Mar 132016

It doesn’t seem right to be watching Legends of Tomorrow without The Flash and Arrow on the days before but the CW made the right decision not to skip weeks for this new series, continuity in broadcast schedules can not be emphasized enough. I have dropped shows due to a long break and coming to realise I wasn’t really that into the show or simply losing the momentum that the initial screening had generated.

Anyhow I watched the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow this afternoon and there was Laura Mennell guest starring as Gail Knox in “Night of the Hawk” which had a very welcome 50’s scifi B movie feel to it and an overview of the society at the time in terms of racism and sexuality. It’s quite true that one thing which won’t change is that a female time traveler will have more issues than a male before a certain time frame and that was addressed in the episode.


Jan 012015

Hallmark blitzed the holiday period with their crop of new tv movies centered in and around christmas and The Christmas Ornament was certainly not the worst of the bunch, a simply tale of a couple of mildly damaged souls who found each other amongst the chaos that is the holiday season. Yeah you can figure out the ending within minutes of watching the movie but that’s not why you watch these sorts of stories.

Anyhow the movie aired this afternoon in the UK and it featured a few familiar faces from Stargate, one better known but all  accomplished actors with impressive tv resumes. May I present Jewel Staite who played Jenna, Laura Mennell who played Rebecca and Nels Lennarson who played Dale.

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Apr 182012

Mr David Hewlett who is not known for his forwardness and demand for the spotlight celebrates his birthday today (April 18th), he was of course the star of Stargate Atlantis and has had guest spots on SG1 and Universe so he is truly one of rocks of the franchise.
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His biggest claim to fame is being the brother of Kate Hewlett.

Also on the 18th Laura Mennell celebrates her birthday, star of Alphas and guest spots on Sanctuary and Stargate Atlantis, quite a beautiful woman and strong in the genre.

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