Mar 222017

Robert Knepper Interview

“It was about escapism, which we all need a bit of right now,” the actor tells THR about the success of the serial drama, which returns after eight years on April 4.

Source: Robert Knepper Talks ‘Prison Break’ Revival | Hollywood Reporter

Jul 032016

It took me a while but I am finally watching the second season of iZombie and two episodes in we have two good Stargate spots, in the first episode Grumpy Old Liv we have a small guest spot for Carmen Moore who played the wife of the recently deceased Suzuki and in the second episode Zombie Bro we have Robert Knepper as Angus DeBeers.

Aug 092015

I’ve just finished watching the first season of iZombie and really enjoyed it and with the second season picking up very good actors we are in for a fun adventure given the events of the finale:)

Source: ‘iZombie’ casts Robert Knepper as Blaine’s father |

Mar 012015

The NBC sister shows Chicago Fire and PD are a guilty pleasure of mine, they both stray a little too much into melodrama but at times can be as hard hitting as any show in the genre. In the recent crossover episodes Three Bells and A Little Devil Complex we got an excellent guest role of Robert Knepper playing Adrian Gish a suspect in a string of arsons going back years and as always he never disappoints.

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Mar 012014

Robert Knepper one of the most consistent actors on television (and movies) turned up on this weeks episode of Arrow “Time of Death” playing the iconic William Tockman aka Clock King. Robert graced Stargate Universe in a recurring role as Simeon in it’s second season and as always stole every scene he was in.


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Arrow Official CW Site & SKY Site

Jan 292014

Robert Knepper had a great role in the recent episode of Hawaii Five-0 which aired on the 17th entitled “Hana Lokomaika’i” and played an internal affairs investigator working on a case involving Kelly. While from this episode it looks like he is playing a by the book IA officer he still makes you dislike the character which for me is a credit to his performance:)

Robert played Simeon in Stargate Universe and yes he was a bad guy, he also starred in the final season of Heroes as yes another bad guy and of course he was in Prison Break as a very bad guy. Cult, Blacklist, Arrow the list goes on and on and not forgetting he’ll feature in the final two movies of the Hunger Games franchise.