Dec 022013

I tell ya the guy still looks good even under all the aging makeup, maybe he’s not going to sweep the likes of Sam Carter off her feet but Garwin Sanford as the King in the Once Upon A Time In Wonderland episode “Heart of Stone” struck a very regal pose:) We know Garwin better from his time on both Stargate SG1 and Atlantis as a bit of a love interest for both Amanda’s and Torri’s characters.

He also recently starred in the “b” movieĀ Independence Daysaster which was wonderfully bad in the good way:)

Garwin’s IMDB

Gateworld Interview

ABC’s Once Upon A Time In Wonderland


Dec 012013

So we got to see Ben Cotton in a couple of roles this weekend in Once Upon A Time In Wonderland and The Tomorrow People (well they were broadcast earlier but only just got around to watching these two shows). In the fifth episode “Heart of Stone” Ben is playing Tweedle #2 one of the lackies to the Queen, behind all the makeup he is most certainly a greasy diabolical henchman:) In the seventh episode of The Tomorrow People “Limbo” Ben plays a character we know little about and has few redeeming features, queue the need to dig into the dark side of the character and play it bleak but with the slight edge of humour we’ve seen from Ben before.



Two very different roles but both having merit and it’s great to see Ben turning up on so many shows during this year:)

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