dome as well as guest spots on Leverage, TNG, Under The Dome, Rectify, The Blacklist and The Lone Ranger. IMDB Twitter
Jan Bos
Jan was Ambassador Sevarin in the Stargate SG1 episode Homecoming and has also appeared on When Calls the Heart, Psych, Reaper, Hellcats, Rogue, Cult and The 4400. IMDB Twitter
Daniel Bacon
Daniel was a Technician in Stargate SG1 & played Dr Watson in Atlantis. He’s also guest starred on The 4400, Psych, Arctic Air, Arrow, Continuum and Supernatural. IMDB
Peter New
Peter was a farmer in the Atlantis episode Off the Grid and has appeared on Fringe, Dead Like Me, Motive, Bates Motel and has voiced a number of animated shows. IMDB Twitter
Tabitha St. Germain (Paulina Gillis)
Tabitha played one of the native Byrsa women in the Stargate SG1 episode Cor-ai. She is however far better known for her voice work on shows such as Sabrina, Dragon Ball Z, Ed, Edd, ‘n’ Eddy, Action Man, Black Lagoon, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Krypto the Superdog. IMDB Twitter Behind The Voice
Paul Telfer
Paul played Airman Loder on the Stargate SG1 episode The First Ones (it was his first screen credit). He has since been on Spartacus, Hercules, NCIS, Day of Our Lives and Once Upon A Time. IMDB Twitter

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Oct 292016

Chelan Simmons
Chelan played Mara in the Stargate Atlantis episode The Tower and she also starred in The LA Complex and appeared on Kyle XY, Smallville, Wonderfalls, Hannibal and Supernatural. IMDB Twitter

Dan Castellaneta
Dan who is of course the voice of Homer Simpson and many other characters on The Simpsons and on Futurama guest starred on the Stargate SG1 episode Citizen Joe playing the title character. He has also appeared on Major Crimes, Castle and Monk. IMDB Behind The Voice 
Michael Daingerfield
Michael was a Jaffa in the Stargate SG1 episode The Other Guys and has also guest starred on Arrow, Smallville, Psych and has done voice work on shows such as Iron Man, Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales, My Little Pony and Pucca. IMDB Official Behind The Voice Twitter
Obi Ndefo
Obi appeared on six episodes of Stargate SG1 as the Jaffa warrior Rak’nor. He has also been on The West Wing, Vampires in Venice, NYPD Blue, Angel, Voyager and Deep Space Nine. IMDB

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Oct 272016

Robert Picardo
Robert played Richard Woolsey in Stargate SG1, Atlantis and Universe and also The Doctor in Star Trek Voyager, he’s guest starred on many shows including Morganville: The Series, Justified, Lucifer, The Mentalist, Bones, Perception and Age of Tomorrow. IMDB Official Twitter
Carmen Argenziano
Carmen was Jacob Carter aka Selmak on 25 episodes of Stargate SG1. He’s also guest starred on House, CSI:NY, Castle, Swordfish, Open House, Hawaii Five-0, Rising Sun, Bunheads, Sharkskin, The Meddler, The Labyrinth and Aurora. Official IMDB Twitter
Elias Toufexis
Elias was a Replicator in two episodes of Stargate Atlantis (The Return 1 & 2) and he’s also guest starred on Lost Girl, Alphas, Eureka, Smallville, Bitten, The Expanse and Ascension. IMDB Official Twitter
James Fantin
James was an assistant production coordinator on twenty episodes of Stargate Atlantis. He has also worked on Smallville, Dark Angel, Paradox as well as Star Trek Beyond, Proof and the Fifty Shades movies in accounting. IMDB

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Oct 262016

François Chau
François played the Chinese Ambassador in the Stargate SG1 S6 episode Disclosure and also played Dr Pierre Chang in LOST. He’s had roles on JAG, Rizzoli & Isles, The Mentalist, MacGyver, Major Crimes and The Expanse. Official IMDB Behind The Voice

Oct 252016

Jacqueline Samuda
Jacqueline played Nirrti in three episodes of Stargate SG1 (Fair Game, Rite of Passage & Metamorphosis) and also created the story for the episode Metamorphosis. She has also guest starred on Wolf Lake, Smallville, Bionic Woman, Spooksville, Ties That Bind, The Deep and Arrow. IMDB Twitter Behind The Voice

Michael Soltis
Michael played a Medic in the Stargate SG1 episode Redemption and appeared on Battlestar Galactica, Alcatraz, Once Upon A Time, Fringe and Smallville. He’s also a talented artist. IMDB Twitter Official
Silya Wiggens
Silya played a therapist on the Stargate SG1 episode Avalon Part 2 and also appeared on Lakefront, See Jane Run and Masters of Horror. IMDB

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Oct 242016

Rick Ravanello
Rick played a Guard in the Stargate pilot Children of the Gods and he has also appeared in True Justice, Weeds, Lincoln Heights, Hollywood Heights, Scorpion, NCIS, Murder in the First, Lethal Weapon and Defying Gravity. IMDB Twitter

Doug Abrahams
Doug was Commander Hale (Homecoming) and later an Ori Prior in Stargate SG1 for a total of six episodes. He has also appeared in TinMan, Psych, Supernatural, The X-Files, Man Of Steel, Legends of Tomorrow, Once Upon A Time and The Killing. IMDB Twitter Official

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Oct 232016

Jeff Gulka
Jeff played Charlie in the Stargate SG1 episode Show and Tell as well as appearing on six episodes of The X-Files, Millennium, Once Upon A Time and Jingle All The Way. IMDB Twitter
Bro Gilbert
Bro appeared on Stargate Atlantis as a scientist in the pilot episode Rising, he has also been in Kodiak, Snakehead Terror, Wrong Turn 2 and Control Alt Delete. He is also a well known practitioner of Magic and worked in the presentation/conference industry. IMDB Twitter Official

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Oct 222016

Derek Versteeg
Derek played a Jaffa in the Stargate SG1 episode Dominion, he’s also appeared on The X-Files, Seven Days, Quest for Samurai , Psych and the movie 2012. IMDB
Darcy Cadman
Darcy appeared as a Russian Officer in Stargate Continuum and has had guest spots on Supernatural, The 4400, Haunted and Ghost Light. IMDB Twitter

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Oct 212016

Alana Husband
Alana played Ennea in the Stargate Atlantis episode Childhood’s End & Dr. McCormack in the Stargate Universe episode Earth. She has also been in The Dead Zone, The L Word, Psych, Caitlin’s Way, BSG and Intelligence. IMDB Twitter
alana-husbandJeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
Jeffrey had a recurring role on Stargate Universe as Darren Becker and an uncredited role as a server in the SG1 episode “Memento Mori”. He has also appeared on The L Word, On The Bus, Fairly Legal, Warehouse 13 and Un-Real as well providing voice talent on Iron Man: Armored Adventures. IMDB Twitter Official


Oct 202016

Niall Matter
Niall is well known for his lead roles in Primeval New World and his recurring role on Eureka but he also appeared twice on Stargate Atlantis as Lt Kemp, he also played Tag Cummins on Arctic Air and has guest starred on Motive, Constantine, Warehouse 13 and Remedy. IMDB Twitter Official
niall-matterWilliam Russ
William played the rogue SG1 captain Jonas Hanson in the Stargate first season episode The First Commandment and also had a long running lead role in Boy Meets world and guest starred on Boston Legal, Vegas and Wildfire. IMDB
George Wyner
George guest starred as Al Martell in the SG1 episode Prometheus and has had guest spots on House, The Mentalist, ER, Melissa & Joey, NCIS and Desperate Housewives. IMDB

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Oct 192016

Roger Cross
Roger played Lt. Conner and Captain Conner in two episodes of Stargate SG1 (Spirits, The First Commandment), he’s recently been seen in Motive, Continuum, Arrow, Dark Matter, The Returned, Eureka and The Strain. His earlier tv roles include 24 and First Wave. IMDB Twitter


Anna Galvin
Anna appeared in all three live action series, she was Mrs Armstrong in four episodes of Stargate Universe, Dr. Reya Varrick in SG1 Collateral Damage and Vanessa Conrad in the Atlantis episode Remnants. She has also guest starred on Motive, Smallville, Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, Mr Young, Witches of East End and Warcraft: The Beginning. IMDB


Oct 182016

Christopher Pearce
Christopher played Senior Airman Jake Bosworth on four episodes of Stargate SG1 (Heroes Parts 1 & 2, Prometheus Unbound and Moebius Part 2). He also appeared on Atlantis in the episode Infection as Williams. Other roles include Fringe, Arrow, The Killing and The Tomorrow People. IMDB
christopher pearce stargate

Oct 172016

Venus Terzo
Venus played Dr Michaels in the Stargate SG1 episode Frozen. She has also guest starred on Shattered, Andromeda, Whistler, Blackstone, The Christmas Secret and Continuum as well as provided the voice for numerous animated productions. IMDB Behind The Voice

Tiffany Lyndall-Knight
Tiffany was Evalla in the Stargate SG1 episode Revisions and La Moor in Touchstone, she was also The Hybrid in Battlestar Galactica (with added goo) and has guest starred on Supernatural, Smallville, Danger 5, Flash Gordon, The Babadook and Dead Like Me. IMDB
Thomas Kopache
Thomas was Ellori in the SG1 episode Prophecy and has appeared in Enterprise, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, The Blacklist, Person Of Interest, Jessica Jones, The Good Wife and The West Wing. IMDB

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Oct 162016

Joseph Mallozzi
Producer and Writer of far too many episodes of Stargate to mention as well as penning episodes with his writing partner for Transporter The Series, Delete and Student Bodies. His scifi series Dark Matter recently finished it’s second season and will be returning for a third. IMDB Twitter Official

Oct 152016

Don Ackerman
Don played Doran in the Stargate Atlantis episode “The Storm” and also appeared on Fringe, The Dead Zone, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures, Human Cargo, Wolf Lake, The X-Files, Z Nation and Glitter. IMDB Twitter Official