Mar 232013

avatar2 The Stargate is beamed away in the middle of the night shift, poor old Walter never gets a break. The SGC investigate Area 51 as a possible source of the security breach which allowed the gate to be painted with a tag to allow beaming using Asgard technology. Tealc is still off world dealing with majar bio-weapon attacks against the Jaffa including worlds which are home to rebel groups. The finger points to the Tokra but as the two stories merge we once again see the desperation or fanatacism of the Trust who casual slaughter millions seemingly unworried about possible retaliation.

Oh ****!

Oh ****!

Endgame is in essence the second part of the double feature with Affinity, the same members of the Trust after gaining the codes required to operate an Ancient coded device return with a fully functional cargo ship with Asgard tec on board. They’ve combined the symbiote poison and Earth based missile systems with the gate to create a good delivery system and have already hit three worlds killing both “good” and “bad” Jaffa but also an unspecified number of Tok’ra.
The pacing of the episode is excellent with both action and drama sequences plus quite a bit of humour which you wouldn’t expect from a story dealing with the beginnings of a campaign of genocide but we see the two sides in a clear light, the SGC handling a problem the Trust taking a sledge hammer to it.

Now that was a party

Now that was a party

It’s not clear if Jack’s hesitation in ordering the capture/destruction of the cargo ship was due to the presence of Sam and/or Daniel on board but it’s clear that maybe command of the SGC is still not quite site comfortably on his shoulders. Hammond made the job look easy but he did have decades of experience behind the desk before taking over and Jack has had to deal with a quite a bit in a very short space of time.
I personally liked Endgame, a good well written and produced episode which does benefit from being watched soon after Affinity and we are left with a few loose ends which will need tieing up later.
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Sep 012012

 Jacob and Samantha are at the Beta site finishing off the research on a Kull Warrior weapon based on the Ancient device recovered from the ruins of the former System Lord Telchaks palace. The SGC lose contact with the base and SG1 find the whole region devastated perhaps by the bases self destruct device, the few survivors inform then that they were attacked by a full compliment of Jaffa and Super Soldiers who knew exactly where to go leading to the suspicion that the location and secret project had been leaked to Anubis by a rebel Jaffa or Tok’ra.

The search for survivors and more importantly to SG1 both Sam and Jacob finally pays off when Jacob is recovered and has the new weapon but it’s only loaded with a partially effective power source, Sam who is now on the run from a tracking Super Soldier has the new power pack but she is seriously injured and still carrying the after effects of her wound recieved while onboard the Prometheus. Meanwhile back in the SGC the investigation into the leaking of the location of the base continues with both Tok’ra and Jaffa having been in a position to have inadvertently released the information when under control by Anubis. It soon becomes apparant that the breaking point has been reached, the Tok’ra can no longer operate in the open with dwindling numbers while the Jaffa now free resent being under the thumb of the Earth.

I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok…

Death Knell is a Sam centric episode even though she only appears in about half of the scenes, this was down to Amanda’s hectic shooting schedule which had her working on three episodes at the same time. That aside this is a big episode, the recently felled forest and gravel pits make a fantastic high production value location for a decimated complex, this fact was one reason behind the creation of the episode as well as providing the pivotal story to fracture the alliance leaving the Earth open to any assaut from Anubis which is long over due. Amanda acts her socks off especially given all the location work with Peter DeLuise demanding more dirt on her body and face as well as a truly bloody and gory wound. We even had a Willy E Coyote moment as she builds a trap for the Super Soldier which is really impractical yet works and then follow that up with a touching moment between Jack and Sam which speaks volumes for their underlying relationship.

That’s how you get wounded in the ass, go ask McKay.

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We’ve also included a short review of a piece of SG1 fan fiction from Helen ( @madders_ahatter ) who wrote a 20,000 word novella “The Long Haul” whose events are set during the second season of the show.
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Stargate Fan Fiction…

Nathan’s Vanity Plate…

Apr 292012

Could this be a long abandoned Tok’ra base discovered by the Tau’ri in the land of Scot?

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Atlas Obsscura

Feb 112012

 First contact is made with the people of Pangar a society that is technology wise a few decades behind the Earth but with a stable culture albeit not exactly a fair and just one. SG1 as representatives of the Earth pay them a visit and are offered access to a drug (Tretonin) which the Pangarian people use to combat all forms of disease with almost god like success and in return they ask for training and information on gate travel, granted access to Goauld worlds is their goal but even that makes some sense based on their as yet undisclosed circumstance. It’s always nice to see airships in alien cultures even those that may be advanced enough to have moved passed that solution to air travel.

A very nice view

Jack is at his diplomatic best as he tries to point out the “stupidity” of these people going to any of the Goa’uld homeworlds whilst Jonas and Teal’c investigate the ruins which provided these people with their Stargate lore. It’s here the discovery is made which reveals the secret Pangar is hiding and opens up a whole new can of worms and brings the Tok’ra into the mix. Cure is pretty much a standalone episode but is vital for two reasons, the first is the importance to the long running Tok’ra storyline and the second to the future of the series which becomes more apparant as we go along:)

Expecting Guests

As always there is some very nice location work and for once it didn’t look like it was raining, the guest stars and their characters were well suited to the story and while overall the episode was nothing special it’s well worth repeated viewings especially in light of what comes later in the series.

I’ve got a secret

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Feb 042012

 The Tokra are attacked and take refuge at the Alpha site unaware of the large group of rebel Jaffa  are based there themselves refuges from an attack on their world. Almost immediately conflict arises and suspicions aired and then despite the deaths from the attack a Tokra is murdered and a Jaffa suspected but complications arise when that Jaffa is then found murdered.
Has the Alpha site been infiltrated by a Goauld or are the SGC simply dealing with the millenia old greivances that are being brought to the surface by such close proximity?

Nothing to see here.

This is the first look at this Alpha site and the first episode in which both Bra’tac and Jacob come face to face, two excellent characters and actors who have graced the series with their presence over the last few years. An interesing titbit is that the majority of the extras in Allegiance were also featured in the early episode “Warrior” whose Jaffa rebels were driven from their home to the Alpha Site, a nice touch.

The gym must have been full

Alligeance is an ok episode, it works more due to it’s production value (Location, stunt work and guest stars) then as an overall story but it is more than the sum of it’s parts and adds a lot of depth to the relationship between the two shaky allies and the humans who stand between them. It also has RDA shooting a really big gun in slow-mo so props to the steadicam operator.

Say hello to my little friend



Dec 172011

  At the Antarctica facility a discovery is made in the ice near the location where the gate and DHD were found. A body is revealed embedded in ice which is close to 50million years old, the surprising bit is that there are signs of life and who would has been around that long ago and surrounded by technology that is linked to the gate system?

SG1 arrive at the base after all who else but our heroes could handle a pure science mission, yeah I know it really doesn’t make sense at the point, after the woman is revived and her heritage identified then yes it makes more sense to have SG1 on hand. That said I love this style of episode even more so when it’s in an icy wasteland, The Thing and ICE (X-Files) all exploited the huge scale yet paralysing confinement at the top and bottom of the world, oh lets not forget that episode of House either:)

Are we there yet?

Things start to go wrong when SG1 and the scientists fall ill, no co-incidence I guess and as we know the Ancients had to deal with a plague on Earth and this could be it and now the clock is ticking and not everyone can be saved.

Doesn’t say a lot but speaks volumes.

Praise must be given to Ona Grauer who played Ayiana and if you watch some of the behind the scenes extras on the DVD you see how she had to put up with the body moulded plastic required to put her into the ice cube rather than a dummy. It really does pay off in the episode, no question Ayiana is real and in the ice and you do get the feeling she is helpless when lifted from the ice. Shooting on the same stage as the season 1 episode “Solitudes” extra ice-conditioning is fitted to shoot in -2 degree temperatures which allows the cast to work in warm gear and not cook, it all adds to the atmosphere of the episode.

Ok, I just like the scene:)



Oct 082011

  The Earth is doomed yet again as a rogue asteroid hurtles towards the planet and we have days left to live, not even Bruce could swing this one unless Dean Devlin decided to use this plot for a theatrical remake. The Tokra are in no position to help us having been more or less wiped out last week and surprisingly the Asgard refuse due to the protected planets treaty and no proof this is not a natural disaster. As luck would have it the crashed Teltak on Revanna is flyable with a little work from the tech guys from Area 51 and the SGC and armed with a Naquadah enhanced nuke SG1 make their way back to Earth to destroy the asteroid before it’s too late. Then the fun begins as the ship is crippled leaving SG1 stranded on the asteroid along with the nuke and a 2 hour countdown then the discovery of the composition of the rock proves the Goauld are responsible and the explosion will take out the solar system. They’re doomed:)

Fail Safe is a stand alone episode but ties in at least in terms of consequence from the events in Last Stand as Anubis promised the System Lords he could remove the Earth from the galactic equation. The lack of help also reflects the demise of the Tok’ra as a power and casts a question over the Asgard who are bound by the treaty but again without Thor may not be as enamoured with us.

Things to do today, Die!

Fail Safe comes along with some very tasty CGI and matt/green screen work, yes the scenes with Jack and Teal’c in suits (very good suits) walking in slow mo on the asteroid are difficult to make realistic on a TV budget but the rest looks fantastic. I assume the lack of significant guest stars and no location shooting meant more of the budget could be put towards the CGI work required to make this episode work despite splurging cash on the last episode especially. While it is a standalone episode there are certainly threads worth following in terms of the Asgard, Tok’ra and Anubis which shows the writers are on their game so close to the season finale.

I can see my house.



Oct 012011

  Trapped in the rubble of the Tokra base the last few survivors flee the invading army intent on denying them access to the chemical/biological weapon which could cause the downfall of the Jaffa armies the System Lords rely on. Meanwhile Daniel continues his undercover role within the System Lord Summit but he’s getting careless and surrounded by enemies one mistake could be his last. Last Stand is the conclusion to the double header which deals with the fate of the Tok’ra or at least the majority of them and there ability to be a significant threat to the Goa’uld who themselves may not realise the mistake they are making be not banding together to resist the return of one their number.

Business first

Daniel is playing a very dangerous game by delaying the release of the poison but he always had a soft spot for women and especially those he had or does care for so can’t really kill Osiris without the option of first releasing Sarah from it’s grasp. It doesn’t help that in Danny mode he talks too much raising the suspicions of another Lo’taur who in a quite independent act goes to Yu can informs him of his concerns. Of course it all falls apart but this is plotonium as it drives Daniel and Jacob towards Revanna in an effort to help SG1 and the Tok’ra. SG1 along with Elliot are escaping the Jaffa and heading towards a communications device and fortunately evade capture and eventually meet up with the returning Daniel and together trapped with no help for escape Elliot offers up a solution.

Might have said the wrong thing!

Last Stand is an excellent episode, Michael Shanks and Anna-Louise Plowman get to show their chemistry together and it’s this story which does kinda dominate the episode although the remaining SG1 with Elliot plays well with some angst and a logical and fitting act by Elliot. Some interesting choices made in what not to show and you can really see where all the money was spent and being Rob C Cooper has it’s uses when pushing through your own vision of a sequence:)

Bandits on your Six



Sep 242011

  The Tokra have been busy developing a new weapon and delivery system just in time for a major conference of the remaining System Lords. Using the drug which is derived from the substance the Reol people use to influence the minds of other (Fifth Man) Daniel is volunteered to go undercover as Lord Yu’s personal servant and at the appropriate time use the weapon wipe out the ruling class of the Goauld. Meanwhile the location of the Tokra base on the planet Revanna has been discovered and a huge Jaffa force besieges the base and block the gate forcing SG1 and the last survivors of the Tok’ra to fight for their lives. All that aside both SG1 and Daniel get a few surprises on their respective missions which are left unresolved and leads into the second part of this double header.

Summit is the first part of a two parter, it’s written by Joseph and Paul but the second part of the story was written by Rob indicating that major arc implications are in play and yes the seeds of a new main arc are sown as the Systems Lords and the SGC face some stark realities. The episode is jam packed with good stuff, every cent spent is clearly evident on screen from the top notch CGI to the beautiful sets and costuming it really is a feast for the eyes.

Home from Home

With two significant stories being played out it would be easy for both to suffer but surprisingly they both hold their own although it had to be a two parter as so much happens from both perspectives and then of course the stories do overlap and the implications continue to appear for the rest of the season and the next. It was good to see Elliot so soon even though his character was a last minute substitution for Martouf when JR Bourne was not available but keeping Lantash the Tok’ra was inspired allowing Sam to have some solid screen time and act above the tech nerd or soldier. The loss of the Tok’ra as major players came as a surprise especially with the rise of Anubis but just as we lost Apophis there will be those that come along to fill the gaps.

Dude looks like a Lady

Yu’s behind you!










My ass is toasty!

Jun 042011

So the SGC finally have control of a Hatak and they lend it to those wonderful guys the Tokra as part of relocation process with which to provide them with a permanent base. Of course things go wrong because that Tanith is a sneaky so and so and news gets so Apophis is on his way and with his super ship he could level the planet. A hail mary strategy is proposed which basically uses the desire of Apophis to well show off his fleet in one place and with the aid of the stargate and the sun a surprise present is offered.
Exodus is a cracking season finale, very heavy on CGI but beautifully done yet the story is not forgotten about, it’s a good scifi idea and provides the show with it’s cliffhanger which some people enjoy and some don’t.

Time to Leave

As always it’s good to see Jacob back and of course Tanith has made a huge impact in his short time on the show and the events gives each of our main cast an opportunity to offer some well written dialogue although Jack and Teal’c are the more action orientated pair.



No Parking Allowed


Exodus is a most satisfying conclusion to what has turned out to be a very stong fourth season and leaves us hanging yet not in any real doubt over the future of the main characters.





Feb 052011

A meeting between the SGC and The Tokra takes place to discuss a treaty and official visit to Earth. Events spiral out of control when there is an assassination attempt and the discovery of a mind control/brain washing technology in play which can turn anyone into a killer with no warning. The Tokra bring a device to Earth which is a sort of lie detector and it reveals Sam and Jack both have issues with the memories leading them to be branded as potential killers but the truth is more simple but can it be revealed before the true victim of this technology is used to kill the President.

The Top Brass (and Alberts)

Divide and Conquer comes with an impressive number of guest stars including Vanessa Angel, JR Bourne and Andrew Jackson as well as a bumper list of the semi-regulars including two new SG personnel who alas don’t last that long:)



Jan 292011

A blast from Tealcs past arrives at the SGC and once again it’s amazing what the dude hasn’t told anyone like he was involved with a serious hotty before she entered the priesthood and probably broke his poor Jaffa heart. Shanauc claims she has been in communication with her symbiote and convinced it that the Goauld are evil and the right thing to do is join the Tokra and provide all the upto date tactical information it’s genetic memory holds. There is obviously some question over the neatly wrapped “gift” but the Tokra are convinced and take her to their current home world and arrange for a willing human host.

Deep Waters etc

Crossroads sees the return of Vanessa Angel as well as Musetta Vander as Shan’auc and Peter Wingfield as Tanith.



Jan 222011

The Tokra come baring gifts in the form of ability enhancing alien technology which will only work on humans without a symbiote. Anise the Tokra scientist played by Vanessa Angel makes her presence felt with mild flirtation with Daniel while Freya her host being seems to favour Jack. Armed with these new abilities the troublesome trio get in all sorts of trouble before as luck would have it a mission appears ideally suited to their abilities and off they go to destroy a new super battleship Apophis is building.



Oct 022010

SG1 along with Martouf and Jacob are still prisoners on Netu thanks to the prisoners rebellion and as the one formerly known as Naonak bargains with Sokar the Tokra implement their own direct action plan to remove the threat of Goauld civil war and the rise of Sokar to well ruler of the galaxy.

This is the conclusion to the episode “Jolinars Memories” and is quite a pivotal episode as it sets the scene and players for future stories/events. The use of the memory device to spoof real memories with a twist was interesting in allowing us to see Sam as a youngster, Charlie, Daniels issues over his wifes son and Martoufs love for Jolinar and by extension Sam. The fact all these attempts failed to various degrees just underlines why Goauld endeavours fall short when dealing with the more complex individuals/organisations like the Tokra and SGC.



Aug 212010

 While searching for a crashed UAV the guys are captured by an a bounty hunter who intends to trade them to a system lord or use them to capture a more valuable prize whose identity causes more complications.
The episode features Sam Jones who is perhaps most well known for playing Flash Gordon in the movie a couple of decades ago and he plays the bounty hunter Aris Boch to perfection.  We are also introduced to our first look at the Tel’tak cargo vessel which features strongly as the workhorse of the Goauld and independent fleets and we meet a new Tokra by the name of Korra played by Mark Holden.

Sokar is once again an element of the story which fuels his role as this season big bad.
This was a decent episode, a good character played well by Sam was the key and it was clear that SG1 has been very lucky in the past, a dedicated professional took them out easily while the more emotional and head strong system lords and followers continually fail.


British Invaders