Feb 092014

I watched the latest episode of Psych this afternoon entitled “Cog Blocked” and it featured two former Stargate actors and a well known name from behind the camera of many a Stargate episode. This season eight episode was directed by Brad Turner who directed 14 episodes of SG1 and SGA before making a bigger splash with 24 and numerous television shows since then. The episode also featured Vincent Gale as Mr Grouse and Aleks Paunovic as the bartender both speaking roles and each making a significant contribution to the whole. We also got a brief appearance from Luvia Petersen who I wish had been on Stargate but well we couldn’t have everything:)

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Aleks played Rakai on Stargate Atlantis and Shaq’rel on SG1


Vincent played Morrison on Stargate Universe

Jan 262014

I watched the latest episode of Psych this afternoon and it was a glorious return to form and a little strange as the episode was entitled “Remake A.K.A. Cloudy… With a Chance of Improvement” and pretty much treated the hardcore fan with a story told in an earlier season just done differently. The episode had tons of in-jokes and even made fun of the need for studios to have remakes and also the year this episode was set in and the need to remind the viewer more than once:)

An excellent episode of Psych and for Stargate fans a very very brief appearance by Peter Kelamis ( SG1 & SGU ) in the opening teaser as a defence lawyer and a far more meaty role for Katharine Isabelle ( SG1 ) in the main story. Other actors who struck a cord in the episode but no Stargate ties included the always funny Janet Varney, Ray Wise who always delivers and the excellent Alan Ruck.

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Jan 192014

So two familiar faces appeared on my television while I was playing catch up with the recently broadcast episodes of Supernatural and Psych. The first was Dan Payne a stalwart of the Stargate franchise albeit usually not playing an out and out human which strangely enough was the case in the Supernatural episode “Road Trip” and he defied my recent view that facial hair equates to evil:)
The second was Patrick Gilmore playing a character named Patrick who has a run in with Shawn and Gus early on in the Psych episode S.E.I.Z.E. The Day. Always a delight to see anyone from Stargate both from in front of the camera and behind practicing their craft.

Dan Payne

Dan Payne

Patrick Gilmore

Patrick Gilmore



Dec 162013

It was a few quick scenes but with lines so why didn’t our own Gary Jones get a open credit on the Psych Musical as Charlos the stage manager, you appear alongside the main cast in multiple scenes I think he deserved better, maybe if he had a song to sing:)

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Feb 162013

With the new season almost upon us (Feb 27th) I watched the pilot of Psych and there were a few familiar faces beginning with Don S. Davis himself (SG1, SGA), Christopher Heyerdahl (SGA) in an early role and Pascale Hutton (SGA). Also small roles for Chelan Simmons (SGA), Artine Brown (SG1), Ian Robison (SG1) and Jocelyne Loewen (SG1).
Uncredited appearances by Calum Worthy (SGA), Lucia Walters (SG1, SGA) and Peter Kelamis (SGU, SG1).

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