Sep 192015

GATE WARS Episode 1
Trailer by Tom king

Sep 082012

 Through an executive order from the oval office the Airforce have been forced to open up the doors of the SGC to a film crew who will document the day to day operations and provide a third party overview of the project for use as and when the Stargate programme becomes public knowledge. The General knowing this is just as much about the current President trying to tag his name to and ultimately share the limelight when the secret is revealed is playing along but only to the written wording of his orders. The result is that some of the SGC personnel are willing to talk candidly while others stonewall the film make Emmett Bregman and his airforce assigned film crew but events conspire to give him a glimpse of the true reality of day to say operations at the edge of the known and unknown universe.

Trust me I am a journalist..

Heroes was originally intended to be a single bottle show episode but the addition of some high value location scenes and a monumental battle sequence gave us this two parter considered by many to be a flagship production both infront and behind the camera. Saul Rubinek really gets a work out bringing his character to life playing against existing characters we know and love with at Amanda, Janet and Michael getting the most out of the interaction which when you think about it are the three characters most open while Don gets to play the General to the max dancing around his orders. RDA and Christopher are it seems both having fun taking their roles up a notch as Teal’c is stoic as ever and Jack showing his displeasure and irritation with the film crew and those that tag along like Senator Kinsey.

Obsessive Finger Pointing Disorder

We have a guest host this week, Helen a friend of Alan’s who has only recently joined the Stargate family thanks to her fella. We also had some audio feedback from Dan which is fantastic and I’ve included a small review of the Big Finish SG1 audio drama “Gift of the Gods”. The promo this week is from the Scaper Chronicles and it’s no surprise that next week we’ll be covering Heroes Part 2 the conclusion to this story so be prepared with the tissues:)
The Gatecast website and RSS feed are stable and again submission to itunes is being held unto Alan is back from his holiday in the states, the season 7 poll is still active and ticking along nicely but if you haven’t voted then please do us, results are for the wrap up show.





Jul 022011

Investigating an alien world with a devastated civilisation SG1 explore a city and find evidence of Ancient writings and maybe even technology. Sam mysteriously collapses and is told to take some time off and only then does she meet the mysterious figure who seems to be capable of some strange things or is he a figment of her stressed imagination. Either way the SGC investigate and that draws in the NID who as always take it one step further and maybe ultimately make all the wrong decisions.

Ascension is a solid Sam episode in which we get to see her home (believed to have been her Dads before he went Tok’ra) as well as her vintage motor underlining Sam’s status as far more than a career soldier. We also get a lot of background to the actions and motivations of the Ancients which are very different to what we have previously experienced via Oma Desala but set the basis for stories to come from both aspects. A new NID presence in the form of Simmons (John de Lancie) spells trouble as it’s obvious he is slicker and more devious than those we have met before, a reasonable face on the shadow organisation.

The secondary plot points tend to revolve around humorous aspects with Teal’c and Jack especially the Star Wars and Pizza scene:)