Jan 262014

I watched the latest episode of Psych this afternoon and it was a glorious return to form and a little strange as the episode was entitled “Remake A.K.A. Cloudy… With a Chance of Improvement” and pretty much treated the hardcore fan with a story told in an earlier season just done differently. The episode had tons of in-jokes and even made fun of the need for studios to have remakes and also the year this episode was set in and the need to remind the viewer more than once:)

An excellent episode of Psych and for Stargate fans a very very brief appearance by Peter Kelamis ( SG1 & SGU ) in the opening teaser as a defence lawyer and a far more meaty role for Katharine Isabelle ( SG1 ) in the main story. Other actors who struck a cord in the episode but no Stargate ties included the always funny Janet Varney, Ray Wise who always delivers and the excellent Alan Ruck.

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Nov 072013

Random Acts of Romance directed by Katrin Bowen is going to be screened at the Carlton Cinema in Toronto on November 8th. General release dates both domestic and overseas have still to be revealed but from the trailer this looks like it’s going to be a fun movie and we’ll see Amanda is a different type of role as well one or two other former Stargate performers.

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