Jul 132013

avatar Teyla is having some troubling nightmares involving the Wraith, it may be a little anxiety due to the approaching hive ships or something a lot deeper. She shows an obvious lack of focus when sparring with John and he makes sure she has her first contact with the expeditions psychologist Dr Heightmeyer and after being told to rest and not gate to the Alpha site she eventually has a face to face with the psychologist and reveals that some of her people used to hear voices and so a visit to Carson is on the cards. He flies Teyla to the mainland where she meets Charin an elder who lets Teyla into her own secrets that she is a descendant of one the people returned to their world by the Wraith and it was these returnees who had the “gift” to hear the Wraith’s voices.
Upon returning to Atlantis and armed with this knowledge they attempt through hypnosis to engage her gift and she is successful in accessing Wraith onboard the approaching hive ships but in a twist a Wraith gets access to her but one thought remains, they want the Earth. The Alpha site is then compromised and Bates who is sure it was Teyla sees his paranoia about her people raise a notch. The rewards of knowing what the Wraith are upto swings Weir into deciding to attempt the contact again and Teyla gets possesed and pretty much kicks ass until Bates stuns her with a Wraith rifle but what now, can Teyla with her Wraith DNA ever be trusted?

Victim... I mean patient secure

Victim… I mean patient secure

The Gift is an episode which allows Rachel to exercise her skills as well as giving the prosthetics a good work out, we also get some valuable information on her people and background but make no mistake this also paves the way for the bigger budgets required for the season finale.
The episode doesn’t get any rave reviews but I personally think it’s required to add depth to Teyla and her people but also allows for an extra bit of impetus and potential conflict for The Siege and well it gives Bates something to do. We’ve seen in Stargate SG1 that the Gou’ald have at times experimented on humans to achieve some payoff so it’s no surprise the writers of Atlantis chose to use that plot element once more, I’m not sure it really paid off in the grand scheme of things but it’s perfectly fine for this episode. Teyla has some good character pieces with Dr Heightmeyer played by Claire Rankin and yes we have a psychologist/therapist on a scifi show that actually does her job.

I'm a doctor not a.....

I’m a doctor not a…..

We had a bumper crop of feedback for Threads on our facebook group and a few other things so that was obviously a popular episode, I wonder how it’s doing in the poll, when not check it out. The promo this week is Pulp Audio Weekly which is just geeky fun so why not click on the link and have a listen, you may just enjoy their show.
Many thanks to Brad for joining us this week and next week we discuss part 1 of the Stargate SG1 Season 8 finale “Moebius”.





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Feb 232013

avatar2 A surprise announcement from the head of Colson Industries who claims to have proof of alien interference with mankind and various governments collusion to cover it up. This shocking press conference has the US state department and the SGC attempting to put out the fire but with Alec Colson having his own fleet of satellites and his companies access to relabelled recovered alien tech he is certainly in a position to see the big picture. The SGC may be willing to play nice but the Trust made up of former NID operatives and backers are more decisive shall we say and if an accident can’t be arranged then there are
other means to remove a threat.

Covenant is a very well cast episode, both Charles and Tom play their roles exceptionally
well as the idealist and the realist clashing over what they should do with information that
could change the world. It’s great to see both Daniel and Sam working together out in the
real world and a call back to the Prometheus episode with the reporter being used to
glue everything together.

On or Off the record?

On or Off the record?

Thor of course is always a pleasure more so because they really have got the puppets
interaction down pat even to simple reaction shots and close in work with the actors.
I’m seriously impressed with the SGC’s creation of the base on the new Alpha site, that
would have taken a lot of work or maybe they had access to some Tok’ra crystals but
it looked man made. In hindsight it looks a lot like the Icarus base from Stargate Universe.

Don't forget the door remote!

Don’t forget the door remote!

This weeks promo is from the Scifi Diner hosted by Scott and Miles, they talk about genre
tv and movies and gather countless excellent interviews from their many convention trips, well
worth a listen. Next week we return to Pegasus and meet for the first time the Genii in the
SGA epsiode “Underground” which stars Colm Meany and Erin Chambers.

We got some feedback from Colin our friend over at Trek News & Views as well as a little
bit of facebook feedback on last weeks episode but we always need more so if you fancy dropping
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Feb 042012

 The Tokra are attacked and take refuge at the Alpha site unaware of the large group of rebel Jaffa  are based there themselves refuges from an attack on their world. Almost immediately conflict arises and suspicions aired and then despite the deaths from the attack a Tokra is murdered and a Jaffa suspected but complications arise when that Jaffa is then found murdered.
Has the Alpha site been infiltrated by a Goauld or are the SGC simply dealing with the millenia old greivances that are being brought to the surface by such close proximity?

Nothing to see here.

This is the first look at this Alpha site and the first episode in which both Bra’tac and Jacob come face to face, two excellent characters and actors who have graced the series with their presence over the last few years. An interesing titbit is that the majority of the extras in Allegiance were also featured in the early episode “Warrior” whose Jaffa rebels were driven from their home to the Alpha Site, a nice touch.

The gym must have been full

Alligeance is an ok episode, it works more due to it’s production value (Location, stunt work and guest stars) then as an overall story but it is more than the sum of it’s parts and adds a lot of depth to the relationship between the two shaky allies and the humans who stand between them. It also has RDA shooting a really big gun in slow-mo so props to the steadicam operator.

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