Jun 152013

avatar2 The last remaining independent System Lords are offered a deal, in exchange for their surrender they will be allowed to continue to govern their regions of space in the name of Anubis however when Sam is dragged into their meeting accusations start to be thrown. The resulting massacre at the hands of the now very very aggressive replicators throws the balance of power of the galaxy into a spiral as they go on the rampage taking over ship after ship and opening up an opportunity for the free Jaffa.

Reckoning is the first episode in a named two parter but could be considered the opening of a trilogy of episodes, make no mistake this is part of a big budget story with numerous high quality guest stars and some wonderful CGI and set design. The story is geared towards bringing together the major players of not only the recent seasons but right from the start when the Jaffa rebellion was first born, it does this with incredible style and flare. A free Jaffa ship with Carter, Daniel, Teal’c, Aron and Bra’tac onboard gets ambushed which leads to the abduction of Daniel as the knowledge of the ascended Ancients is of interest to replicarter. This single act pretty much sets in motion the convergence of Anubis via his proxy Ba’al, the replicators, the jaffa and the humans of Earth. In this first episode we see Daniel dealing with replicarter pretending to be Oma Desala and learning of the weapon on the planet Dakara and in a stunning coincidence it’s Darkara that’s the ceremonial birth place of the Jaffa nation and taking that world back would prove the “gods” were indeed false.

All hail Selkhet

All hail Selkhet

The twist in the tale is Ba’al himself wants the SGC to destroy the weapon as Anubis could use it to wipe out all life in the galaxy and then create everything to his own design, Ba’al is if nothing else a realist and totally self serving to boot which makes him an ideal ally at least for now.

Our lord and saviour (in his own mind)

Our lord and saviour (in his own mind)

Reckoning Part 1 is a standout episode in an excellent season of scifi story telling, the second part is in it’s own right every bit as good but together they are something special. The guest stars many of whom rarely worked together on the show add real weight to the story and the production side is exceptionally good, some stunning effects work and matt paintings. That said the weakest part of the whole is the very poor looking Asgard ship, not quite sure what went wrong there but that’s a minor bug bear of mine:)
We had some feedback on the facebook page and twitter was pretty active this week but I don’t think last weeks show/episode is any ones favourite. This week could very well be different and to that effect we have a new promo from our friend Nuchtchas and her podcast Nutty Bites, have a listen and let her and us know what you think.
Next week we return to Atlantis for the excellent Letters From Pegasus and Jeff will be joining us for that discussion, cya then.






Apr 142013

I’m currently rewatching the first season of Continuum in preparation for the second season which returns to Canadian screens on April 21st and the US on the 7th of June, not sure about the UK.

I was watching the sixth episode “Time’s Up” and noticed a big beefy well dressed individual and thanks to recently watching Stargate SG1 his face sprung out, Mark Gibbon formerly the Jaffa M’zel & Thor hologram was playing the head of security Frank Bolo. Mark has also had recurring roles on Smallville and guest spots on Stargate Atlantis, First Wave, Flash Gordon and Once Upon A Time.


Feb 232013

avatar2 A surprise announcement from the head of Colson Industries who claims to have proof of alien interference with mankind and various governments collusion to cover it up. This shocking press conference has the US state department and the SGC attempting to put out the fire but with Alec Colson having his own fleet of satellites and his companies access to relabelled recovered alien tech he is certainly in a position to see the big picture. The SGC may be willing to play nice but the Trust made up of former NID operatives and backers are more decisive shall we say and if an accident can’t be arranged then there are
other means to remove a threat.

Covenant is a very well cast episode, both Charles and Tom play their roles exceptionally
well as the idealist and the realist clashing over what they should do with information that
could change the world. It’s great to see both Daniel and Sam working together out in the
real world and a call back to the Prometheus episode with the reporter being used to
glue everything together.

On or Off the record?

On or Off the record?

Thor of course is always a pleasure more so because they really have got the puppets
interaction down pat even to simple reaction shots and close in work with the actors.
I’m seriously impressed with the SGC’s creation of the base on the new Alpha site, that
would have taken a lot of work or maybe they had access to some Tok’ra crystals but
it looked man made. In hindsight it looks a lot like the Icarus base from Stargate Universe.

Don't forget the door remote!

Don’t forget the door remote!

This weeks promo is from the Scifi Diner hosted by Scott and Miles, they talk about genre
tv and movies and gather countless excellent interviews from their many convention trips, well
worth a listen. Next week we return to Pegasus and meet for the first time the Genii in the
SGA epsiode “Underground” which stars Colm Meany and Erin Chambers.

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Dec 192012

Thor the wise and magnificent.

Many thanks to the Save Future Stargate Travel facebook group for posting the picture.


Nov 102012

 Thor returns to Earth and picks up the frozen Jack and the cool Tealc and heads to the new Asgard homeworld in the hopes that the Ancient knowledge held in Jacks head will help devise a defence once and for all. Meanwhile Fifth is playing mind games with Sam both to punish her betrayal but also venting his own immature rage against the one that spurned him. A showdown is imminent and armed with technology created by Jack who once revived has no real idea what it is or how it works the defence of the Asgard begins even if it means sacrificing Sam.

New Order Part 2 was aired as a separate episode in the UK but was part of the feature presentation of the season opener in the states. We have three stories ongoing all of which get a decent amount of screen time both to develop and for the characters to play their part, the Asgard find a solution to their long term problem with the replicators, Sam is saved although released is perhaps a more accurate term and the system lords and by extension Ba’al are put aside for another day. The request for asylum by Camulus comes out of the blue and of course Goa’uld rarely do anything that doesn’t serve a purpose, we’ll find out that purpose in due time.

It’s like looking in a mirror

New Order Part 2 is a very satisfying conclusion to the season premiere, we get solutions to the problems which make some sense while setting up potential problems in the future. The changes in the SGC and SG1 are significant but again they make a lot of sense especially given RDA’s limited time on set during the last season and saving the planet is a young persons game:)

The SG spin off – Pete & Sam by a Farm

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Jun 022012

  Jack O’Neil returns to the SGC after spending some time at home but things are a little different, he is a little shorter for a start and more squeaky voiced. Overnight the Colonel has reverted to a 15 year old boy complete with the knowledge and experienced of his older self and the tests prove he is who he claims to be. Daniel and Tealc investigate the reports of alien abduction after Jack recalls seeing an Asgard face and the exploits of the greys revert to cultural stereotype, there is a reason mankind fears the arrival of the greys and being probed.

You might feel a slight pinch..

Fragile Balance is a good standalone episode well standalone in so far as there is a sort of pay off many seasons hence when events can be coupled with a story from Stargate Atlantis. This episode was shot with RDA off set for most of the time but with the resources given to Michael Welch he crafted his portrayal of Jack to perfection but with some nervousness but still backbone. There was some very nice location work and amazingly not everyone spoke English:)

Yes it’s Minnie Me

Next week we are covering the episode Orpheus a Jaffa centric story with the usual suspects so good times. As always thanks for the feedback and a special mention to Colin for three for three so far this season and the promo this week is from the Nutty Bites podcast. Join us next week, visit our Facebook and G+ pages and join in the conversations.




Mar 312012

  The US government and the SGC decide to reveal the existence of the Stargate program to a hand picked group of nations (Nuclear Powers/Security Council) mainly in reaction to the weakening of the numerous cover stories used to explain orbital explosions and crashed space ships. The British, French and Chinese representatives each have their own issues with the revelation of the Gate, the X-302 and certainly the X-303 and having Senator Kinsey with his own agenda in play doesn’t help.

Disclosure is a bottle show in respect to a single set being used to reduce costs and shooting schedules and the clip show format just reinforces that perception. I’m not a fan of clip shows but I have to admit this one was done very well by far the best of the series so far and we’ve had a few already. It certainly helps that the clips were all showcasing the uber CGI effects the graphic houses have produced within the bounds of the Showtime/Syfy and MGM budgets so offset the more talkie aspects of the rest of the episode. That said the writing and performances of the recurring/regular side characters and guest characters were top notch and you really didn’t miss any “live” appearances from SG1.

Thor, Buddy!

Thor voiced by Michael Shanks stole the show.

Next week we are covering the episode “Forsaken” so any comments on that episode are most welcome. A big thank you to Colin for the email and everyone else who used our various groups/pages, always appreciated.




Feb 182012

 Ambushed by a journalist Sam has to fend off questions about a top secret military project named Prometheus and when faced with disclosure a deal is done to allow the reporter access to the base with all materials held unto it goes public and they would have the exclusive. Of course it’s going to be a double cross by the US Air Force but they get double crossed first as elements of the NID take possession of the Prometheus and then demand the release of two very significant players. The SGC capitulate and then the bad guys steal the ship which came as a surprise since it really wasn’t ready to fly but it’s flaws help to save the day.

Lets make a deal

Prometheus sees the return of Frank Simmons and Adrian Conrad both under arrest for treason although Conrad being a Goa’uld is really a whole different ball game yet surprisingly the impetus behind the investigation into the project is from a true journalist perspective with it only be co-opted at a later date when not doubt the NID heard about the camera crews visit. The weakness in the narrative is of course the NID are not known for their ethical or moral core and thus would not be the type to die for the beliefs so suicide via a power core blast really didn’t make sense. Of course capitulating to terrorist or hostage takers demands is the norm in our society so perhaps even the .1% chance of losing Nevada was enough to risk losing the most powerful vessel created by the US.

All the grace of a brick

Of course when SG1 is involved the bad guys plans rarely work out and stealing an unfinished ship (which they did only as the opportunity arose) meant Jack and Teal’c could get on board rather easily but that surprise allowed them to take over a little too easily. That said Sam kicked ass both physically and intellectually and was probably the star of this episode despite John De Lancie delivering a wonderfully smarmy and moustache twirling performance. Prometheus is the first part of a two parter as made obvious with the final scene and the arrival of an Asgard starship commanded by the newly bodied Thor who saves the day yet than asks for some series help.

Not pretty but has potential

This weeks promo is from Tyrions Landing as we are getting close to the return of Game of Thrones and next week we watch and discuss “Unnatural Selection”. This weeks episode was constructed from 4 recording sessions spread over an evening punctuated by power cuts, it was not pretty.




Dec 102011

  A Goauld Hatak appears in the solar system but makes no move to attack the Earth. Jacob along with SG1 and Major Davis investigate and find the ship deserted with no signs of battle damage except for one sealed doorway. Whilst exploring they come across a nasty surprise and then everything falls apart and they end up on the ocean floor slowly but surely flooding and the clock is ticking as the ship is set to self destruct. So much for Jack slapping a US flag on the hull and flying it to Area 51.

Death from above.

Descent continues a number of plot points from the season opener in terms of Anubis and Thor it also builds upon the baby steps Jonas is having to take to be accepted as part of SG1 mainly it has to be said from Jack. As we’ve seen already the production side of the show continues to set an amazing standard with some excellent CGI and real water/submersion tank work with the actors. This also adds to the feel and texture of the episode and worth every penny it cost especially when you watch some of the behind the scenes coverage of the shooting of the water scenes.

Swim Forrest Swim



Nov 122011

  Life without Daniel is tough on SG1, while Sam deals with the loss aimlessly walking around Daniels old lab an unexpected visitor arrives and in time honoured fashion circumvents all the safe guards in place to protect the SGC. Yes Freya from the Asgard is paying them a visit with news that Thor has been killed by the Goauld but assistance is required to protect a secret lab on the planet Thor had been protecting and it’s vital to the Asgard. Jack jumps at the chance knowing that the best way to get over the loss of Daniel is to throw themselves back into the job so off they go in a captured cargo ship and on arrival are ringed into the secret lab. It’s there the experiment into the genetic manipulation of the Asgard race is being done by Heimdall a younger Asgard and a 100% CGI creation which allows some wonderful shots to be produced for this episode. The tension escalates when Anubis arrives to take over the interrogation from Osiris of the captured Asgard while SG1 put together a rescue plan whilst knowing they will eventually be discovered.

Osiris faces down Thor

Revelations the season 5 finale is epic on many counts, the first win for the Goa’uld against the Asgard in open battle must send shockwaves through both camps for different reasons and the loss of Thor even more so but even worse Anubis captures Thor and is able to pretty much drain the knowledge out of his brain opening up even more possibilities. The CGI in this episode from the wonderful Heimdall (Voiced by Teryl Rothery) to the beautiful starships in orbit around the planet is top notch and the skill required to merge CGI and live action in the lab is a major achievement on a TV budget, there are truly some beautiful and clever shots.

Assume the position!

Puppets, CGI, Green screen, Real people






In hindsight the lack of an uber cliffhanger makes a lot of sense as the show was leaving Showtime and moving to the Scifi channel (as it was then) and while at times show runners/studios seem to delight in sticking it to their fans this time Showtime viewers got a good send off. I’m not sure in this day and age if a show moved then they wouldn’t try to maximise the impact of a finale but they would certainly not miss the opportunity to make sure the viewers knew a former much loved character always had a chance to return.

Everything will be just fine, trust me:)






Jan 082011

Thor’s ship has been destroyed but a lone replicator has survived and boards a Russian submarine.
The US capture the ship and the only way to make sure this replicator is destroyed is to
do in person so Jack and Teal’c with a couple of red shirts board the vessel and discover
they are indeed replicating, the machine not Jack and Co. Meanwhile Sam is on a distant Asgard world working with Thor to create a strategy to defeat 3 replicator controlled Asgard ships which are inbound.

Small Victories kicks off the fourth season beautifully, we have two story lines with Sam going it alone and proving her worth as an out of the box thinker (not her usual role) but also offers up a lighter side to this episode with her interaction with Thor. Daniel is still basically on the side lines thanks to Michael Shanks recent operation leaving Jack and Teal’c to go close quarter combats on board the the submarine which was a genuine vessel and looked gorgeous thanks to the show moving to 35mm filming.

The O’Neill



Dec 042010

SG1 are on vacation but before Jack can go fishing he his transported away into orbit by Thor who has a rather pressing problem on board his flagship and if it’s not solved then the Earth itself could be in peril. Hammond doesn’t listen and sends Tealc and Sam (Daniel was recovering from surgery) upto the ship with a plan to save the day but the results open up a whole new can of worms on Earth.

Nemesis was an excellent season finale, yes it’s cliffhanger time but it’s a cracker with the fate of SG1, Thor and even the Earth in the balance. The episode features some very good special effects and CGI work as well good puppeteering for Thor when he is required to be there rather than as CGI. The introduction of Russian involvement or more to the point not being able to pull the wool over everyones eyes has ramifications further into the series.



Jul 242010

The System Lords come a calling, well three of them and along with Thor they offer a deal to the SGC which will ensure the safety of the people of the Earth but for a price, perhaps too high a price.This episode was awash with good guest roles from the three Goauld (Yu, Nirrti and Cronus) along with SOD Simms.

More information on these characters can be found on the SG Wiki