Apr 092017

It’s been gratifying to follow the career of James from his time on SG1 and through the franchise and ever onwards with The CW and in particular Arrow.


Source: James Bamford Moves to Producer/Director Role in Season 6 of Arrow – BAMBAM FANS

Apr 102016

Venus Terzo guest starred as Dr. Schwartz on the latest episode of Arrow S4E18 “Eleven-Fifty-Nine”, it may indeed be the same character she played on an earlier episode of the series.



Feb 212016

Arrow_COS (1)

Arrow “Code Of Silence”

After the news broke that a Stargate Atlantis regular would be appearing in an upcoming episode of Arrow we all got a little giddy, the fact that it would be the second episode directed by James Bamford only added to the expectation. James of course was a stunt performer on SG1, Atlantis and Universe as well as being the stunt co-ordinator on Atlantis and Universe. In the 14th episode of the fourth season of Arrow entitled “Code of Silence” we had a number of actors who had appeared on Stargate, this week we saw the return of Ryan Robbins (Conklin) as well as guest appearances by Rachel Luttrell (Rosie) and Daniel Cudmore (Jackhammer) who were part of the mercenary outfit The Demolition Team who really gave the good guys a run for their money. To add icing we also got the return of Laura Hoffman played by Enid-Raye Adams which came as a surprise, I don’t always take a great deal of notice of opening credits when the action is thick and fast so yes I admit I was a little fanboyish when she appeared at the party:)



Oct 252015

Well there was a bumper crop of former Stargate actors making an appearance on the latest episode of Arrow (S4E3 Restoration).

We had Carmen Moore returning to the show as Mina Fayad, Kevan Ohtsji simply tagged as the “man”, JR Bourne as the wonderfully made up Double Down and finally fresh from the final season of Continuum the always excellent Ryan Robbins playing Conklin.


Aug 012015

Suddenly I have higher hopes for the fourth season 🙂

Source: Arrow Season 4: Ryan Robbins Cast as Conklin, Shadowspire Member | Variety

Jul 242015

JR Bourne will appear on Season 4 of CW superhero drama starring Stephen Amell

Source: ‘Arrow’ Adds ‘Teen Wolf’ Star JR Bourne as DC Villain Double Down (Exclusive)

May 302015

It was great to see the legend that is Christopher Heyerdahl make a guest appearance on the season 3 finale of Arrow “My Name Is Oliver Queen” playing Damian Darhk’s Assistant and lets hope he returns for the fourth season, surely he’ll be in the show for more than this one short scene.



Oct 192014

I’m finally getting started with the new season of US television so I got to watch the latest episodes of Arrow and Supernatural both of which had former Stargate actors in guest spots. The first was Patrick Gilmore playing Erlich Kelso in the second episode of the third season of Arrow called “Sara” and then it was David Nykl playing Lester Morris in the season ten episode “Reichenbach”. Surprisingly neither actor was playing a particularly nice guy:)



Arrow Official Site
Supernatural Official Site

Mar 012014

Robert Knepper one of the most consistent actors on television (and movies) turned up on this weeks episode of Arrow “Time of Death” playing the iconic William Tockman aka Clock King. Robert graced Stargate Universe in a recurring role as Simeon in it’s second season and as always stole every scene he was in.


Robert’s IMDB  Wiki  Twitter 

Arrow Official CW Site & SKY Site

Nov 172013

Michael Kopsa appeared in two of the major genre series this past week, first off he was “The Prisoner” in the Arrow episode Keep Your Enemies Closer and then he played the Sheriff in the Supernatural episode Heaven Can’t Wait.

Michael played General Kerrigan and a news anchor on three episodes of Stargate SG1 and more recently was the Observer Captain Widmark in Fringe.
Michael’s IMDB  Official Site  Twitter


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Nov 032013

Catching up with the latest episode of Arrow this afternoon and while I knew David Nykl would be appearing in this season I did not know it was in the episode “Crucible” which aired in the US last week so once again a whoop of delight to see him on screen, not easily recognisable and of course the accent is different to his normal voice and that of Zelenka but always a pleasure to see him work.  IMDB  Twitter  Official Site


It’s also good to know David will be appearing again and in a named character rather than just “the Russian” and despite a few misgivings the second season is holding up well although without the in your face impact of the first season when Arrow was really a major breath of fresh air into the TV superhero genre.  Arrow Official Site

Oct 272013

It always comes as a pleasant surprise to see a familiar face appear on the television, I try to avoid casting news which is pretty much impossible these days so a huge grin appeared when Teryl Rothery appeared in the recent episode of Arrow “Broken Dolls” as “Jean” the hired gun attorney for the Queen family.Arrow_TR1

Arrow Official Site
Teryl’s Twitter & Official Site


Aug 082013

GateWorld » Teryl Rothery to Guest on Arrow


Many thanks to Gateworld for the news that Teryl Rothery is going to  appear in the second season of CW’s Arrow. She can currently be seen on  the Hallmark series Cedar Cove and we of course love her from Kyle X:Y or  maybe that small role on that SG1 show:)

May 132013

The final part in James’s top 20 action/stunt scenes from the first season of Arrow.

Feb 092013

An excellent crop of familiar Stargate faces in “Betrayal” the recent episode of Arrow which aired on the 6th of February.
We’ll begin with the two actresses, Agam Darshi (SGA & SGU) who played Anastasia
and Ona Grauer (SG1 & SGA) who played Vivian. The two actors were Adrian Holmes
(SG1) who played Frank and once again Roger R. Cross who played Lucas.
Once you start looking Stargate has it’s fingers via former performers in so many pies:)

Arrow_Adrian Holmes
Arrow_Agam Darshi
Arrow_Ona Grauer