Jul 062017

A final word on the Gatecast podcast, the hosting and domain for the site and feeds will be ending soon and will not be updated but if everything worked out the site will continue thanks to Steve on his own servers. If you are reading this then it must have worked 🙂

The Stargate Archives website will now also be hosting all 398 episodes of the Gatecast podcast along with new content released under the Archives banner and with a new itunes entry etc.

Our thanks for your support of the show and to everyone that contributed directly by adding their voices to the podcast or being part of our social media presence.

Apr 182017

There’s something about water that can be breathtakingly beautiful. Maybe it’s the wetness…

Source: A Balloon Popping Underwater Looks Like A Real-Life Stargate | Nerdist

Apr 092017

It’s been gratifying to follow the career of James from his time on SG1 and through the franchise and ever onwards with The CW and in particular Arrow.


Source: James Bamford Moves to Producer/Director Role in Season 6 of Arrow – BAMBAM FANS

Apr 042017

Brian J Smith

Get recommendations on the best London attractions, venues and events, and organise your trip with our handy cultural planner

Source: ‘Being haunted by the past is something I’m creatively turned on by’ – An Interview with Brian J Smith — LondonCalling.com

Apr 042017

Enrico Colantoni & Amanda Tapping

Enrico Colantoni joins Eric McCormack after the time-trekking drama’s renewal.

Source: Netflix’s ‘Travelers’ Adds to Season-Two Cast | Hollywood Reporter

Mar 252017

Denis McGrath

September 21st 1972 – March 23rd 2017

Our condolences to the friends and family of Denis who unfortunately passed away on March 23rd at the young age of 48.

The New York City-born screenwriter was a fearless champion of Canadian TV as a blogger and member of the Writers Guild of Canada.

Source: Denis McGrath Dead: Writer on Syfy’s ‘Continuum,’ ‘Aftermath’ Dies at 48 | Hollywood Reporter

Mar 252017

Stargate Bricks

Stargate Bricks

Image: legojeff This photo is just so cool. I love how the water effect has been created to give the illusion of an inter-dimensional space portal. Are you a great LEGO photographer? Have you built…

Source: Brick Pic of the Day: Stargate portal | Brick Fanatics

Mar 232017

The Stanley Dynamic
Kate and David Hewlett

“You might remember Canadian actor David Hewlett from hit sci-fi series Stargate: SG1 (2001-2007) and Stargate: Atlantis (2004-2009), or…”

Source: Kate and David Hewlett, sister and brother team, reunite on ‘The Stanley Dynamic’ – National | Globalnews.ca

Mar 222017

Robert Knepper Interview

“It was about escapism, which we all need a bit of right now,” the actor tells THR about the success of the serial drama, which returns after eight years on April 4.

Source: Robert Knepper Talks ‘Prison Break’ Revival | Hollywood Reporter

Mar 172017

Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell


In his 54-year acting career, Kurt Russell has always been himself—decent, unfussy, great hair, hall-of-fame squint—and he’s always been just right…

Source: Kurt Russell Will Never Go Out Of Style | GQ

Mar 072017

Amanda Tapping


“We got to sit down with amazing director (and yes, Stargate superstar) Amanda Tapping…”

Source: Between Scenes with Amanda Tapping | X Company | WatsupAmericas – The Americas Latest News & Entertainment Platform

Mar 032017


Jonathon Young


Source: Adelaide Festival: Betroffenheit – Books and Arts – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Mar 032017

Travelers Review from Nerd HQ

“What is Travelers?
Travelers is a new sci-fi TV series co-produced by Canadian TV channel Showcase and Netflix. The series followers a small group of “travelers”, a team of time travelling…”

Source: » Netflix Review: Travelers (Season One) Nerd HQ

Mar 012017

Fraser Aitcheson

Stunt performer and actor Fraser Aitcheson is accustomed to having his character killed off. In last week’s episode of “Supernatural” called ‘Family Feud,’ he played a rugaru who had his brains mel…

Source: Get to know stunt performer Fraser Aitcheson | Nerd Alert News

Feb 252017

Barclay Hope
Barclay played Colonel Lionel Pendergast in six episodes of Stargate SG1 and also guest starred on Smallville, Eureka, Hellcats, The Killing, Cedar Cove, Battlestar Galactica, Riverdale and Once Upon A Time. IMDB
Theresa Lee
Theresa played the Chinese interpreter in the Stargate SG1 episode Fragile Balance and has also appeared on Psych, Smallville, Hiccups, Son of the Dragon and many shows for her native language. IMDB

Daniel Boileau
Daniel appeared just the once on Stargate as a cocooned wraith victim in the Atlantis episode The Gift, he has also appeared on Dead Like Me, Eureka, The Dead Zone, iZombie, The Tomorrow People and Arrow. IMDB Twitter
Guyle Fraizer
Guyle played a technician on the Stargate SG1 episode Nemesis. He has also appeared on The X-Files, Monk, Dark Angel, Supernatural and Touched by Evil. IMDB

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