Oct 042014

avatar2 Cameron is all set to celebrate his 200th crossing of the event horizon but before he can gather the team to help him celebrate this mild achievement Martin Lloyd makes an appearance requesting some help with his proposed scifi feature film and as before the Pentagon believes leaking some information in the guise of a piece of media fiction will aid in the protection of the Stargate program and in the long term ease the idea into the public consciousness for when the time was right to reveal all. SG1 start to provide Martin with some ideas but none of them seem to satisfy him and ultimately he gets the dreaded phone call that the production has been cancelled but it’s not all doom and gloom as eventually after a minor glitch the team along with Walter, Landry and Martin use the Stargate and celebrate with Cameron offworld. The episode wraps with a quick ten year jump into the future as Martin and his television shows celebrates their tenth year, cast and crew interviews are presented skewed from what we know of the “real” SGC and the cherry is that Martin gets a call and the movie is back on.

The 200th episode of Stargate SG1 follows on from the 100th episode and expands upon the character of Martin Lloyd the alien who came to Earth and stayed after finding himself a niche in the media world so in what amounts to a series of clips we get to see the various show ideas the members of SG1 came up with and skewed a little towards their personality traits. It was great to see Farscape spoofed both in words and pictures and it didn’t half look good but then again so did their version of Star Trek, we also had fun with a hard boiled almost noir PI show starring Teal’c and of course Vala pimping ideas from shows she had seen although who would be surprised to hear she crash landed her ship on a alien and was revered a local population now freed from tyranny. The CW version of the show was terrifying but then again have you seen The 100 or Star Crossed, if so then you get the idea but the pièce de résistance was surely the puppet sketch which was just too funny for words and underlines the effort the studio and producers put into this milestone episode. Oh and see if you can spot both the credited and uncredited cameos that were included in the episode, there are quite a few.

Alan hosted this episode along with guests Thomas and Adrianna and they had a blast and we hope you have fun when you listen to the podcast and let us know what you think. This weeks promo is for The Babylon Project Podcast and next week we’re back on Atlantis for the Elizabeth centric episode The Real World so join us for that and above all else keep watching and enjoying Stargate.



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