Jul 272013

avatar2 The members of SG1 are stuck 5000 years in the past but in this alternate timeline dorky Daniel and Sam after helping to discover the location of the second gate are put onto the expedition thanks to Jack returning to the military which in turn is thanks to Major Kawalsky his long time friend and compatriot. The use the jumper to travel to Chulak in search of Tealc who they believe will be open to helping them but on arrival they are captured by the Jaffa of Apophis and Daniel is take for interrogation and then when they escape he reveals that his no longer the Daniel we knew for such a short space of time. In a clever tactic they take the jumper 5000 years into the past of Chulak and use the gate to travel to Earth and they appear shortly after the original SG1 arrived but find that well they did not fare very well. Only Daniel survived which means once again we have a full compliment of SG1 to rally the natives to rebel and over throw Ra but this time to use the Jumper and it’s cloak to secure the gate and make sure it will be discovered under the cover stones 5 millennia later. A blink of an eye later here is a SG1 watching the video of themselves recovered from a dig site and well everything seems to have worked out so lets all go fishing and they do including Sam but there shouldn’t be any fish in this pond…

Close enough?

Moebius Part 2 is a fantastic season finale and watch together the two parter is brilliant time travel science fiction. It was great to see “evil” Teal’c once again as the First Prime to a snazzy looking Apophis played by Peter Williams who refused to cut his hair hence the use of the fancy hat. We lost Daniel and gained Daniel and lost Teal’c, Sam and Jack but hey we are back to a full compliment of SG1, come on don’t you love time travel tales:)

Who is Missing?

Who is Missing?

The episode has for the most part stunning levels of location shots, composite scenes and set pieces although one or two shots were a little sub-standard as Peter commented on in the episode commentary, budget and practical limits played a part but next season a full size location jumper will solve many of these mainly for Atlantis.

As a season finale the episode was awesome and a lot of the credit goes to the final fishing scene and slow pull back across the pond and we’ve seen that shot before but it doesn’t matter it works so well. If this had been the series finale it would have worked just as well, the story and conclusion providing a fitting end to SG1 and passing the torch full time to Atlantis.

As it should be

As it should be

Once again we have to thank Scott and Miles for joining us in the recording of this show, they were excellent and with fewer audio issues the final result was more to my liking. We may have to try to convince them to make another appearance some time in the future:)

Next week we take a leap at the Stargate Atlantis season 1 finale “The Siege Part 1” with Jeff from the states joining us for that recording, hope you can join us and maybe leave a comment, review or any sort of feedback I can’t tell you how much it means to us. Thanks to Brad for posting his mini-feature on Gatecast 106 “Menace” over on the Facebook Group and thanks to everyone that we interact with us on twitter and Stephen for the email:)



Dec 312011

The Gatecast wishes Peter Williams a very happy Birthday for the 31st. Peter as you know played Apophis in the SG1 pilot Children of the Gods and thus became only the first Goa’uld on the TV show and only second of his species in the franchise, he went on to guest star in 20 episodes of SG1. Along with the writers Peter helped to shape the style, flamboyance and arrogance of the system lords and truly created a guy we loved to hate.

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Jun 182011

In a galaxy far far away SGC, Tokra and Gouald strive to survive and find a way to leap home but the locals have something to say about the new kids on the block. Welcome to the premiere episode of season 5 as Apophis with Tealc in tow and a captured SG1 face the deadly threat of the wee beasties who are happily cannibalising their ship one wall at a time. A stroke of luck provides a way to return to the Milky Way galaxy and Apophis’s homeworld which then gives SG1 the opportunity to address the situation in a most satisfying manner.

Enemies is without doubt one of the great SG1 season premieres, even if you put aside the extensive use of CGI (which was beautifully done) the set design and camera work were all beautifully synced to an engaging action driven story with humorous pauses as is the style of the show.

Bones would not approve

Enemies now sets up the next episode as the SGC have to deal with a rebel Teal’c and the ramifications amongst the System Lords of these events and the season takes a step forward in the political influences via the uppity NID with it’s closet agendas not to mention another new Tok’ra character (Ren’al). It’s going to be another good season of action, laughs and more depth to the stories, welcome back:)

No one or thing messes with Teal’c











Jun 042011

So the SGC finally have control of a Hatak and they lend it to those wonderful guys the Tokra as part of relocation process with which to provide them with a permanent base. Of course things go wrong because that Tanith is a sneaky so and so and news gets so Apophis is on his way and with his super ship he could level the planet. A hail mary strategy is proposed which basically uses the desire of Apophis to well show off his fleet in one place and with the aid of the stargate and the sun a surprise present is offered.
Exodus is a cracking season finale, very heavy on CGI but beautifully done yet the story is not forgotten about, it’s a good scifi idea and provides the show with it’s cliffhanger which some people enjoy and some don’t.

Time to Leave

As always it’s good to see Jacob back and of course Tanith has made a huge impact in his short time on the show and the events gives each of our main cast an opportunity to offer some well written dialogue although Jack and Teal’c are the more action orientated pair.



No Parking Allowed


Exodus is a most satisfying conclusion to what has turned out to be a very stong fourth season and leaves us hanging yet not in any real doubt over the future of the main characters.





Apr 092011

The Tokra with Daniels help gain access to some weapons technology and hatch a plan to bring about a conflict between Apophis and Heruur. SG1 and Jacob prepare the trap only to find out that Tealc who is supposedly visiting his home world is on one of the target vessels so a rescue plan is needed.

Stargate often does an A and B storyline with it’s characters and many then merge into a main plot as The Serpents Venom is one of those with Teal’c on Chulak organising the rebellion but ending up on what of the ships that the rest of SG1 and the Tokra are intent on bringing about it’s destruction in the mayhem of the fog of war. It’s always good to Jacob who works well with Sam obviously but also Jack, the two men are very similar.

This is an effects heavy episode from the beautiful graphics required to put dozens of capital ships on screen amongst a huge orbital mine field as well as the close in work of the cargo ship and the mine floating in it’s hold. There are as always excellent performances from the guest stars and to see Heru’ur and Apophis go head to head was certainly worth it.

That’s gotta hurt!



Oct 022010

SG1 along with Martouf and Jacob are still prisoners on Netu thanks to the prisoners rebellion and as the one formerly known as Naonak bargains with Sokar the Tokra implement their own direct action plan to remove the threat of Goauld civil war and the rise of Sokar to well ruler of the galaxy.

This is the conclusion to the episode “Jolinars Memories” and is quite a pivotal episode as it sets the scene and players for future stories/events. The use of the memory device to spoof real memories with a twist was interesting in allowing us to see Sam as a youngster, Charlie, Daniels issues over his wifes son and Martoufs love for Jolinar and by extension Sam. The fact all these attempts failed to various degrees just underlines why Goauld endeavours fall short when dealing with the more complex individuals/organisations like the Tokra and SGC.



Sep 042010

On a routine mission SG1 witness a firefight between what looks like a SG team and a Jaffa contingent, unsure who the SG team they decide to intervene but get more than they bargained for and uncover a long term plan put into place by a system lord.

This is a split shoot between the standing set and location (yeah trees are involved) but they do get their monies worth out of some pretty basic setups and it’s curious that we see better military tactics from SGX then we do many times for the genuine SG teams.

This episode does provide continuity sources in as far as the Intar weapon features in a future episode and two of the actors (Aaron Craven & Dion Johnstone) go onto other roles within the franchise.

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May 152010

SG1 visit a world whose gate address they believe came from the Tokra but a war erupts in the skys and a glider crashes down revealing it’s pilot, someone they know all too well…

A surprisingly good episode as we deal with the series original nemesis who has been turned on by his own, as is mentioned so many times the System Lords are just as aggressive against eachother and weakness is exploited. Apophis played wonderfully again by Peter Williams has let the SGC run wild and is suffering the consequences but as we see the host has also suffered centuries of abuse and the play off between the hatred for one and the compassion for the other is done very well.

The episode also underlines that Apophis was far from being the big bad we thought he was, Sokar makes him look like a toddler messing around in the sandpit.