Nov 032016

Dan Payne

At 6’4″, Vancouver actor Dan Payne cuts a very imposing figure, though we are happy to report that the actor, in Toronto to promote the home entertainment release of Star Trek Beyond, i…

Source: Interview: Dan Payne discusses Star Trek Beyond – Scene Creek

Jul 172016


Dan Payne – Stargate – Warcraft – Star Trek and many more…


Source: ENTertainmentJUNKies | Dan Payne Interview

May 152016

“Recently, I was watching a Hallmark film called All Yours, and I was genuinely captivated by the male lead, Dan Payne….”


Source: My Devotional Thoughts | Interview With Actor Dan Payne

Jan 192014

So two familiar faces appeared on my television while I was playing catch up with the recently broadcast episodes of Supernatural and Psych. The first was Dan Payne a stalwart of the Stargate franchise albeit usually not playing an out and out human which strangely enough was the case in the Supernatural episode “Road Trip” and he defied my recent view that facial hair equates to evil:)
The second was Patrick Gilmore playing a character named Patrick who has a run in with Shawn and Gus early on in the Psych episode S.E.I.Z.E. The Day. Always a delight to see anyone from Stargate both from in front of the camera and behind practicing their craft.

Dan Payne

Dan Payne

Patrick Gilmore

Patrick Gilmore