May 142016


In Continuum the second of the two straight the DVD movies that MGM produced for the Stargate we get closure of the Goa’uld storyline which goes all the ways back to Ra at least in terms of the tv aspect of the franchise. Ba’al has been captured and all his clones are dead but he seems rather confident that the Tok’ra procedure to remove the symbiont is not the last this galaxy will see of him and then people start vanishing one after another. General O’Neill rushes Ba’al who then stabs him with the extraction device and as Jack is dying orders SG1 to get to the Stargate. They emerge into a very cold location which is revealed to be a small freighter encased in ice, the name is familiar to Mitchell but first requirement is to get our of this deep freeze. They gain access to land to find the ship had been trapped in ice but Daniel in the attempt has soaked his foot in water which has brought on frostbite, unable to travel Sam and Cameron leave him behind.


They come across a special ops team under the command of Jack O’Neill and are returned to a US nuclear submarine, Sam is recognised as a Shuttle commander who dies when her craft crashed in the ocean a few years ago and when they find Daniel on the sub they confirm that the timeline has changed. If Ba’al had been able to alter the history of the Stargate use then the SGC and humans would not have had such a strong influence on the galaxy. The added bonus for Ba’al would be that as the puppet master he may have been in a position to make changes which directly benefited him with his knowledge of events and technology present in the original timeline. The US government of this new timeline are not keen on upsetting the apple cart but a year later Ba’al has consolidated his control of the System Lords and brings a fleet to Earth and makes a phone call to the President…

Well what a fantastic way to close out the journey of SG1. The movie was exceptional in production and story terms as well as making extensive use of existing characters even if only used for cameo sake. We all thoroughly enjoyed the movie watching experience and even though Stargate continues with Atlantis for a time and then Universe for a couple of years we left without a heavy heart, Continuum was a good way to wrap things up.

We want to thank Andrew for joining us again for this extended episode and he’ll be back for one or two episodes of Universe. Next week we have something a little different, the new Stargate novel “Kali’s Wrath” by Keith R.A. DeCandido is released on ebook on the 19th of May and we have an interview with the man himself, hope you tune in ūüôā


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Jul 062014

So I watched the season 3 finale of Continuum this evening, it was¬†waiting for a week or so as¬†football and other things limited my tv viewing time so imagine the nice surprise when I saw¬†Ty Olsson¬†(Colonel Barnes & Jaffa on SG1) making a guest appearance in the show playing¬†Marcellus a military commander from one of the future timelines. It was also gratifying to see that the episodes was directed by William Waring a name that should be familiar to Stargate fans for his long work operating cameras and directing episodes of the show, this was his sixth time directing Continuum. The episode itself “Last Minute” was a cracking finale and along with the familiar regular and recurring cast who have Stargate in their resume¬†it left us hanging with some plot points resolved and many others left up in the air and just to spice things up a few more unexpected events occurring, hopefully a fourth season will be ordered.

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May 182014

Amanda Tapping talks about her time directing episodes of Arctic Air and Continuum on the SciFiAndTvTalk website.


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Apr 202014

Well shame on me but I never put two and two together to realise than Jonathan Lloyd Walker who guest starred as¬†Ta’Seem in the Stargate SG1 season ten episode Dominion not only guest starred on Continuum (three times so far) but also writes¬†and story edits for the series. In the recent¬†episode “30 Minutes to Air” Jonathan played Commander Bradley and also co-produced and wrote the¬†episode and while I knew him on sight I never noticed his name in the credits during his tenure on the show. Jonathan has previously guest starred on Fringe, Smallville, RED, Flash Gordon, V, The Thing and Supernatural.

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Aug 182013

So I am well past the mid-point of the Deep Space Nine rewatch and last night watched the final two episodes of the fifth season, the penultimate episode was called “In The Cards” and I got a nice little surprise with one of the two main guest stars being Brian Markinson as Giger.
If you don’t recall he played Lotan in the Stargate SG1 fourth season episode Scorched Earth and more recently appeared in Sanctuary, Arctic Air, Mad Men, Arrow and Continuum.







May 152013

Not everyone can pull off a “form fitting” outfit but Patrick Gilmore does it with style in the latest episode of Continuum “Second Skin” Season 2 episode 4 in which he plays mild mannered Rex who gains access to a high tech suit. Patrick played Dr Dale Volker in Stargate Universe and lets not forget that the woman in the screencap is Carrie Fleming who was in the Atlantis episode The Sentinel. Carrie is guest starring in Second Skin as Tammy the girlfriend who finds the suit and she has also appeared in Supernatural, Alice, Good Luck Chuck and The 4400.

Patrick & Carrie

Patrick & Carrie

Carrie & Patrick

Carrie & Patrick

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Apr 142013

I’m currently rewatching the first season of Continuum in¬†preparation¬†for the second season which returns to Canadian screens on April 21st and the US on the 7th of June, not sure about the UK.

I was watching the sixth episode “Time’s Up” and noticed a big beefy well dressed individual and thanks to recently watching Stargate SG1 his face sprung out, Mark Gibbon¬†formerly¬†the Jaffa¬†M’zel & Thor hologram was playing the head of security Frank Bolo. Mark has also had recurring roles on Smallville and guest spots on Stargate Atlantis, First Wave, Flash Gordon and Once Upon A Time.


Mar 012013

A welcome return to the Canadian time travel scifi series starring Rachel Nichols and quite a few former Stargate actors such as Tony Amendola, Jennifer Spence, Lexa Doig and Roger R Cross. The second season is in production with an unconfirmed premiere date on the 21st of April.
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Aug 262012

Excellent news coming out of the Canadian broadcaster Showcase, they have renewed Continuum for a second season so more work for our favourite group of genre actors in North America. Perhaps  more importantly the story will continue as the future remains in the balance and the fate of the human race rocks precariously.
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