Jul 032016

It took me a while but I am finally watching the second season of iZombie and two episodes in we have two good Stargate spots, in the first episode Grumpy Old Liv we have a small guest spot for Carmen Moore who played the wife of the recently deceased Suzuki and in the second episode Zombie Bro we have Robert Knepper as Angus DeBeers.

Jan 282015

Well another three episodes of the second season of Eureka watched tonight and in the first “Noche de suenos” we had appearances from Colin Cunningham (SG1 & SGA) as Dr. Paul Suenos, Carmen Moore (SG1 & SGA) as Dr. Childress and Martin Christopher (SG1, SGA & SGU) as the Doctor. In the episode “Family Reunion” the main guest star was Tygh Runyan (SGU) playing Pierre Fargo and in “E=MC…?” we had guest spots for Niall Matter (SGA) as Zane Donovan and Allison Hossack (SG1 & SGA) as Dr. Emily Glenn.

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