Nov 092015

Canadian-born actor JR Bourne is familiar to many as werewolf hunter Chris Argent on MTV’s “Teen Wolf.” He has also appeared on ABC’s “Revenge” and is known to Syfy fans as Martouf from the series “Stargate SG-1.” His most recent role is flawed family values preacher Evan Tanner in “The Preacher’s Sin.” It airs Saturday at 8 p.m. on Lifetime. [Go to to listen to the entire podcast] Are you religious in real life? I am spiritual, absolutely. My mother instilled it in me as a child. We never went to church, but my mother instilled in us a strong spiritual [connection] to self. Did you model the preacher you play on anyone in the news today? No, I didn’t. It has never really been a habit of mine. My approach has always been: This is a real person. So to make him real, I try

Source: Patricia Sheridan’s Breakfast With … JR Bourne | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Jul 242015

JR Bourne will appear on Season 4 of CW superhero drama starring Stephen Amell

Source: ‘Arrow’ Adds ‘Teen Wolf’ Star JR Bourne as DC Villain Double Down (Exclusive)

Apr 082012

Happy Birthday to JR Bourne (April 8th) who played the oh so tragic Martouf/Lantash

in 7 episodes of Stargate SG1, he fancied Sam and that  rarely ends well:)

He has also recently worked on Teen Wolf and The Secret Circle.







Also today Tom J. Astle who wrote the SG1 episode “Cor-ai” celebrates his birth.

Jun 122011

It’s great to see JR Bourne getting a regular gig on a promising new television series. Yes Teen Wolf sounds a little cheesy (the movie was) but after watching the first episode I really liked most of the characters and this could turn into a fun show courtesy of MTV on a Monday night.


Don’t be put out by the angsty nature of the trailer, remember Vampire Diaries started the same way and that is far from a teen centric emotion fest.

Jan 032011

Michael Shanks and JR Bourne star in the movie “The Lost Treasures of the Grand Canyon” which airs tonight (3rd) and the 9th of January on Syfy UK in SD and HD. It’s not the best TV/DVD movie ever but it’s a bit of fun and has two of our SG family involved. The love interest is supplied by Shannon Doherty which can be a good thing of bad, depending:)