Mar 222015

Finally Supernatural returned to the small screen with the episode “The Things They Carried” and it featured former Stargate actors Richard de Klerk and Michelle Morgan. Richard played Kit Verson and Michelle played his wife Jemma Verson in a story dealing with US military personnel returning from a mission overseas and bringing back an unexpected traveller. 

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Aug 172014

Well another bumper crop of familiar faces in the two episodes of Signed Sealed Delivered I’ve watched recently, the first which was episode eight and called “Dark Of Night” which featured three former Stargate actors, the first was an uncredited Nicole Muñoz (SGA) playing I think what would still be considered a candy striper in US terms and then Benita Ha (SG1) playing a nurse in the same scenes, later we get to see Aaron Pearl (SG1) playing well I guess one of the protagonists of the story. In the ninth episode of the season we had the return of Zak Santiago (SG1) as Ramon Rodriguez in the episode “The Treasure Box” and yes with a song and dance number and finally Richard de Klerk (SG1) who played Jonathan Walker in what was both a comedic and moving episode.

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