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Dan Shea
Dan was Sgt. Siler on Stargate SG1 and Atlantis and appeared on MacGyver, The X-Files and Supernatural. He is also a Stunt Performer and Stunt Co-ordinator on shows such as Arrow and Psych as well as movies like Fantastic 4, Paycheck, Underworld Evolution and War. IMDB Twitter
Agam Darshi
Agam appeared in two episodes of Stargate Atlantis (Outsiders and Suspicion) as well as playing Dr. Sonja Damji on the Stargate Universe episode Air Part 1. She also starred as Kate Freelander on Sanctuary and has guest starred on Arrow, The L Word, Watchmen, 2012, Played and Bates Motel. IMDB Twitter Official
Holly Dale
Holly directed the Stargate Atlantis episode Home and also directed episodes of series such as Grimm, Agents of Shield, NCIS, Castle, Being Erica, First Wave and Cold Case. IMDB Official
Rachelle Miron/Chartrand
Rachelle played a mother on the Stargate SG1 episode Memento Mori and appeared in a couple of shorts (Yin and Nod), she has also produced and is a published author under the name of Rachelle Chartrand. IMDB Official Twitter

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In Memory Of…
Derek Brechin (Dec 23rd 1951 – November 6th 2009)
Movie editor who worked on the theatrical Stargate feature as well as Doom, The Patriot, Cutthroat Island, Executive Decision, Die Hard and Breakdown.



Feb 092013

An excellent crop of familiar Stargate faces in “Betrayal” the recent episode of Arrow which aired on the 6th of February.
We’ll begin with the two actresses, Agam Darshi (SGA & SGU) who played Anastasia
and Ona Grauer (SG1 & SGA) who played Vivian. The two actors were Adrian Holmes
(SG1) who played Frank and once again Roger R. Cross who played Lucas.
Once you start looking Stargate has it’s fingers via former performers in so many pies:)

Arrow_Adrian Holmes
Arrow_Agam Darshi
Arrow_Ona Grauer