Jul 202016


S4E9 Remains To Be Seen

A bumper line up of former Stargate actors on the latest episode of Motive with Keegan Connor Tracy as Heather, Ty Olsson returning as Tim Kelly, David Nykl playing Darnell Murphy. And Haig Sutherland as Dave Briggs, Sr. It was an intricate and very interesting episode which started off a little meh but finished very strong. Delighted to see so many familiar faces, I tend not to keep track of who is appearing on a lot of shows just to maintain the surprise:)

Oct 032015

There were a few notable former Stargate actors with speaking roles in the recent summer movie Tomorrowland, granted the movie didn’t do very well in terms of critical acclaim or box office but I don’t think it was that bad, a weak ending perhaps but beautifully produced. Anyhow we did a bit of screen time for Paul McGillion, Garry Chalk and David Nykl as well minor roles for Jason Bell, Paul Anthony and Patrick Sabongui.

Jul 052015

Many thanks to Trekzone for sharing their interview with David Nykl while he attended Oz Comic Con in Melbourne.

Jan 262015

I’ve started the second season of Eureka and yes I’ve finally got the blu-ray boxset down off the shelf and enjoying this quirky and funny piece of scifi adventure. I watched the first season over the recent holidays and just watched three episodes of the second season this evening and apart from some of the regular and recurring cast members who have guest starred on Stargate there were three more that had meaty guest roles and are worth mentioning. So in the episode Try, Try Again (S2E2) we had Barclay Hope (SG1) playing General Mansfield and Vincent Gale (SG1 & SGU) playing Dr Todd and in Unpredictable (S2E3) David Nykl (SG1 & SGA) was Dr. Steven Whiticus and Patrick Gilmore (SG1, SGA & SGU) was Pete Puhlman. 

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Nov 032013

Catching up with the latest episode of Arrow this afternoon and while I knew David Nykl would be appearing in this season I did not know it was in the episode “Crucible” which aired in the US last week so once again a whoop of delight to see him on screen, not easily recognisable and of course the accent is different to his normal voice and that of Zelenka but always a pleasure to see him work.  IMDB  Twitter  Official Site


It’s also good to know David will be appearing again and in a named character rather than just “the Russian” and despite a few misgivings the second season is holding up well although without the in your face impact of the first season when Arrow was really a major breath of fresh air into the TV superhero genre.  Arrow Official Site