Sep 102011

  Jack is supervising the training of some new recruits in mock battles and tactics and isn’t too happy with their performance even taking into account they are not combat veterans being straight from the academy. Complications arise when a foothold situation occurs and Jack is forced to kill a number of men and gets wounded himself and with only the four cadets he has to infiltrate the SGC and save the day. Proving Ground is a rip roaring fast paced episode, there is simply no let up in the action and suspense as we are drip fed the information along with the recruits which maintains the suspense and mystery. Twists and more twists add depth and flavour to the episode along with the bonus of recurring characters which always pays off.

Evil Sam, hmmm could be interesting.

Hailey and Elliot are two well developed characters but it’s a shame that Scattergood and Grogan were marginalised a little but with only 44 minutes to play with there was only so much that could be done especially as they still had to fold the regular cast into the story which they balanced out very well. It has to be said for Sam and Daniel in particular their roles while small yet full of humour and even Teal’c who had even less screentime had at least one laugh out loud moment.

Duck! Too Late…

The best acting and writing of the episode was certainly RDA doing both the disciplinarian and fatherly figure role and managing to inject the humour of who gets shot and how hard it will hurt, lots of fun but then when required very very dark especially near the end.  To lighten things up the episode ends on a scene that has you smiling which pretty much makes you wonder what Elliot’s future is and we don’t have to wait long to find out.

Ok this was our 100th episode and while an episode a week (more or less) has meant it’s taken a while to get here it’s been a lot of fun and to celebrate that we’ve run a email competition for the listeners and we had 8 entries (not bad but should have been more) and the winner was Daniel Waller. Thanks to those that entered (Abby, Thomas, Adriana, Luke, Miles, Stephen and John) and I’m sure we’ll do this again and no doubt inflation will require a higher price tag prize:)

Great framing of a deep Jack



Sep 042010

On a routine mission SG1 witness a firefight between what looks like a SG team and a Jaffa contingent, unsure who the SG team they decide to intervene but get more than they bargained for and uncover a long term plan put into place by a system lord.

This is a split shoot between the standing set and location (yeah trees are involved) but they do get their monies worth out of some pretty basic setups and it’s curious that we see better military tactics from SGX then we do many times for the genuine SG teams.

This episode does provide continuity sources in as far as the Intar weapon features in a future episode and two of the actors (Aaron Craven & Dion Johnstone) go onto other roles within the franchise.

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