Feb 212016

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Arrow “Code Of Silence”

After the news broke that a Stargate Atlantis regular would be appearing in an upcoming episode of Arrow we all got a little giddy, the fact that it would be the second episode directed by James Bamford only added to the expectation. James of course was a stunt performer on SG1, Atlantis and Universe as well as being the stunt co-ordinator on Atlantis and Universe. In the 14th episode of the fourth season of Arrow entitled “Code of Silence” we had a number of actors who had appeared on Stargate, this week we saw the return of Ryan Robbins (Conklin) as well as guest appearances by Rachel Luttrell (Rosie) and Daniel Cudmore (Jackhammer) who were part of the mercenary outfit The Demolition Team who really gave the good guys a run for their money. To add icing we also got the return of Laura Hoffman played by Enid-Raye Adams which came as a surprise, I don’t always take a great deal of notice of opening credits when the action is thick and fast so yes I admit I was a little fanboyish when she appeared at the party:)



Aug 012015

Suddenly I have higher hopes for the fourth season 🙂

Source: Arrow Season 4: Ryan Robbins Cast as Conklin, Shadowspire Member | Variety