Dec 272014

avatar Welcome to the third of the current batch of bonus shows we are releasing over the holiday season, this week we have a first time guest host and an episode from a much loved scifi franchise which traditionally doesn’t share a lot of actors with other shows in the genre due to it’s filming in LA and well I expect they pay a lot more but there certainly has been some crossover in guest stars and one major cross franchise performance from Mr Robert Picardo. In this show we will be discussing the Star Trek Voyager episode Message In A Bottle in which Robert plays the holographic Doctor as usual and it’s one of the many Voyager stories which his character takes center stage and makes the most of his talents which as Stargate fans we are familiar with when he played Richard Woolsey on both SG1 and Atlantis.


In Message In A Bottle Seven of Nine discovers a quadrant spanning communications network which seems to be abandoned and has detected at extreme range a Starfleet vessel, they attempt to communicate but the signal is corrupted and they decide to send a holographic encoded signal which will retain it’s integrity for longer and of course they volunteer the Doctor. He appears on board the Prometheus a prototype long range tactical vessel, the human crew are all dead and the ship is controlled by Romulans. The Doctor encourages the ships EMH (a more advanced model) to help recapture the ship and the two of them raise to the challenge with much danger and hilarity. Andy Dick guest stars as the EMH mark 2 and in his way this holographic being is as flawed as the original model but in the short space of time interacting with our Doctor he grows and begins to see himself as a being in how own right not just part of the technology of the ship.

We were fortunate this week to be joined by Michael Clark who is making his first appearance on Gatecast, Michael has hosted and appeared on way too many podcasts to mention and was jointly responsible for creating The Visionary Trek network which currently has three podcasts which deal with all aspects of Star Trek and who excel in interviews, news and features. Michael will be joining us in the new year for an Atlantis episode but the opportunity to get him involved and get his feet wet with style of show was too good to pass up so have a listen and let us know what you think and by all means pay a visit to his own site/shows, they are well worth listening too since I suspect like us your love for scifi covers more than just Stargate.



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Oct 062014

The latest episode of the Ten Forward podcast (119) has a segment on the music of Joel Goldsmith mostly dealing with his work on Stargate since that took up a significant chunk of his too short a life. The show also looks at the music of a few other composers who have worked in and out of the scifi genre and includes clips of their work and a full discussion by MattSina and Chris.

Ten Forward 


Oct 042014

avatar2 Cameron is all set to celebrate his 200th crossing of the event horizon but before he can gather the team to help him celebrate this mild achievement Martin Lloyd makes an appearance requesting some help with his proposed scifi feature film and as before the Pentagon believes leaking some information in the guise of a piece of media fiction will aid in the protection of the Stargate program and in the long term ease the idea into the public consciousness for when the time was right to reveal all. SG1 start to provide Martin with some ideas but none of them seem to satisfy him and ultimately he gets the dreaded phone call that the production has been cancelled but it’s not all doom and gloom as eventually after a minor glitch the team along with Walter, Landry and Martin use the Stargate and celebrate with Cameron offworld. The episode wraps with a quick ten year jump into the future as Martin and his television shows celebrates their tenth year, cast and crew interviews are presented skewed from what we know of the “real” SGC and the cherry is that Martin gets a call and the movie is back on.

The 200th episode of Stargate SG1 follows on from the 100th episode and expands upon the character of Martin Lloyd the alien who came to Earth and stayed after finding himself a niche in the media world so in what amounts to a series of clips we get to see the various show ideas the members of SG1 came up with and skewed a little towards their personality traits. It was great to see Farscape spoofed both in words and pictures and it didn’t half look good but then again so did their version of Star Trek, we also had fun with a hard boiled almost noir PI show starring Teal’c and of course Vala pimping ideas from shows she had seen although who would be surprised to hear she crash landed her ship on a alien and was revered a local population now freed from tyranny. The CW version of the show was terrifying but then again have you seen The 100 or Star Crossed, if so then you get the idea but the pièce de résistance was surely the puppet sketch which was just too funny for words and underlines the effort the studio and producers put into this milestone episode. Oh and see if you can spot both the credited and uncredited cameos that were included in the episode, there are quite a few.

Alan hosted this episode along with guests Thomas and Adrianna and they had a blast and we hope you have fun when you listen to the podcast and let us know what you think. This weeks promo is for The Babylon Project Podcast and next week we’re back on Atlantis for the Elizabeth centric episode The Real World so join us for that and above all else keep watching and enjoying Stargate.



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Dec 142013

avatar2 SG1 along with support from SG22 are on an alien world in search of the legendary warriors of the Sodan who are a group of Jaffa who were the first to break away from their System Lord masters many thousands of years earlier. They chose not to interact with their former brethren and live apart and slowly fell into the tales and legends of the remaining Jaffa but new information encourages the SGC to search them out. The team are ambushed and while under fire Mitchell is wounded and taken by the Sodan who are unable to retrieve one of their own wounded who was captured when SG22 joins the fight. Cameron is taken to the Sodan village where he is trained to a standard which will give him a fair chance during an honour fight a consequence of drawing Sodan blood but is troubled when he sees that the Sodan are falling under the spell of the Ori. Meanwhile at the SGC the captured Sodan is questioned and they attempt to prove to him that the Ori and their Prior’s stand for everything the Sodan rejected so many generations ago.

Where'd they go?

Where’d they go?

Well what can you say about this episode that doesn’t sound like I am sucking up to the producers, writers, director and cast? Not a lot because the episode looks fantastic, the new location village is movie quality and the music haunting and doesn’t suffer from the comparison to The Last Samurai even though the plot is similar. We have some excellent guest stars as well with Tony Todd, William B. Davis and the brothers Jarvis W. and Jason George all of who really add depth and value to the episode. The story opens up the Jaffa element of the show which has for many been a dying arc and both elements of the story work very well together.

Nice swords dude!

Nice swords dude!

Well we can’t talk about this episode without mentioning quite a few references to Star Trek, the fight and it’s result hark back to Amok Time and even Cameron comments on the fact by calling Jolan “Bones” yet as always it’s done with a huge nod to the audience which makes it fun and not cheesey in any way.
We can also overlook the Tom Cruise connection, the stranger in a strange land is not a new story idea and it’s done in two ways within this episode both of which pay off but not to the level I think many of us would have hoped for.

This is the final regular episode of Gatecast in 2013, the next four episodes will be bonus shows which feature subjects which are not Stargate but have very definite ties to the franchise and we will be begin with the Seaquest episode “Vapours” which has the DeLuise clan in attendance. Many thanks for the feedback, we got some good chat over on the Facebook page and as always twitter has been busy and we are still seeing some nice business being done over on our G+ page. We would love to hear from you and there are plenty of SG1 and SGA episodes that await a guest host so if you fancy doing a show with us check out the schedule (Tab at the top of the page) and get in touch and we’ll see about sorting out a date and time. We know given enough notice that recording with guests from far flung locations and timezones is quite possible so don’t let that worry you either.

We have a couple of promo features in this episode, first up is HEXED: Sisterhood of the Supernatural and then Michael Clark’s new project Visionary Trek, check both of them out:)

Happy holidays, enjoy the show and stay safe.







Dec 122013

Together we are indeed stronger:)
Many thanks to SF Series And Movies for this Christopher Judge + Dalek + Trek merging of themes.
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Aug 182013

So I am well past the mid-point of the Deep Space Nine rewatch and last night watched the final two episodes of the fifth season, the penultimate episode was called “In The Cards” and I got a nice little surprise with one of the two main guest stars being Brian Markinson as Giger.
If you don’t recall he played Lotan in the Stargate SG1 fourth season episode Scorched Earth and more recently appeared in Sanctuary, Arctic Air, Mad Men, Arrow and Continuum.







Nov 202012

The Star Trek Renegades project announced yesterday that Corin Nemec would be joining the cast of the now financed kickstarter project. The production will also feature Robert Picardo so plenty to look forward to from the Stargate perspective, visit their website and pledges are still be taken so why not put a few dollars into the pot:)

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