Oct 222016

Colin Lawrence

Colin Lawrence had a blast on the set of the CW hit show with his role as Dr. Gregory Marion in the highly anticipated season 12 opener “Keep Calm and Carry On….

Source: ‘Supernatural’ guest actor Colin Lawrence chats life on the set

May 022016

April Telek

So it’s Bank Holiday Monday (May Day) in the UK and I’ve got around to watching the latest episode of Supernatural titled “The Chitters” which is a variation on one of the tried and trusted tropes of this genre of television. It was decent episode, I liked the two new hunters they met and nice to see Kandyse McClure on TV but for us the high point was the guest appearance of April Telek as Etta Day the woman with the gleam in her eye and ravenous look on her face (when looking at Sam).

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Apr 022016

A welcome return to Supernatural for Holly Elissa (SG1 & SGA) in the episode “Safe House” where she played Mary Henderson a mother of a youngster who was the prey of a diabolical entity. This was a great episode of the show as it brought back Rufus and Bobby in a story that was very well written and constructed and made perfect sense in context, an instant classic.

Supernatural Official

Feb 282016


I caught up with the 11th season of Supernatural by watching the two recent episodes. The Vessel was an excellent piece of television, some great tension and the setting was perfection. Beyond The Mat went in a totally different direction with some lighter humour in it’s main plot albeit with an undercurrent of tragedy. It’s the latter episode which had Aleks Paunovic guest starring as Gunner Lawless an aging pro-wrestler on a circuit long past it’s prime and a body dropping in and around every town the show visits. A great role for Aleks and the third time he has appeared on the show, they know a good thing when they see it. Also news just in that Aleks will have a recurring role as Julius in the upcoming Van Helsing series.


Feb 072016


Ben Cotten (Atlantis) & Veena Sood (SG1) guest starred on Supernatural S11E12 Don’t You Forget About Me playing Mr Wheeler and Principal Ramirez respectively.

Ben Cotton_Supernatural

Veena Sood_Supernatural

Dec 102015

Alaina Huffman recorded at her 2015 Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest panel, thanks to Nai Wang for sharing his videos.

Mar 222015

Finally Supernatural returned to the small screen with the episode “The Things They Carried” and it featured former Stargate actors Richard de Klerk and Michelle Morgan. Richard played Kit Verson and Michelle played his wife Jemma Verson in a story dealing with US military personnel returning from a mission overseas and bringing back an unexpected traveller. 

Supernatural Official Site & IMDB

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Feb 152015

In the season 10 Supernatural episode “About a Boy” we had a guest appearance for Nels Lennarson (SG1 & SGA) playing the dodgy bartender who both helped and hindered the investigation of some missing people one of which eventually became Dean albeit with a slightly different look.


The following week the episode broadcast on the 10th of February was called “Halt & Catch Fire” and deals with a vengeful spirit in and around a college campus (poor Dean, so much eye candy) and we got to see one of our most memorable system lords played by Jacqueline Samuda (SG1) as police Detective Petranyzk for who didn’t have a great role but a decent amount of dialogue but had plenty of time in the presence of Sam and Dean, not quite Jack and Daniel but close:)

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Feb 012015

I watched the Supernatural episode “There’s No Place Like Home” this afternoon and was mighty pleased to see Paul McGillion playing Peter Harper and Barclay Hope as Russell Wellington guest starring on the episode which already had the return of Charlie played by Felicia Day. Charlies returns from her adventures in the land of Oz and well it’s never going to be a simple as it seems was it?

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Dec 072014

Always a joy to see Ellie Harvie on television and not actually playing a role that employs her comedic talents, in that latest episode of Supernatural “Hibbing 911” she plays Dr. Shelly Pierson and deadpans along with the best of them:)

The CW Supernatural

Ellie’s Twitter

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Oct 192014

I’m finally getting started with the new season of US television so I got to watch the latest episodes of Arrow and Supernatural both of which had former Stargate actors in guest spots. The first was Patrick Gilmore playing Erlich Kelso in the second episode of the third season of Arrow called “Sara” and then it was David Nykl playing Lester Morris in the season ten episode “Reichenbach”. Surprisingly neither actor was playing a particularly nice guy:)



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Mar 252014

Finally caught up with Supernatural by watching the latest episode “Blade Runners” which deals with the ongoing search for the First Blade and Cowley’s minor dalliances with the perils of humanity. The notable guest star for this week was our own Kavan Smith playing the mysterious Magnus who has the potential to be a strong ally in the battles to come, it doesn’t quite go to plan but then it rarely does:)


Kavan recently starred in Rogue and made a guest appearance on Almost Human and we all loved him in Stargate SG1 and Atlantis and then all over again in Eureka.

Kavan’s IMDB and Twitter

Supernatural Official CW Site

Jan 192014

So two familiar faces appeared on my television while I was playing catch up with the recently broadcast episodes of Supernatural and Psych. The first was Dan Payne a stalwart of the Stargate franchise albeit usually not playing an out and out human which strangely enough was the case in the Supernatural episode “Road Trip” and he defied my recent view that facial hair equates to evil:)
The second was Patrick Gilmore playing a character named Patrick who has a run in with Shawn and Gus early on in the Psych episode S.E.I.Z.E. The Day. Always a delight to see anyone from Stargate both from in front of the camera and behind practicing their craft.

Dan Payne

Dan Payne

Patrick Gilmore

Patrick Gilmore



Nov 172013

Michael Kopsa appeared in two of the major genre series this past week, first off he was “The Prisoner” in the Arrow episode Keep Your Enemies Closer and then he played the Sheriff in the Supernatural episode Heaven Can’t Wait.

Michael played General Kerrigan and a news anchor on three episodes of Stargate SG1 and more recently was the Observer Captain Widmark in Fringe.
Michael’s IMDB  Official Site  Twitter


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Oct 182013

How great was it to see Alaina Huffman return to Supernatural and looking spectacular and being wonderfully wicked, who knew a bus drivers uniform would look that good on her, lets face it they are not tailored for aesthetic appeal:)
Alaina made three appearances in the eighth season of Supernatural and touchwood we’ll see more of her in this ninth season which airs on the CW Tuesdays nights.


Alaina’s IMDB & Twitter

Supernatural CW Site