Mar 232017

The Stanley Dynamic
Kate and David Hewlett

“You might remember Canadian actor David Hewlett from hit sci-fi series Stargate: SG1 (2001-2007) and Stargate: Atlantis (2004-2009), or…”

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Apr 172016

So I was eating my Sunday morning breakfast (just toast and coffee) and flipping through the NAS and found David Hewlett’s episode of the Murdoch Mysteries (S9E18) “Bloody Hell”. Well what else are you going to do so I just watched the episode and while it was a small guest starring role but him it was never the less quite fun and pleasing viewing.

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Aug 192015

Dennis Haysbert and Stargate franchise alum David Hewlett have boarded the cast of the Syfy drama pilot Incorporated.

Georgina Haig (Fringe and Once Upon A Time) and Julia Ormond (Mad Men and Sabrina) also star.

Source: Syfy Pilot ‘Incorporated’ Adds Dennis Haysbert, David Hewlett | TVLine

Jun 212015

David Hewlett and Jane Loughman smile during their wedding on June 21, 2008 in Long Itchington, Warwickshire, England.

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May 312015

Love this picture:)


Nov 042014

David Hewlett’s latest movie Debug was released on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK yesterday (November 3rd) after doing the festival circuit, distribution deals for other markets are ongoing so hopefully everyone that wants to watch the movie will get a legitimate option. Anyhow this is a spoiler free kinda review of the movie, can’t really go into a huge amount of detail but I can certainly offer a few comments so here we go. First off kudos for making any Star Wars space ship opening shot look short, as the camera flies down the length of the freighter Amphitrite you really understand how big it is and the CGI is beautiful, not over the top almost spartan but exactly what’s needed for this movie. The interior of the ship is very nice but doesn’t really suit the mothballed status of the ship, I would have expected something obviously well used which you do see in some of the nuts and bolts (warehouse shots used for the heart of the ship in the same way Trek 2009 used a brewery). Now the crew, in any movie where you expect most of them to die during the story you have to be invested in them and that isn’t alway the case but amongst these convicts, yes they are cybercrime prisoners working off their sentence by doing these deep space operations some I liked and some I wasn’t overly keen on. Of course as a Stargate fan I was more interested in Jason Momoa and Adrian Holmes but the rest of the cast  all played their parts well with Jeananne Goossen leading by example and I suspect the younger actors in the business these days are far more comfortable working green screen and CGI heavy productions. There were some nice twists and turns with certain members of the crew which while not directly feeding the plot helped to build and expand the characters, it’s always important to balance plot, character and action and Debug I think did pretty good although it’s by no means a fast paced movie. I suspect that for many the pacing of the movie may be considered a little slow but I feel it fell into the same style as Alien, Sunshine or Event Horizon and no doubt a few others I can’t remember right now in that the build up was maybe more important than the payoff or the payoff only really works if you’ve lived with these people for a time.

Debug (1)

Debug ultimately is a tale about human intelligence versus machine intelligence, a terrifying possible future as our  civilian and military aims may diverge with safeguards and regulations not always in place or required as results become more important than potential consequences. I’m not going to claim Debug is a great movie, it isn’t but it is good and I enjoyed every minute and it certainly stands head and shoulders above it’s roots having made the most of the production budget and talent pool open to the producers via the Canadian media market and of course it doesn’t hurt to have a relationship with actors who have become “names” in the global market. A solid cast combined with an interesting story, very good CGI and VFX with an understated but good score results in something David and everyone else involved can be proud of, Debug was not a lets gets everyone together and make a movie like A Dog’s Breakfast (funnier movie but nowhere near as complex) and shows a significant progression in David’s movie making and lets hope the distribution deals can all get sorted as shelf life can be short even for mainstream movies these days.

One negative and this isn’t an issue with the movie but the UK release, these days a Blu-ray or DVD should have extras, I was rather surprised to see nothing and to be honest I would love to hear David do a commentary for the movie with a technical slant or not, who knows the rights open to other distributors may indeed include supplementary material but lets hope we don’t get this smaller budget movie looking to exploit fans by selling “extras” via the likes of itunes.

Aug 272014

David Hewlett is the guest on the latest episode of Padre’s Corner. David joins the show around the 30 minute mark but the whole show is well worth a listen.

May 042014

David Hewlett guests on the thirteenth episode of the web based interview show Padre’s Corner.

Feb 052014

The poster for David Hewlett’s upcoming feature “Debug” has been released, many thanks to the Shock Till You Drop website.

Debug IMDB


Dec 282013

avatar2 This weeks on Gatecast we have another bonus episode and the show will be a little longer than normal as the feature is a full length movie namely A Dog’s Breakfast. The movie was directed by David Hewlett and written by David and his wife Jane Loughman and was made in 2006 and after numerous festival screenings and huge fan support it securing a distribution deal and was released via streaming, vod and dvd within a number of markets. A Dog’s Breakfast was a project intended to fill the gap during the hiatus of producing Stargate Atlantis and in that regard they were able to secure a significant amount of hardware and talent not to mention roping in friends to make the movie come to life both in front and behind the camera. Kate Hewlett (Marilyn) stars with David as one third of the main cast with Paul McGillion (Ryan) as the final part of the trilogic in this kinda old school British domestic farce, additional support is given by Christopher Judge and Rachel Luttrell and lets not forget Mars the pooch who causes so much mischief in the movie.


I’m not going to go into too many plot details although we hope you’ve all seen the movie so lets just say any fan of the Stargate franchise should seek it out, it’s currently on DVD (R1 & R2) as well as various streaming options and hand on heart it is a very funny movie. David did actually write a script for the series ( Star Crossed ) shown within the movie and that would have been interesting as a Galaxy Quest type look at a scifi series as it was being made and shown but nothing came of it. We have yet to see a sequel although the movie may have been a little ahead of it’s time in terms of exploiting the fanbase and online options, it’s going to be interesting to see how Debug the Hewlett’s latest movie project fares if a widespread theatrical release isn’t on the cards.

Davis's the one on the right

David is the one on the right

Next weeks show will be another bonus episode (third of four) and it’s going to be the Andromeda episode “Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath” a third season episode which features Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge alongside the regular cast such as Lexa Doig. Brad will be helping us out with the show as Alan was in the process of moving to Finland so we hope you join us for that. So with christmas behind we wish everyone a happy new year and enjoy the last episode of Gatecast released in 2013.




Aug 032013

I haven’t watched A Dog’s Breakfast recently and a post on the twitter feed tickled my fancy so I thought it was about time I watched David Hewlett, his sister Kate with pals Paul, Rachel and Christopher have fun in this low budget comedy. You’ll spot many familiar names in the credits as well but I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, I doubt there are many Stargate fans that have not watched this movie.



The movie follows the slightly warped Patrick as he gets to grips with his sister (Marilyn) bringing home her fiancée (Ryan) a Scifi tv star. After over hearing a phone call which indicates Ryan is planning to kill Marilyn he then plans to kill Ryan, fun and games commence.

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Apr 182012

Mr David Hewlett who is not known for his forwardness and demand for the spotlight celebrates his birthday today (April 18th), he was of course the star of Stargate Atlantis and has had guest spots on SG1 and Universe so he is truly one of rocks of the franchise.
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His biggest claim to fame is being the brother of Kate Hewlett.

Also on the 18th Laura Mennell celebrates her birthday, star of Alphas and guest spots on Sanctuary and Stargate Atlantis, quite a beautiful woman and strong in the genre.

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