Jul 172016

My iZombie season two viewing continues and so does the Stargate spotting with even more performers making guest appearances. There were a few immediately recognisable and the others you know you’ve seen them somewhere and surprisingly more often than not it was indeed one of the three Stargate live action series:)

Carrie Anne Fleming

iZombie Screencaps feature..




Jul 102016


So I’ve finally got around to watching the second season of iZombie, currently up to the ninth episode so I’m not exactly binge watching it but it is ticking along nicely. As you would expect the Canadian filmed series draws heavily from the huge talent pool of Vancouver and Toronto and overlaps considerably with the Stargate series. So here we have some examples of the actors that I’ve spotted so far, sure I’ve missed some but I am far from perfect and well lets face Stargate began it’s journey a long time ago:)

Screencaps feature..



Jul 032016

It took me a while but I am finally watching the second season of iZombie and two episodes in we have two good Stargate spots, in the first episode Grumpy Old Liv we have a small guest spot for Carmen Moore who played the wife of the recently deceased Suzuki and in the second episode Zombie Bro we have Robert Knepper as Angus DeBeers.

Aug 092015

I’ve just finished watching the first season of iZombie and really enjoyed it and with the second season picking up very good actors we are in for a fun adventure given the events of the finale:)

Source: ‘iZombie’ casts Robert Knepper as Blaine’s father | EW.com

Aug 032015

I’ve only recently started watching iZombie and to be honest it didn’t really appeal but I had an hour to spare the other week so I watched the premiere and well loved it. It also has the bonus of being full of guest stars who have in the past appeared on various Stargate series so since I am around half way through the series here are a few of the familiar faces:)

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