Aug 282013

I’m in the final season of my Deep Space Nine rewatch and a name popped up in the credits for the episode “Prodigal Daughter” that I recognised thanks to having seen quite a bit of his performance on Stargate Atlantis over the last month or so.

Please be in awe of Clayton Landey who under a ton of prosthetics plays the security officer Fuchida who rescues Miles from a beating by enforcers of the Orion Syndicate. It was a small role but I always get a buzz when I recognise actors in other series, in this case an earlier role before appearing as Colonel Dillon Everett in SGA.

Clayton Landey

Clayton Landey

Aug 182013

So I am well past the mid-point of the Deep Space Nine rewatch and last night watched the final two episodes of the fifth season, the penultimate episode was called “In The Cards” and I got a nice little surprise with one of the two main guest stars being Brian Markinson as Giger.
If you don’t recall he played Lotan in the Stargate SG1 fourth season episode Scorched Earth and more recently appeared in Sanctuary, Arctic Air, Mad Men, Arrow and Continuum.







Jul 272013

I’ve slowly been re-watching Deep Space Nine so it came as a pleasant surprise to see Galyn Görg who was in The Visitor a fourth season episode of DS9 playing Korena the wife of Jake Sisco. Galyn appeared a few years later as Kendra in Thor’s Hammer a first season episode of Stargate SG1.

Galyn Görg_DS9 (2)Galyn Görg_DS9 (4)


The Visitor tells the story of Jake Sisco after his father is “killed” on a routine mission on board the Defiant. Jake continues to see his father through out the years and finally realises Ben is trapped in a sub-space like limbo and tied to Jake’s life force. On this one stormy night a young woman visits Jake and he tells her the story and we see the events in flashback. The Visitor is an excellent episode of Deep Space Nine with Tony Todd putting in a great performance.