Sep 302012

We’ve been having issues moving the database to the new host and getting everything working right so I’ve decided not to release this weeks episode “Inauguration” until the website and feed are bullet proof. I hope you’ll stick around for what is a pretty good clip show but for now I want to thank everyone who voted in our season 7 poll, it was the most successful so far getting 75 votes from all over the world. The results can be seen via the existing link if you don’t want to wait for the wrap up show to be released which we recorded yesterday, it came in at 148 minutes so will need editing:)

I am also posting this via Firefox, Chrome doesn’t seem to like the site right now.

May 152010

SG1 visit a world whose gate address they believe came from the Tokra but a war erupts in the skys and a glider crashes down revealing it’s pilot, someone they know all too well…

A surprisingly good episode as we deal with the series original nemesis who has been turned on by his own, as is mentioned so many times the System Lords are just as aggressive against eachother and weakness is exploited. Apophis played wonderfully again by Peter Williams has let the SGC run wild and is suffering the consequences but as we see the host has also suffered centuries of abuse and the play off between the hatred for one and the compassion for the other is done very well.

The episode also underlines that Apophis was far from being the big bad we thought he was, Sokar makes him look like a toddler messing around in the sandpit.