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The Gatecast Podcast

Created by Alan & Scott

Currently Hosted by

Alan & Mike

We are a Stargate themed podcast which aims to watch and discuss a single episode of the franchise per week and this endeavour began back in 2008. There were a few stops and starts in the early days but the style and schedule soon settled down and we are progressing nicely through SG1 and onto Atlantis. Each week we hope to include relevant news, events, polls and cast/crew birthdays as well as  listener comments. We currently publish on a Saturday with the majority of the recording over Skype done on a Tuesday.

While the majority of the episodes are a two man presentation we have had great success when bringing in a third voice, Scott our original founder has been one of these guests but mainly we have relied on fans of the show we’ve “met” via various social media portals.

We are currently listed in Facebook, Google+ and on Twitter

We currently have two active promos for the podcast, they can be downloaded here but they are also included in the RSS feed.

→  Promo 1  ←

→  Promo 2  ←

Any podcasters out there who play one of our promos please let us know we would be delighted to return the favour.


 Skype Contact Names

Alan – phazecast

Mike – jarrak42

Scott – runicmourning


We are currently sourcing our episodes from the R2 DVD releases of Stargate SG1. The earlier seasons of The Gatecast were based on R2 and R1 (which was manipulated to work around the differences in frame rates between the PAL and NTSC markets) which lead to sync issues. If you are of a mind to attempt to sync the audio podcasts to your own media then  the free app Audacity will do the trick, just load the file, cut out the book end chatting and then use the change tempo tool with a plus or minus 4% setting to speed up or slow down the tempo.

If anyone has an interest in joining us for an episode then get in touch via email, website or the social media apps and we’ll see if we can work out a recording slot that suits everyone, it’s tricky recording with fans of Stargate from across the globe but it can be done.

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  3 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Thank you, Mike for the pointers. I was not aware of the Gatecast podcast that ended in 2017. I am excited to go through them.


  2. Hi Majid,
    The Gatecast podcast finished in 2017 after completing coverage of all three live action Stargate shows and the RSS file is still active if you want full access using a podcatcher.
    I did redo the first season of SG1 over on the Stargate Archives but have since decided to concentrate on guest episode picks instead of a full rewatch/podcast.
    Thanks for listening 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I find your podcast of SG1 to be the best one I have found so far. I have seen two other ones that started relatively recently but I prefer the way you review the episodes as you mainly focus on the episodes and follow less tangents.

    Are you planning to do more episodes? I believe you finished season 1/series one of SG1. Will you continue?


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