Jun 022012

  Jack O’Neil returns to the SGC after spending some time at home but things are a little different, he is a little shorter for a start and more squeaky voiced. Overnight the Colonel has reverted to a 15 year old boy complete with the knowledge and experienced of his older self and the tests prove he is who he claims to be. Daniel and Tealc investigate the reports of alien abduction after Jack recalls seeing an Asgard face and the exploits of the greys revert to cultural stereotype, there is a reason mankind fears the arrival of the greys and being probed.

You might feel a slight pinch..

Fragile Balance is a good standalone episode well standalone in so far as there is a sort of pay off many seasons hence when events can be coupled with a story from Stargate Atlantis. This episode was shot with RDA off set for most of the time but with the resources given to Michael Welch he crafted his portrayal of Jack to perfection but with some nervousness but still backbone. There was some very nice location work and amazingly not everyone spoke English:)

Yes it’s Minnie Me

Next week we are covering the episode Orpheus a Jaffa centric story with the usual suspects so good times. As always thanks for the feedback and a special mention to Colin for three for three so far this season and the promo this week is from the Nutty Bites podcast. Join us next week, visit our Facebook and G+ pages and join in the conversations.




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