Jan 262017

Cameron Bright
Cameron was Orlin in two episodes of SG1 (Fourth Horsemen) and has a recurring role on the Canadian crime drama Motive as well as appearing in the Twilight series, The 4400, X-Men: The Last Stand, Ultraviolet and Earths Final Hours. IMDB Twitter
Allison Hossack
Allison was Zeena Valk in the Stargate SG1 episode The Cure and Perna in the Stargate Atlantis episode Poisoning The Well. She’s also appeared in Fringe, The Killing, The Girlfriend Experience, Reaper, Sanctuary, The Philadelphia Experiment, Saving Hope and Christmas Miracle. IMDB
Jacob Blair
Jacob played Corporal Baras in two episodes of Stargate Universe (Deliverance and Resurgence) as well as guest spots on Fringe, V, BSG Razor, The Grey, Houdini and Doyle, The A Team and The Pinkertons. IMDB Twitter
Jeff Judge
Jeff played Aron a Jaffa warrior on five episodes of Stargate SG1 (The Fourth Horseman Part 1 & 2, Reckoning Part 1 & 2 and Sacrifices). He is the younger brother of Christopher Judge and brother in law to Erica Durance. IMDB

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Jan 262015

Allison Hossack
Allison was Zeena Valk in the Stargate SG1 episode The Cure and Perna in the Stargate Atlantis episode Poisoning The Well. She’s also appeared in Fringe, The Killing, Reaper, Sanctuary, The Philadelphia Experiment and Christmas Miracle. IMDB
Jacob Blair
Jacob played Corporal Baras in two episodes of Stargate Universe (Deliverance and Resurgence) as well as guest spots on Fringe, V, BSG Razor, The Grey, The A Team and The Pinkertons. IMDB Twitter Official
Jeff Judge
Jeff played the Aron a Jaffa in five episodes of Stargate SG1 (The Fourth Horseman Part 1 & 2, Reckoning Part 1 & 2 and Sacrifices).  He is the brother of Christopher Judge and brother in law to Erica Durance. IMDB
Cameron Bright
Cameron was Orlin in two episodes of SG1 (Fourth Horsemen) and has a recurring role on the Canadian crime drama Motive as well as appearing in the Twilight series, The 4400, X-Men: The Last Stand and Earths Final Hours. IMDB Twitter

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Jan 262014

Jacob Blair
Jacob played Cpl. Baras in two episodes of Stargate Universe (Deliverance and Resurgence) as well as spots on Fringe, V, BSG Razor, The Grey and The A Team. IMDB  Twitter
Jeff Judge
Jeff played the Jaffa Aron in five episodes of Stargate SG1, a contemporary of Teal’c and in the real world the brother of Christopher Judge. IMDB
Cameron Bright 
Cameron was Orlin in two episodes of SG1 (Fourth Horsemen) and had a recurring role on Motive as well as appearing in the Twilight series, The 4400 and Earths Final Hours. IMDB  Twitter
Allison Hossack 
Allison was Zeena Valk in the Stargate SG1 episode The Cure & Perna in the Stargate Atlantis ep Poisoning The Well. She’s also appeared in Fringe, The Killing, Reaper, Sanctuary and Christmas Miracle. IMDB

Nov 282013

Something a little unexpected this week as Alan really wanted to do something to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary episode of Doctor Who and since I didn’t he roped in Jacob who was also surprised he would be recording a podcast while watching the show. So apologies if you were expecting to hear the Atlantis episode Instinct, that will be released next week but for now enjoy a pretty much unedited live discussion during the viewing of The Day of the Doctor and let Alan know what you think, he’s talked about doing a Doctor Who podcast for a while.

I’ve also been told this is not safe for kiddies so there may be some strong language at times:)



Jul 062013

avatar In the aftermath of the battle for Dakara the now free Jaffa forces celebrate and honour Tealc and Bratac who together have forged the rebellion, the remaining system lords are on the run and Anubis seems to have fled with his Kull warriors. Daniel who was a captive of the replicators has not been seen since they were wiped from the face of the galaxy and only Jack holds out any hope for his survival, as he says how many times have they thought the Space Monkey to be dead for him to magically appear.
Daniel is alive in a sense, he exists in a sort of way station created by the Ascended Ancients where he meets Oma Desala his long term companion in all things ascension, as before Daniel has to make a decision to exist as an ascended being or return minus all the knowledge which would aid in the battle between good and evil in the universe. Daniel strikes up a conversation with “Jim” the only other being who is willing to talk with him and via a “newspaper” he is kept up to speed with the events in the Milky Way. As it turns out Anubis has made his counter move retaking Dakara as the Jaffa attack the homeworld of the Kull warriors and find it abandoned, with the power of the Ancient weapon and access to the Stargate deployment system he has the ability to wipe out all life in the galaxy and create a domain with only beings who will worship and serve him.
Sam is going through a crisis, Peter has finally met Jacob which didn’t go too badly but she now has to make a decision and Jacob in his wisdom makes it clear Sam doesn’t have to take any offer just because it’s there, he knows she still loves Jack who is now involved with a CIA officer and that really makes her assess her own feelings.
If it wasn’t a bad enough couple of days Jacob falls ill and reveals that Selmak is near death and had been holding on to allow them to finish their work on Dakara and now it’s too late to release the host safely and thus we say goodbye to Jacob, Sam once again finds more comfort with Jack than Peter and her decision is made.
Daniel gets a nasty surprise when he discovers who Joe really is and he is helpless to do anything until Oma steps up and maybe for the first time fully accepts the consequences of her actions, she abandons any hope for herself and engages Anubis in an eternal struggle which neither of them will prevail.

No Escape, No Surrender!

No Escape, No Surrender!

As the SGC gate begins to dial indicating Anubis has activated the weapon Jack orders the self destruct but at the last seconds the timer slows and stops and the gate sequence ceases and then nothing, lots of nothing. Reports comes in of the Kull warriors in disarray and are quickly defeated, Anubis has vanished and Dakara is empty, something important has happened but what and then a voice in Jack’s office and a naked Daniel, happy days:)

Threads is a fantastic piece of science fiction television, multiple themes all revolving around each other and each important in it’s own right. We have both Jack and Sam realising or being told they are both making mistakes and their futures should be with each other, Jacob and Peter leave the series for different reasons but each inflict pain onto Sam. Teal’c and Bra’tac realise freedom can still bite back as they lose many of the free Jaffa in the battle with Anubis but his defeat firmly secures the belief that freedom for all is only a step away and Dakara will be the spiritual centre of a new nation.

Where's my medal?

Where’s my medal?

Finally we have Daniel and Oma and the only portrayal of the Ascended plain we get to see even though it’s only a small part of that realm, it was a clever idea using a diner which allowed people to come and go and for fans of Dead Like Me a call back to that wonderful show and of course the waffles. Oma bids her farewell to the show and we get to see Daniel return to the SGC sans clothing and all is well with the world so much so that the gang go to Jack’s cabin for some fishing and remember Teal’c not a fan and Sam has always ducked the offer.
Things have certainly changed in the dynamic of the show as the camera slows pans away from SG1 enjoying the sunshine and friendship for each other.

Booth please.

Booth please.

A big thank you to Jeff for joining us for Threads and this was a longer show since we watched and commented on the extended version of the episode. Next week we go to Atlantis for The Gift and learn a few things about Teyla and the Wraith. This weeks promo is from Flash Pulp a source of some wonderful short form stories, well produced audio and fun to boot. We had some feedback on the Facebook page and twitter was lively as usual so thanks to everyone within the Stargate family for keeping the three live action series alive and for making the Gatecast feel that little better about not just talking to ourselves:)





Aug 112012

 A canabalised cargo ship supplies the Prometheus with a hyper drive engine but excessive strain causes the ship to travel in roughly 50 light year jumps and then allow the engine to cool down. Upon entering normal space around 250 light years from home an alien vessel intercepts and engages the ship and with only sub-light propulsion Sam sends the ship into a nebula betting on limited sensors offering some protection (yes she must be a Star Trek II fan). During the escape Sam is injured and wakes to find herself alone on the Prometheus and with a significant head injury causing what may be hillucinations she tries to fic the ship, rescue her crew and figure out her own psyche.

Grace is a Sam Carter episode and could very well be labelled a bottle show in terms of using existing sets and limited guest spots, the episode was produced over 3 months using the sets as and when they were free, one of the issues with the seventh season is the constant shooting of two or even three episodes simultaneously. In this instance Amanda has recorded all the voice over months before shooting the scenes the dialogue was used for and her infirmary scene recorded with RDA was done on the same day as a similar scene for a later episode.

Windows to the Soul

What we do take away from this episode is Sam’s own inner dialogue, who she is and what she believes she is entitled to or perhaps deserves, each character she meets is a manifestation of a particular trait or thought process and they are very revealling. Jack turning up looking actually rather younger and neater than he does normally (through her eyes perhaps) puts it plainly, Sam could be attracted to him because she can’t actually act on those feelings and he would never hurt her or leave her, in his words or hers he is the safe bet.

It’s all about the lighting.

The CGI is top notch in this episode but Stargate has always excelled with the aspect of it’s show be it inhouse or outsourced but it’s a shame we never saw this alien ship again or discoverd more about the species who controlled it. Pure speculation but they acted reasonably, a tresspasser in their space was fired upon but when push came to shove they dealt fairly when Sam helped them to escape the nebula, speaks well for any sentient species that can reverse their opinion when given new facts or situation.

Watch the side mirrors dude!

A big thank you to Shayne who joined us this week, he stayed up nice and late to make this recording work over Skype, it turned out pretty good. This weeks promo is from Trek News & Views and we have a little feedback from Michael and Lee via the twitter feed as well as a little news. The domain change and itunes re-submition have been delayed a week more info as and when the process begins. Next week we are covering “Fallout” and the return of Jonas Quin (Corin Nemec) to the show so stayed tuned and feedback as always is most welcome via Twitter, Facebook, G+, Email and the website.



Jun 042011

So the SGC finally have control of a Hatak and they lend it to those wonderful guys the Tokra as part of relocation process with which to provide them with a permanent base. Of course things go wrong because that Tanith is a sneaky so and so and news gets so Apophis is on his way and with his super ship he could level the planet. A hail mary strategy is proposed which basically uses the desire of Apophis to well show off his fleet in one place and with the aid of the stargate and the sun a surprise present is offered.
Exodus is a cracking season finale, very heavy on CGI but beautifully done yet the story is not forgotten about, it’s a good scifi idea and provides the show with it’s cliffhanger which some people enjoy and some don’t.

Time to Leave

As always it’s good to see Jacob back and of course Tanith has made a huge impact in his short time on the show and the events gives each of our main cast an opportunity to offer some well written dialogue although Jack and Teal’c are the more action orientated pair.



No Parking Allowed


Exodus is a most satisfying conclusion to what has turned out to be a very stong fourth season and leaves us hanging yet not in any real doubt over the future of the main characters.





Mar 262011

They say the SGC never bring back anything with military application but then Area51 wheel out the X-301 it kinda proves that wrong, the merging of two wrecked Death Gliders along with some human tech has produced a space capable aircraft which can take the fight into orbit.

Of course problems crop up, always the case with any X plane but not normally one where the aircraft is taken over by some rogue code and flys it off into deep space in one of the most advanced anti-theft devices ever seen. Jack and Teal’c go along for the ride and it’s left  pretty much pure to chance that a solution is found and implemented.

Tangent is a visual effects and special effects heavy episode and many may consider two guys stuck in a cockpit to be a rather boring idea but the pacing is good and the antics of the SGC in rescue attempts adds to the suspense even if we know they are good to be saved.

Blue Danube should be playing



Sep 252010

While investigating Sokar and a potential move against the system lords Selmak aka Jacob gets himself captured and taken to Netu a world created to resemble the mythical hell. A daring rescue attempt by SG1 and Martouf armed with the inside knowledge of Jolinar (the one person to escape from Netu) does not go well and then things really start to go wrong.

Jolinars Memories is the first of a two parter as we see the power play and resources Sokar has gathered to combat his fellow system lords and we’ve already seen his ingenuity and malice when dealing with Apophis.



Ne’tu or rather Hell

Jul 172010

A visit from Jacob reveals the presence of a former system lord on Earth from the time of Ra. He has taken various guises over the millennia and currently is a leader of a Cult and as you would expect with the technology at his disposable he pulls off the disguise pretty well after all the System Lords are doing the same thing just on a bigger scale.

SG1 along with Jacob co-opt an ATF stake out and attempt to capture Seth while preventing the massacre that will occur if force is directly applied.

Seth is played by Robert Duncan and Jacob by Carmen Argenziano



Jun 052010

Over riding the Iris a young boy steps through the gate and soon we learn he is not human but an envoy from a race called the Reetou and brings a dire warning. Faced with enemies they can not see the SGC call in help from the Tokra and prepare to battle for the future of the base and the world.

Show and Tell was a decent episode, the Reetou to me anyway seemed very Starship Troopers like which isn’t a bad thing as the CGI effects worked well enough. There was a lot of angst as Jack bonded with the boy who took the name of Jacks dead son and that emotional aspect didn’t seem out of place.


Apr 102010

In the second part of the story Sam has returned to Earth to visit her dying father with the slim chance that Jacob could not only survive but serve his country once more by helping the Tokra Selmak. Meanwhile the system lords are on the way and the coincidence is too much, is there a spy amongst the Tokra and can the planet be evacuated before the Goauld ships arrive.

While the first part of this story was very talkie there is more action in the second but surprisingly doesn’t feel any faster, talking heads can still be very fascinating when the script is good and in this case the two parter has been excellent.  The long term ramifications of this alliance are felt over the next few seasons but as we discussed the Tokra never really became big players but they did tend to pop in the right place at the right time.

We have feedback from Stephen via Facebook, cheers:)

Apr 022010

Sam is plagued by the memories of Jolinar and in one vision the gate address of a world is seen and SG1 visits in the hopes of finding the Tokra and making them an ally. Alas the mindset of the Tokra sees no benefit in joining the people of the Tauri and with security in mind the members of the SGC will not be allowed to return home.

The Tok’ra at least the first of the double bill is pretty heavy in dialogue both as the SGC and Tok’ra get to know eachother but also the B plot with Hammond interacting with Jacob whose health has taken a turn for the worse. Both Sarah Douglas and JR Bourne are both excellent guest stars who play the merged characters of  Garshaw and Lantash very well and Carmen Argenziano again proving to be a strong presence.

Ars Gratia Artis

Art for art’s sake

Mar 192010

Daniel as promised returns to Abydos one year after he left to give word on his search to Kasuf and is rather surprised to discover who he is waiting for him. Meanwhile back on Earth Jack and Sam are in Washington to receive the Air Medal for their part in thwarting the Goauld invasion and Jack meets a reporter who has intimate knowledge of the SGC programme and Sam learns of her fathers illness.

This episode is pretty much a double A storyline with both elements being pivotal in the overall arc of the series. Daniel and Tealc on Abydos deal with Sharae/Amaunet and her child along with Apophis and Heruur while the conspiracy and secrecy of the SGC and the lengths people will go to protect them are explored by Jack. The terminal illness of Jacob Carter (Carmen Argenziano) opens up possibilities in future episodes which pan out very well indeed.

Secrets is an excellent episode and only perhaps after the fact do you realise how much groundwork is being laid down for future episodes/seasons. We get the return of Kasuf who was in the theatrical movie and Sharae who has been MIA since the series pilot along with a new human character and the increased impact of another system lord.