Gatecast Episode Recording Schedule


Here is the episode schedule for the podcast, it’s primarily used as a guide to allocating episodes for guests to appear on since we tend to be all over the place date and time wise for recording. We can be flexible on day and time given enough warning but it’s never easy as anyone who records with people in other time zones knows all too well.  If you do fancy recording with us then you will need a PAL/Region 2 copy of the episode (run time and edit vary dependent upon format and intended market) so we work off the UK DVD and we can help out in that respect if required. We record over Skype so a mic and headset combo is preferred over a mic and speakers (reduced background noise) but again we can make do as we don’t want people spending money just to record with us:) If at all possible being able to record your own audio using something like Audacity or other simple audio app is a bonus, if I have a clean audio source it makes editing the show so much easier but again not a deal breaker.

Episode  –  Guest  –  Date


Stargate Universe

Season 2

Series Wrap Up  Recorded


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