Feb 072016


Ben Cotten (Atlantis) & Veena Sood (SG1) guest starred on Supernatural S11E12 Don’t You Forget About Me playing Mr Wheeler and Principal Ramirez respectively.

Ben Cotton_Supernatural

Veena Sood_Supernatural

Dec 012013

So we got to see Ben Cotton in a couple of roles this weekend in Once Upon A Time In Wonderland and The Tomorrow People (well they were broadcast earlier but only just got around to watching these two shows). In the fifth episode “Heart of Stone” Ben is playing Tweedle #2 one of the lackies to the Queen, behind all the makeup he is most certainly a greasy diabolical henchman:) In the seventh episode of The Tomorrow People “Limbo” Ben plays a character we know little about and has few redeeming features, queue the need to dig into the dark side of the character and play it bleak but with the slight edge of humour we’ve seen from Ben before.



Two very different roles but both having merit and it’s great to see Ben turning up on so many shows during this year:)

Once Upon A Time I Wonderland Official Site

The Tomorrow People Official Site

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Sep 252013

Lawrence & Holloman the feel bad comedy of the year and yes I think it may just live up to it’s own billing and once again we get to watch Ben Cotton (Kavanagh SGA, Coker BSG) in a role which doesn’t have us wishing his character ill, then again maybe we will be cheering on Holloman and not Lawrence:)

L&H TRAILER HD from lawrenceandholloman on Vimeo.

Jun 092013

I’m currently watching the A&E drama Bates Motel and I noticed Ben Cotton’s name in the opening credits so I was pleased to see him turn up later in the eighth episode, not a big roll as Danny but he does do annoying and sarcastic so well:)

Bates_BC Ben has recently appeared in Defiance and The Killing.

May 192013

Oh yes Ben Cotton who plays Kavanagh they guy we all love to hate on Stargate Atlantis  made a guest appearance on last weeks Defiance “The Serpent’s Egg” as Diago a travelling salesman who may have had a murky past. Ben has recently appeared in Alcatraz, Arrow, Bates Motel and Arctic Air.