Oct 022010

SG1 along with Martouf and Jacob are still prisoners on Netu thanks to the prisoners rebellion and as the one formerly known as Naonak bargains with Sokar the Tokra implement their own direct action plan to remove the threat of Goauld civil war and the rise of Sokar to well ruler of the galaxy.

This is the conclusion to the episode “Jolinars Memories” and is quite a pivotal episode as it sets the scene and players for future stories/events. The use of the memory device to spoof real memories with a twist was interesting in allowing us to see Sam as a youngster, Charlie, Daniels issues over his wifes son and Martoufs love for Jolinar and by extension Sam. The fact all these attempts failed to various degrees just underlines why Goauld endeavours fall short when dealing with the more complex individuals/organisations like the Tokra and SGC.