Jan 222017

Paul McGillion

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Dec 142016

Paul McGillion Interview


When Paul McGillion’s mother gazed down upon her newborn child – her sixth of an eventual seven, all born in the family home in Paisley, Scotland – and considered his full head of hair, she was. . .

Source: ‘Stargate: Atlantis’ actor dishes on challenging new film role

Oct 282016

Paul McGillion



“Best known for his role as Dr. Carson Beckett from “Stargate Atlantis,” McGillion is an award-winning actor…”


Source: Blasting News Catch up with ‘Stargate Atlantis” favorite Paul McGillion

Oct 032015

There were a few notable former Stargate actors with speaking roles in the recent summer movie Tomorrowland, granted the movie didn’t do very well in terms of critical acclaim or box office but I don’t think it was that bad, a weak ending perhaps but beautifully produced. Anyhow we did a bit of screen time for Paul McGillion, Garry Chalk and David Nykl as well minor roles for Jason Bell, Paul Anthony and Patrick Sabongui.

Feb 012015

I watched the Supernatural episode “There’s No Place Like Home” this afternoon and was mighty pleased to see Paul McGillion playing Peter Harper and Barclay Hope as Russell Wellington guest starring on the episode which already had the return of Charlie played by Felicia Day. Charlies returns from her adventures in the land of Oz and well it’s never going to be a simple as it seems was it?

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Aug 102014

A two for one special in the latest episode of Signed Sealed Delivered that I’ve just watched as guest starring in the episode “The Masterpiece” was our own Paul McGillion (Henry Barrett) and Zak Santiago (Ramon Rodriguez).
While the show is a little bit of light hearted fun if you are not careful they stick the knife into your heart and twist so watch out unless you are not afraid to shed a tear or two in front of company:)

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Jan 052012

Sharing the 5th of January as their birthdate is Paul McGillion who starred on Stargate Atlantis as Dr Carson Beckett and continued in the tradition of the franchise in bringing us well respected Doctors and in Scifi in general. His performance helped make Beckett a leading role in the show thanks to the positive fan response from the pilot.

Many happy returns Paul.

Nov 142011

GateWorld » McGillion’s Captain Starship gets North American premiere.

Well it’s not being broadcast on television but the attendees at next weeks Creation Entertainment Stargate Convention will get to see the pilot along with a Q & A with some of the cast and crew.


Oct 152010

I just noticed that A Dog’s Breakfast the independent movie written and directed by David Hewlett (Rodney as if you need reminding) is currently playing in the UK on MGM HD. He plays a rather neurotic brother who attempts to break up the relationship between her sister and new fella by any means necessary. Kate Hewlett (his real sister) plays his screen sister with Paul McGillion (Beckett from SGA) playing her boyfriend guest stars include Christopher Judge and Rachel Luttrell and a couple of actors no from the SG franchise:).

I own the DVD and enjoyed the movie when I’ve watched it but I’ve added the HD version to the DVR to see what it looks like and it’s been a while since I’ve watched the movie so as good as time as any.