Jan 012015

Hallmark blitzed the holiday period with their crop of new tv movies centered in and around christmas and The Christmas Ornament was certainly not the worst of the bunch, a simply tale of a couple of mildly damaged souls who found each other amongst the chaos that is the holiday season. Yeah you can figure out the ending within minutes of watching the movie but that’s not why you watch these sorts of stories.

Anyhow the movie aired this afternoon in the UK and it featured a few familiar faces from Stargate, one better known but all  accomplished actors with impressive tv resumes. May I present Jewel Staite who played Jenna, Laura Mennell who played Rebecca and Nels Lennarson who played Dale.

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Aug 032014

Signed, Sealed, Delivered just finished it’s first season on the Hallmark channel and as you would expect it’s aimed at a specific demographic but it has a cast that is not unfamiliar to the mainstream and genre audience and Crystal Lowe has a lead in the series as Rita a look and role which is a little different, we’ve seen Crystal in the SG1 episode Emancipation and the Atlantis episode Harmony as well as Scary Movie 4, Hot Tub Time Machine and Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon.

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May 052013

Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story has now aired in both the US and Canada the two nations which would recognise the man’s pedigree and status plus both big Hockey nations, the question of the movie crossing the pond has still to be answered. It does however come to Blu-ray as a Walmart exclusive on May 7th and a general release on the 9th of July so opportunity for all to see Michael Shanks in a role he seems to have embraced and may do more for his status than Stargate or Saving Hope.


Mar 272013

Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story staring Michael Shanks coming soon to Hallmark.