Jun 042011

So the SGC finally have control of a Hatak and they lend it to those wonderful guys the Tokra as part of relocation process with which to provide them with a permanent base. Of course things go wrong because that Tanith is a sneaky so and so and news gets so Apophis is on his way and with his super ship he could level the planet. A hail mary strategy is proposed which basically uses the desire of Apophis to well show off his fleet in one place and with the aid of the stargate and the sun a surprise present is offered.
Exodus is a cracking season finale, very heavy on CGI but beautifully done yet the story is not forgotten about, it’s a good scifi idea and provides the show with it’s cliffhanger which some people enjoy and some don’t.

Time to Leave

As always it’s good to see Jacob back and of course Tanith has made a huge impact in his short time on the show and the events gives each of our main cast an opportunity to offer some well written dialogue although Jack and Teal’c are the more action orientated pair.



No Parking Allowed


Exodus is a most satisfying conclusion to what has turned out to be a very stong fourth season and leaves us hanging yet not in any real doubt over the future of the main characters.