Apr 092011

The Tokra with Daniels help gain access to some weapons technology and hatch a plan to bring about a conflict between Apophis and Heruur. SG1 and Jacob prepare the trap only to find out that Tealc who is supposedly visiting his home world is on one of the target vessels so a rescue plan is needed.

Stargate often does an A and B storyline with it’s characters and many then merge into a main plot as The Serpents Venom is one of those with Teal’c on Chulak organising the rebellion but ending up on what of the ships that the rest of SG1 and the Tokra are intent on bringing about it’s destruction in the mayhem of the fog of war. It’s always good to Jacob who works well with Sam obviously but also Jack, the two men are very similar.

This is an effects heavy episode from the beautiful graphics required to put dozens of capital ships on screen amongst a huge orbital mine field as well as the close in work of the cargo ship and the mine floating in it’s hold. There are as always excellent performances from the guest stars and to see Heru’ur and Apophis go head to head was certainly worth it.

That’s gotta hurt!