Jun 182011

In a galaxy far far away SGC, Tokra and Gouald strive to survive and find a way to leap home but the locals have something to say about the new kids on the block. Welcome to the premiere episode of season 5 as Apophis with Tealc in tow and a captured SG1 face the deadly threat of the wee beasties who are happily cannibalising their ship one wall at a time. A stroke of luck provides a way to return to the Milky Way galaxy and Apophis’s homeworld which then gives SG1 the opportunity to address the situation in a most satisfying manner.

Enemies is without doubt one of the great SG1 season premieres, even if you put aside the extensive use of CGI (which was beautifully done) the set design and camera work were all beautifully synced to an engaging action driven story with humorous pauses as is the style of the show.

Bones would not approve

Enemies now sets up the next episode as the SGC have to deal with a rebel Teal’c and the ramifications amongst the System Lords of these events and the season takes a step forward in the political influences via the uppity NID with it’s closet agendas not to mention another new Tok’ra character (Ren’al). It’s going to be another good season of action, laughs and more depth to the stories, welcome back:)

No one or thing messes with Teal’c