May 052012

 Daniel Jackson the ascended one once again makes a surprise visit to Jack and brings a warning about Anubis and his interest in Abydos. Anubis plans to attack the planet which was once under the control of Ra and search for a mystical piece of technology called the Eye of Ra which he believes is hidden on that world. Jack admits to General Hammond and the rest of SG1 he has now met and talked to the ascended Daniel on two occasions which kinda makes Tealc feel better and not so crazy and surprisingly the General doesn’t bat an eye and once more the mission is a go.
On arriving on Abydos the team splits with two goals in mind and while Tealc leads the defence of the Great Pyramid with some of Abydonians the rest of SG1 along with Skaara search the many rooms deep within the structure in the hopes of finding the Eye and ultimately denying it to Anubis.

Energy saving bulbs my *%”*

Full Circle was intended to be final tv episode of the series with the story continuing in movie form but that was not meant to be (at for the time being) and the seventh season was ordered allowing the consequences of Anubis and Daniel’s actions to play out over 22 episodes. The events which lead to their confrontation and the fallout are built slowly in the episode and even when you know that is the endgame it’s still takes a surprising turn.

Fish in a barrel

As always the desert world Abydos is wonderfully created using the famed sand pit location and matt paintings including the daddy which is the great pyramid, the show really has got this world down to perfection and we even have two uber special effects sequences that will knock your socks off. The first is a pure CGI feast for the eyes as Anubis and the System Lords do battle and the second is a traditional practical effect with some icing as a $100,000 model pyramid is blown up. The visuals aside the key elements of the story revolve around the revelation of Anubis and the who the Ascended beings are which along with a tablet found in the pyramid lay the ground work which eventually leads to a treasure trove of technology and possibilites.

The world biggest candle.

This weeks promo is from The Scaper Chronicles and next week we will be presenting our Season 6 wrap up show. Season 7 of Stargate SG1 is nearly upon us so get the feedback ready, it’s going to be a wild and fun ride especially if you lean towards the spaceship side of scifi.







Mar 192010

Daniel as promised returns to Abydos one year after he left to give word on his search to Kasuf and is rather surprised to discover who he is waiting for him. Meanwhile back on Earth Jack and Sam are in Washington to receive the Air Medal for their part in thwarting the Goauld invasion and Jack meets a reporter who has intimate knowledge of the SGC programme and Sam learns of her fathers illness.

This episode is pretty much a double A storyline with both elements being pivotal in the overall arc of the series. Daniel and Tealc on Abydos deal with Sharae/Amaunet and her child along with Apophis and Heruur while the conspiracy and secrecy of the SGC and the lengths people will go to protect them are explored by Jack. The terminal illness of Jacob Carter (Carmen Argenziano) opens up possibilities in future episodes which pan out very well indeed.

Secrets is an excellent episode and only perhaps after the fact do you realise how much groundwork is being laid down for future episodes/seasons. We get the return of Kasuf who was in the theatrical movie and Sharae who has been MIA since the series pilot along with a new human character and the increased impact of another system lord.