Nov 172013

Michael Kopsa appeared in two of the major genre series this past week, first off he was “The Prisoner” in the Arrow episode Keep Your Enemies Closer and then he played the Sheriff in the Supernatural episode Heaven Can’t Wait.

Michael played General Kerrigan and a news anchor on three episodes of Stargate SG1 and more recently was the Observer Captain Widmark in Fringe.
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May 182013

Julie McNiven (Stargate Universe) talks to Geek Speak about her work in and out of genre telly.

Oct 142012

This past week (Oct 7th -12th) we’ve seen three former Stargate actors appearing in major genre shows.

First up is Tony Amendola who is playing the recurring role of  “Marco / Geppetto” in Once Upon A Time. Up next is Paul McGillion with a little prosthetic enhancement guest starring in Fringe as “Edwin Massey” and finally Michael Kopsa also in Fringe as the bad guy for the season the Observer Captain Windmark.