Apr 062013


90s Star ‘Parker Lewis’ — Gimp on Aisle 4 | TMZ.com.

Corin is still dealing with the long term effects of his boat accident on the set of his last feature, it looks like the road to recovery is going to be a little longer than hoped for but he retains his humour and warmth as you can see via his twitter conversations. We all hope to see Corin up and around on his own two feet but for now he has our best wishes and hopes for better news in the coming months.

Feb 122013

TMZ have pictures and news from Corin who is now having issues with the insurance company and production company over medical insurance and liability, probably the last thing you need to be worrying about.

Jan 242013

It’s been reported that Corin Nemec the former star of Stargate SG1, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose and lead in many a scifi feature was injured in a boating accident whilst filming on his latest project in Belize. The accident happened Sunday the 20th of January when the boat he was on struck a submerged barge and he was thrown into the boats frame breaking his femur in three places and losing a substantial amount of blood. After surgery and blood transfusions Corin is now in recovery.