Apr 042017

Enrico Colantoni & Amanda Tapping

Enrico Colantoni joins Eric McCormack after the time-trekking drama’s renewal.

Source: Netflix’s ‘Travelers’ Adds to Season-Two Cast | Hollywood Reporter

Mar 072017

Amanda Tapping


“We got to sit down with amazing director (and yes, Stargate superstar) Amanda Tapping…”

Source: Between Scenes with Amanda Tapping | X Company | WatsupAmericas – The Americas Latest News & Entertainment Platform

Feb 202017

Amanda Tapping

Source: Sci-Fi Blast From The Past – Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG-1) – SciFiAndTvTalk

Dec 152015

Director Amanda Tapping talks to The TV Junkies as part of our ongoing series featuring the women behind Canadian TV.

Source: Women Behind Canadian TV: Amanda Tapping – The TV Junkies

Dec 102015

Production on the second season of Dark Matter has begun with Amanda Tapping taking the helm as director of the first episode, if you don’t already then you should read Joseph’s blog on a daily basis, lots of behind the scenes info and news.


Source: December 9, 2015: Production begins on Dark Matter season 2! | Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

Jul 242015

Amanda Tapping talks about the province’s ‘massive’ amount of knowledge and expertise

Source: Actress-turned-TV-director on why B.C. is ‘so darn good’ at sci-fi – The Globe and Mail

Jul 102015

It wasn’t long into Stargate SG-1’s 10-season run that a passionate fandom began to form around Amanda Tapping and her character, Captain Samantha Carter…

Source: Back to deep space with ‘Dark Matter’ director Amanda Tapping

Mar 042015

ACTRA National

ACTRA names Amanda Tapping 2015 Woman of the Year

 A well deserved award for Amanda given her commitment to charity work and combining a family and professional career.

Oct 262014

The Canadian scifi comedy Space MilkShake has finally been made available to the public after doing the festival circuit as an $8 digital download, hopefully a DVD and/or Blu-ray will turn up with lots of extras such as a commentary track. The movie is set onboard a space station which is responsible for maintaining their area of space and removing any debris that can impede space flight so glorified garbage men in space, it stars Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne, Kristin Kreuk and Billy Boyd.


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Jun 132014

Here is Amanda Tapping accepting her honorary doctorate from Windsor University, many thanks to the original poster Kathrin Siegmund and Karen who tweeted the link to the video which leads us here:)



May 182014

Amanda Tapping talks about her time directing episodes of Arctic Air and Continuum on the SciFiAndTvTalk website.


Continuum Official Site

Arctic Air Official Site

May 032014

Amanda Tapping promoting this weekends Starfest 2014 in Denver, thanks to sam1Helen for posting the video on twitter for us all to see:)

Mar 302014

Amanda Tapping at Oz Comic Con Perth

Many thanks to Briony for posting these images on their tumblr “We all dream of leaving…“, pay them a visit say hi and comment on these photos of Amanda.

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Mar 252014