Feb 212016

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Arrow “Code Of Silence”

After the news broke that a Stargate Atlantis regular would be appearing in an upcoming episode of Arrow we all got a little giddy, the fact that it would be the second episode directed by James Bamford only added to the expectation. James of course was a stunt performer on SG1, Atlantis and Universe as well as being the stunt co-ordinator on Atlantis and Universe. In the 14th episode of the fourth season of Arrow entitled “Code of Silence” we had a number of actors who had appeared on Stargate, this week we saw the return of Ryan Robbins (Conklin) as well as guest appearances by Rachel Luttrell (Rosie) and Daniel Cudmore (Jackhammer) who were part of the mercenary outfit The Demolition Team who really gave the good guys a run for their money. To add icing we also got the return of Laura Hoffman played by Enid-Raye Adams which came as a surprise, I don’t always take a great deal of notice of opening credits when the action is thick and fast so yes I admit I was a little fanboyish when she appeared at the party:)



Aug 312014

Rachel Luttrell has released her first video blog on her youtube channel,  To Being Brave.

Subscribe to Rachel’s channel and don’t forget the feedback, opening yourself up as she says even being an actress is never easy.

Dec 282013

avatar2 This weeks on Gatecast we have another bonus episode and the show will be a little longer than normal as the feature is a full length movie namely A Dog’s Breakfast. The movie was directed by David Hewlett and written by David and his wife Jane Loughman and was made in 2006 and after numerous festival screenings and huge fan support it securing a distribution deal and was released via streaming, vod and dvd within a number of markets. A Dog’s Breakfast was a project intended to fill the gap during the hiatus of producing Stargate Atlantis and in that regard they were able to secure a significant amount of hardware and talent not to mention roping in friends to make the movie come to life both in front and behind the camera. Kate Hewlett (Marilyn) stars with David as one third of the main cast with Paul McGillion (Ryan) as the final part of the trilogic in this kinda old school British domestic farce, additional support is given by Christopher Judge and Rachel Luttrell and lets not forget Mars the pooch who causes so much mischief in the movie.


I’m not going to go into too many plot details although we hope you’ve all seen the movie so lets just say any fan of the Stargate franchise should seek it out, it’s currently on DVD (R1 & R2) as well as various streaming options and hand on heart it is a very funny movie. David did actually write a script for the series ( Star Crossed ) shown within the movie and that would have been interesting as a Galaxy Quest type look at a scifi series as it was being made and shown but nothing came of it. We have yet to see a sequel although the movie may have been a little ahead of it’s time in terms of exploiting the fanbase and online options, it’s going to be interesting to see how Debug the Hewlett’s latest movie project fares if a widespread theatrical release isn’t on the cards.

Davis's the one on the right

David is the one on the right

Next weeks show will be another bonus episode (third of four) and it’s going to be the Andromeda episode “Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath” a third season episode which features Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge alongside the regular cast such as Lexa Doig. Brad will be helping us out with the show as Alan was in the process of moving to Finland so we hope you join us for that. So with christmas behind we wish everyone a happy new year and enjoy the last episode of Gatecast released in 2013.




Aug 032013

I haven’t watched A Dog’s Breakfast recently and a post on the twitter feed tickled my fancy so I thought it was about time I watched David Hewlett, his sister Kate with pals Paul, Rachel and Christopher have fun in this low budget comedy. You’ll spot many familiar names in the credits as well but I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, I doubt there are many Stargate fans that have not watched this movie.



The movie follows the slightly warped Patrick as he gets to grips with his sister (Marilyn) bringing home her fiancée (Ryan) a Scifi tv star. After over hearing a phone call which indicates Ryan is planning to kill Marilyn he then plans to kill Ryan, fun and games commence.

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Oct 152010

I just noticed that A Dog’s Breakfast the independent movie written and directed by David Hewlett (Rodney as if you need reminding) is currently playing in the UK on MGM HD. He plays a rather neurotic brother who attempts to break up the relationship between her sister and new fella by any means necessary. Kate Hewlett (his real sister) plays his screen sister with Paul McGillion (Beckett from SGA) playing her boyfriend guest stars include Christopher Judge and Rachel Luttrell and a couple of actors no from the SG franchise:).

I own the DVD and enjoyed the movie when I’ve watched it but I’ve added the HD version to the DVR to see what it looks like and it’s been a while since I’ve watched the movie so as good as time as any.