Jan 302017

Corin Nemec


The upcoming horror film Rottentail has officially cast the lead role of Peter Cotton, who transforms into the horrific monster “Rottentail”!

Source: Corin Nemec is ROTTENTAIL — Source Point Press

Oct 272016

Corin Nemec

Corin Nemec


We all have those actors we discover when we’re young and follow throughout their careers. Corin Nemec happens to be one of those actors for me. I first saw him at 16 or 17 when I saw “Parke…

Source: Exclusive Interview with Actor Corin Nemec – TalkNerdyWithUs

Apr 062013


90s Star ‘Parker Lewis’ — Gimp on Aisle 4 | TMZ.com.

Corin is still dealing with the long term effects of his boat accident on the set of his last feature, it looks like the road to recovery is going to be a little longer than hoped for but he retains his humour and warmth as you can see via his twitter conversations. We all hope to see Corin up and around on his own two feet but for now he has our best wishes and hopes for better news in the coming months.

Nov 202012

The Star Trek Renegades project announced yesterday that Corin Nemec would be joining the cast of the now financed kickstarter project. The production will also feature Robert Picardo so plenty to look forward to from the Stargate perspective, visit their website and pledges are still be taken so why not put a few dollars into the pot:)

Official Site

Mar 172012

Gerri and Eugenia of the Women Talk Scifi podcast interview Corin Nemec about his time on Stargate, Supernatural and his recent movie “Sand Sharks”. They also do a feature on scifi “b” movies the ones we all love:)