Jul 062014

So I watched the season 3 finale of Continuum this evening, it was waiting for a week or so as football and other things limited my tv viewing time so imagine the nice surprise when I saw Ty Olsson (Colonel Barnes & Jaffa on SG1) making a guest appearance in the show playing Marcellus a military commander from one of the future timelines. It was also gratifying to see that the episodes was directed by William Waring a name that should be familiar to Stargate fans for his long work operating cameras and directing episodes of the show, this was his sixth time directing Continuum. The episode itself “Last Minute” was a cracking finale and along with the familiar regular and recurring cast who have Stargate in their resume it left us hanging with some plot points resolved and many others left up in the air and just to spice things up a few more unexpected events occurring, hopefully a fourth season will be ordered.

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